Tia Torres of Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ Explains Why the Show Is Ending After 18 Seasons & Reveals the Future of Her Dog Rescue

The final season of Pit Bulls & Parolees–- the Animal Planet reality series which features the Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) for dogs in New Orleans, Louisiana–- will begin airing October 22. 

For 18 seasons, ‘Pitbulls & Parolees’ and VRC founder Tia Torres have worked to combat misconceptions about pit bulls and other “bully breeds,” while also providing employment for parolees reentering society.

The series premiered in 2009, at which time VRC was located in Agua Dulce, California. The shelter relocated to New Orleans in 2011, reportedly due to financial reasons.

Tia announced recently that it was “the end of an era,” as ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ will air its final season this month. Through a post (on the VRC Facebook page) Tia insisted the shelter was not the reason for the series coming to an end, but rather “it was a ‘business thing.'”

“Animal Planet, along with other networks under the Discovery umbrella was sold to big tech (Warner Bros) and it appears they are consolidating (that’s what we are assuming) and many shows are going ‘bye bye,'” she wrote.  

Tia noted that VRC’s efforts will continue, revealing she has created her own “online network,” The Rabid Reality, where fans of the show and VRC supporters can access “a variety of content from podcasts to web series,” with all proceeds benefiting VRC.

A new online network, founded by Tia.

“After years of trying to pitch numerous TV show, documentary ideas to mainstream platforms, I built my own online network,” she explains on The Rabid Reality website. “I mean, one can only have the door slammed in their face so many times by those ‘suits’ that think they know more about ‘what animal people want.’

“So I finally said ‘bite me!’ and I am now doing my own thing!” Tia added. “Here’s to hoping that you enjoy my no bulls**t, 100% real, plethora of storytelling.” 

Tia also took to Facebook Live last week to answer some fan questions regarding both the end of ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’, and the future of VRC. Tia noted that many factors have contributed to the show’s ending, including  the COVID pandemic. 

“The answer is: it won’t have ‘Pitbulls & Parolees’ anymore!” 

“Between the COVID pandemic and the merger of several networks and channels, and being bought out by ‘big tech,’ these decisions are way above our paygrade and we are not privy to these discussions … ,” she claimed. 

Tia mentioned on Facebook Live that “it stings a little” to hear fans of the show say that they will no longer support her shelter when the show is off the air, as VRC “was here long before there was ever a ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees.'” Tia assured fans of the show that VRC is “still here,” as it has been for nearly 30 years.

“I don’t mean this in an arrogant way, but ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ doesn’t exist without [VRC],” she said. “[VRC] has always existed without ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ … .” 

She did admit, however, that the exposure her shelter has received from the show has been beneficial in terms of donations.  

Tia said new episodes of ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’ have not been filmed in over a year, noting that, although they were filming during COVID, they weren’t filming a lot. She said she started to get nervous once filming did not pick up again, as she had been told a new season of 22 episodes would be happening. 

“So, as the TV show has started not filming again, we started hearing rumors that Animal Planet got sold–- the whole Discovery network platform–- which it did,” she said. 

Tia claims once these rumors were seemingly confirmed by the show’s producers, she began thinking of other ways to bring in money for the shelter, which led her to create The Rabid Reality. Months later, Tia said still hadn’t received any information regarding the future of the show, though she was recently informed the final season will air this month.

“That is what they tell me, OK? Don’t shoot the messenger if it does not show up,” she joked. ” … This is what I’m told. Anything can happen. Again, I don’t control what goes on with the TV show, I don’t control what goes on with networks. I pick up dog s**t for a living, Ok?” 

I’m dying to see one of Tia’s business cards.

The final season of ‘Pit Bulls & Parolees’– which will reportedly consist of just seven episodes– is set to air October 22 on Animal Planet. 

(Photos: Animal Planet; Facebook; The Rabid Reality) 


  1. gee this really bites,i ve enjoyed this show ,i started watching just this year and i love watching the great effort Tia and family have put into helping these misunderstood dogs,i ve known several pitbulls,i cant bsay enough good about them.i wish you all the best and thanks so much for the help you have given these misunderstood dogs and all the other dogs you have helped.

  2. Pit Bulls and Parolees.
    Discovery Chanel in Australia.
    What a shame. Tia and everyone around her does a great job.
    She (Tia) won’t last forever.
    It’s a difficult show to watch but it reminds me. Thankyou Tia and her entire family.

  3. I’ve been a fan from day one. I start my day watching the show.
    How will I spend my mornings now?
    Sometimes it’s the only reason why I get up is to watch the show.
    I have no doubt that you & your family will continue the work you’ve done all these years.
    I love you and your family. Stay safe, love and prayers to All of VRC / Rabid Reality
    Kelly Avants Yacolt, Washington ✌️🤟

  4. Damn I’ll miss the show.Regardless your family is amazing .I thank u all for all u do for animals and parolees! Love u all to pits..lol bits
    Take care and don’t give up Donna Peroff

  5. Tia,

    Thank you so much for the education you have provided on your episodes.

    You will be greatly missed!

    Much love to you and yours!


  6. I’m so sorry I have been watching your show for a long time,I miss it ,there is not much on TV these days! Your show was one of my few favorite,lm also sorry I did not support you financially,please text me your address,I don’t know email,I’m 87 years young,I would like to help!!

  7. I am really disappointed that Pit bulls & parolees will soon be canceled. I have watched the the show since they were in California. As popular as this show is & people wait to see it each week it is so upsetting that the television industry can’t see what a great show it is. I also like watching the family grow each year and how great they work together. This family has certainly dedicated their lives to helping a group of dogs that are totally mistreated and misunderstood. I say KEEP PITBULLS & PAROLEES on tv. parolees

    1. I agree with you. I still watch all the reruns on channel 35. So glad they’re still on. This show was the best. Tia and her family are great people.

  8. I really enjoy the show it really was basic and down to earth a family taking in their own meds to take care of dogs that are still misunderstood I have a female blue pitbull with my own it’s the first one I’ve ever had and I cannot believe that I have lost so many years not supporting him and not owning any my Ruby my blue pitbull is an extremely good dog with abandoned by their owners and they were just going to take it into a human humane society and we all know what happens to pities inside of humane society the misunderstood loving breed does not even get a chance they just get euthanized so Tia Torres I completely see everything that you do and I appreciate everything you do and I will definitely miss your show cuz it was a very good like I said down to earth show for a breed that is extremely misunderstood I have so many concerns that people misunderstand these animals that what else are they misunderstanding but like I said I will miss your show Tia you are a good person you are somebody that I completely look up to that took on a big job that nobody wanted to take on I appreciate you I implore you in anything you do and I just wanted you to know I thought you and your family are incredible and completely misunderstood as you help the misunderstood animals in this world thank you so much I appreciate you and I will definitely try to follow you.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear this. It has been my favorite show. I love y’all and what you do very much. I wish I were in a different place in my life so that I could donate my time and money to VRC.

  10. I loved that show. Tia has helped so many fogs. She is a hero among dogs. I will miss that show. Sending much love and best wishes for a great new adventure. Thank you Tia for helping the dogs. Sending much love to Tia and family

  11. I am disgusted with Warner’s decision to pull the plug on this amazing show. It appears they are doing this to all of the animal-themed shows. I looked on the Animal Planet lineup and noticed they are now showing Naked and Afraid! Why the H___ is that show on the Animal Planet? I mourn for the days when the Animal Planet channel was for the animals. SHAME ON YOU Warner Brothers!

  12. I am from Canada but a strong watcher of your work on TV series. I am so discussed you are being cancelled. There are so few shows of people doing good in this world. As a senior and an unable to get out much and I still watch your reruns and use it as my coffee time. I would like to see more of your plan for the dogs new living arrangements. I liked where you were going with things and how your whole family worked. I intend to buy your book. I will continue to pray that things work well for you and all your family as you call your staff. Fur babies and all. Hope I can find you on the other sites. Blessings

  13. Warner bros suck. There are no good shows on anymore.( Unless you watch older shows and movies.) Nothing but political correctness and garbage trying to brain wash our kids. Sorry the show is being cancelled by losers at Warner bros and all these so called big tech losers. Praying for you and all your babies.

  14. It is a shame that all respectable shows are being taken off the air. I really enjoyed the show. This was a show even kids could watch not like naked and afraid or Mayor Spanky being spanked by a drag queen. I do not know what is happening to our people and our country. I wish you all the best and I love Pit Bulls mine is 16 yrs. old.

  15. Well Tia, I am devastated over the loss of your wonderful show. I’d like to be updated, if possible, about what will be happening with Villalobos. It was the best program on T.V. I watched it throughout my recovery from cancer and have continued to watch the re-runs. You are all wonderful and you’re real. Best of luck to you all. May I donate?

    Much Love,
    Patricia Book

  16. Hello, do you know of anyone that can help us with our lost rottweiler. We live in dixon, Illinois and they have spotted her in a certain area but we have not been able to get her. Do you know of anyone that can help us? We have tried animal controls, reporting her to police, flyers etc. I know you are far but thought of asking you. Thank you, Alex.

  17. So sorry your show was cancelled. I have been watching since you started. I am now watching all of the reruns. I have sent you donations. I will have to get on it again. Good luck and I’ll be following you on your new program. Keep up the good work, you really make a big difference in this world. Aren’t you blessed!

  18. I am SO SORRY that Pit Bulls and Parolees programs will end in October.☹️
    I’m not able to have dogs where I live but it makes me happy to enjoy this program.

    Continue the GREAT work!!!

    Ms Irene Rodriguez

  19. So it appears many Discovery Channels were forced to cut shows. Very sad that we can only watch reruns on the animal planet. They show reruns every damn day of the week. So clearly your show is still pretty popular. I will be looking for your on line channel!

  20. SO SO SAD to know this amazing, eye-opening, very touching show will no longer be aired. Because of the incredibly kind, hard-working staff at Villalobos, I, as well as millions of other viewers, now have an understanding that would otherwise never have been known, how incredibly gentle and faithful pit bulls are, and mostly, how very forgiving they are, after so many life-threatening situations from which they were rescued by you! Thank you a million times over for letting us share your daily lives and for showing us how much every single dog, regardless of size, look, medical ailment….deserves and has the right to a kind and loving forever home!

  21. Ms Tia Torres;

    Am very sorry to hear had you will not be tapping Pit Bulls & Parolees any longer.
    Have learned so much that you can not get from books.
    Please, keep us informed as to how you, your family, & the Pit Bulls. You have
    become like my second family that I did have a choose on. Love you all, with all
    my heart & soul. sending you a letter to Villalobos Rescue Center, P.O.Box 39,
    Napoleonville, LA.: With a small Donation sent to the Napoleonville, LA.:
    Kris Dobbins
    Mesa, Ariz.:

  22. I’m really angry with the way this was handled, especially being that there’s been a loyal fan base towards Tia & her cause!!!

  23. My Heart broke when I heard Pitbulls and Parolees were not going to be picked up for a new season.I was devastated. I LOVED THE SHOW THE PAROLEES TIA AND FAMILY AND THE PITBULLS.I LEARNED SO MUCH FROM THAT SHOW.I WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH.I WISH YOU NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS AND A BEAUTIFUL LIFE NEW LIFE.

  24. I for one am sad that “TV business” is ending not only a heart wrenching & heart warming, but an extremely educational show. I grew up with a German Shepard-Jack, who was my best friend for 15 years. I will watch your Rabid Reality!

    Best Wishes & Good Luck
    Mary Wilson

  25. I’m sorry my favorite show will not be airing any new episodes. I love pitbulls and enjoyed seeing in-depth stories about them fro m rescue to adoption.
    If I ever come to New Orleans, I will be visiting VRC for sure.

  26. It’s a shame, when a reality show, that has benefited dogs and man, and had very high ratings, is cancelled. Just because men in suits think they know best. They have to take their blinders off and look and listen to the real world. I’m gonna miss you, your family, all the volunteers and especially all the Pitts ( and now hound dogs), you have given a second chance at life. Because of you and your show, I myself rescued a Pitt bull mix from my local shelter. She’s a doll baby.
    Will miss you all and all that you do!!❤️

    1. The people who made the choice to cancel were Idiots…I cancelled my network t-v (Dish) in protest & now I watch only Youtube since Tia’s channel (Rabid Reality) is shown there!

  27. My heart hurts not to be able to watch the show. I had it recorded in case I couldn’t see it when it was airing. Your ability to show people how wonderful these dogs can be. And how parolees when given the chance have the ability to turn it around. Tina and her total family are blessings to this world. Lord willing we will be able to see something on a regular basis sooner than later.

  28. Tia,

    I didn’t find Pitbulls and parolees until this year.

    I am an animal lover, especially dogs and cats

    I look forward to contacting you on your new website.

    I was sad when I heard that some supporters would not continue sponsoring you, unless you were on Pitbulls and parolees

    I look forward to sending donations soon.

    What happened to Spencer parole violation? Did he go back to prison?


    Shelley Gibbs

  29. Your work and love for the dogs and people needing another chance is absolutely one of the most unselfish acts of kindness that I’ve ever seen. There has never been and will never be a better tv program aired for the public to be able to learn so much about this amazing breed. Tia Maria, I am a huge fan and I admire you and your family for the dedication you guys have for under dogs. May God bless you for all the good things that you have done and I’m sure will continue doing. I’m far from wealthy but would love to be able to donate to you. Please send me the details to be able to. Thank You

  30. I have been a fan of pit bulls and parolees since day one. I will miss Tia and her wonderful family and and all the animals very much . I wish you all best of luck in everything you do and I am very sad . Your family has felt like my family all these years. God bless you all and all your beautiful animals. Sending much love always

  31. I am really sorry to hear that the show is ending Tia does so much to promote and Show that the pit bull is not only a great family dog but a beautiful pet. It’s not the dogs fault that a cruel person trains the dog to do bad things.

  32. I have been out of touch lately so I’m slow to comment I could not believe that this show was canceled it is heartbreaking when I look around my own state I always thought somebody needs to start an organization like Tia has I’m living in South Carolina and the way people treat the animals here is sad just watching what her and her family have done for those sweet babies warms my heart I believe the network has not only let this family down but thousand of loving dogs the humans have failed so with that god bless keep up the good work and hopefully another net work comes along and are thinking about the well-being of these animals that society has failed so badly and they are thinking about the dogs not just the bottom dollar

    1. Well said Tracy! I feel, like thousands, the same way. I love Tia, her family & her mission. The Animal Planet network, created for & about Animals, will leave shows like “Finding Bigfoot” and dismiss one of, if not THE most important show on t-v.

  33. So sad that a decision to stop filming Pitbulls and Parolees. I have been a faithful fan since season 1.

    So many times these kinds of decisions are made for the wrong reasons (like canceling Star Trek – remember that???) The shortsighted decision to stop filming any animal based shows is just plain stupid.
    I will still be a Pitbulls fan. Many of us out here will remain faithful fans of Pitbulls and Parolees under any name or channel.

    And thank you to Tia and everyone in the Vialobos family. We are faithful and will keep watching as long as it’s on.

  34. It is a REAL SHAME that VRC won’t be on the television anymore. I love watching PITBULLS & PAROLEES .Love to see what accomplishments they have made with all the dogs,and where they end up .

  35. omg Tia and family and Earl I am going to miss seeing you on my tv screen. Boy oh boy you are so right those stuffed shirts do not have a clue about what we want to see. Its actually gotten me to the point of not watching anything on their channels at all. I think that you are an amazing woman and you will be great at anything you do. as for those people that are turning their backs on you listen to what Tia is saying she is still taking care of VRC do not discredit her keep on supporting her.

  36. What a great contribution to society’s crippling demeanor.where money is thought of as a God. Your show brought hope to people and k9 I,e Dog spelled backwards God. Don’t give up keep contributing hope. I guarantee our creator will keep blessing u n ya crew.Luv ya ways ty from

  37. You and your daughters and son-in-law’s boyfriends and parolees have really we all and are very very disappointed that is not on the air and if there’s anything we can do to help you get it back on even if it’s Wi-Fi I don’t care I got both is that ass it wasn’t for you nobody would like pit bulls but because of you we have seen the kindness and caring of the pitbulls everybody is afraid of them but because of you I love you and your children and their husbands and boyfriends whatever but you have shown us a totally different side of pitbulls they are known to be so aggressive and without you nobody would know that pitbulls can be a very affectionate dog without you and I was scared of them dogs. But after watching your show for as long as I have I’m not afraid of pit bulls anymore I’m afraid of their owners we need you Tia what’s up you Tia we would not know the truth and leak and see it’s not bad pitbulls is bad pitbull owners and I would love to hear back from you

  38. I am truly going to miss the show. I have learned a great deal about pit bulls and I no longer have a fear of them. I have watched your struggles and your fears with all that you deal with. I wish you continued success and much love and blessings.

  39. I learned how to use the words “, “Dog manners” from watching P&P.
    It IS an amazing show of diverse people who’s only claim is the love of dogs, ALL dogs.
    Tia is a wind of fresh air we’re she speaks from her heart.
    My hope is that the powers the be recognize the jewel they have @ Villalobos and groups of people will watch the show that really DOES need the exposure to survive. The dogs need people like the family that runs Villalobos. And in truth, the family and Parolees who work so hard giving people and dogs a chance to bring goodness into our oft news filled horror we get drenched in each day.
    I hope the best for you and yours Tia. The owners of the show are making a BIG mistake by not picking you up for many more seasons. The Parolees need you too. I hope that keeps going…
    Holly M.

  40. Firstly, Tia you have had the largest Pitbull & other dog breeds as well
    as a few cats’ shelter & rescueim the USA & in N.America too! Tia is a seasoned expert for animal training who had trained dogs for movies & wolves b/4 this > Warner has made a grave error cancelling the show & I applaud you for creating beauty out of ashes. I definitely miss your wkly episodes & still enjoy your old ones. I hope you own these & are getting syndication for them. I will look for your online series even though I prefer tv< I/m unimpressed w/the stupidity of the Network execs. Ppl who love animals love no kill shelters the most & support channels who recognize the interest for this organization.

    The execs should be doing more shows to fundraise for all shelters like yours. I pray you will get so much suooort where you are & flourish beyond your imagination!

  41. I think that really sucks that the big bosses of these big conglomerates that take over these popular stations don’t listen to the fans of the most popular shows!! Guess they’ll have to find out the hard way.

  42. No way do not take this show off air they help so many animals that would be dead if she didn’t help!!m🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. Praying for this rescue to continue doing good work!

    1. I don’t know if the people who decided to cancel this absolutely great show is even going to be getting all these comments. I’m just sick too to think they are actually getting paid for their job at this point….. what a shame…… I have been watching since the very beginning and they had so many viewers watching – I just don’t understand where their minds are…. Must be all about money.

    2. I’m with you 100%. I’ve been watching this show from the start, even repeats. Tia has done something so beautiful with the dogs and paroles. Shows that there are good people I utthere.

  43. I will miss seeing you and your family of wonderful workers. I hope the outcome will change. You e done such wonderful things for all your rescues.

    1. I just got the info on everything concerning VRC.I am appalled. My pitbull Princess had to be put to rest last year. I am in the process of buying the home where Princess lived and loved..I would love to adopt Ambria.I am in the process of closing. Please let me know if she is available for adoption.

  44. I love this show and have watched sense the begging. And I will follow Tia on her pod cast or show what ever she does. She deserved better then this

  45. So sad to see this. I have looked forward to seeing the show and will miss it. Too bad big shits think they know what the audience needs and wants than we the supports do. Good luck and too bad for the people that won’t support you.

  46. So disappointing that good shows end up losing. I was never a lover of pitbulls, but I am a animal lover. Seeing your show, I am not as fearful of the pits.

    1. I agree with you it’s not just the good shows but the Fans of the show that pay the price but in the end it’s the Network that loses the ratings & Fans then the executives complain that they’ve lost ratings well don’t take away a good show and you won’t lose your ratings or the fans it’s the network’s loss and the fans lost I still love the show I watch the reruns even if I know what’s going to happen I still watch the reruns

  47. Tia, I have loved watching Pitbulls and Parolees since the beginning. It was a real delight Animal Planet ran a “marathon” on Saturdays over the recent holidays. I will keep searching for you through Facebook and praying you can return to wide TV to improve funding for your life-saving programs. Thank you for all the lives, both human and canine, saved by P&P.

  48. I really loved pitbulls and parolees I owned a pitbull at one time unfortunately he did not make it out of my house fire it broke my heart at one point of the show what happened there was a pitbull who looked exactly like the one I lost mine was named Haus he was only 8 months old whenever the kids would leave the no matter what time Haus was right by my side sitting on the Couch

  49. Tia Maria Torres;

    Your Team and Family did an amazing job. I honestly don’t think anyone could have done a job like you did. This was tired some to watch. Looking for the Pitbull, then lifting it to your SUV. Then placing in a Cage. This can be overwhelming towards the human body. You worked extremely hard to capture the Pitbull. I give you a 100%.
    I will look for your New Program. Wishing you a very Happy New Year’s. Same to the Crew!

    Gayle! 👩🏻‍🦰👆🦮

  50. I miss the show. I love the show. I love pit bulls. I would love to know how to get the rabid network. Tia is a role mode. Her family and staff are animal angels. Please keep us updated on her network and how we can help.

  51. I will follow the show wherever it goes. It’s the best show I have ever watched. They are the hardest working people I’ve seen and they do it all with so much love. I think it’s just awful the way they are being treated. I’m from Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. I support them fully.

  52. You suits don’t understand what the name Animal Planet means. It is about animals not junk like naked and afraid. Really ? If new owner want to stay in business keep airing Animal programs like Pit Bulls and Parolees . Put your crap an other channels like sister wife’s and other sicking junk. Animal Planet = Animals.

  53. I have missed Pitbull and parolees since I had to give up cable after my husband died and money dried up as well. I lived in breathed for that show for years watch three runs over and over and over because they were feel good shows to watch and the great job you have all done for these animals is beyond words. I would love to follow your new network but again money is an issue. I wish you all the prayers and luck and love that is in my heart for all of you that do such a great job

    1. This show is my comfort also…I believe you can sign up for Tia’s broadcast on You tube for $.99

      a month…better?

  54. I’m heartbroken I’ve been watching this program since a few months before you left CA. I’ve cried with you over the fires, when you weren’t given the property in Tehachapi, I was afraid of petbulls, now I’ve learned what beautiful animals they are. I love them.

    1. I feel the same way. I’ve been watching Pitbulls and Paroles for years. It’s taught about of people how Tia has so much compassion for the dogs, her family, and the guys she gives a second chance.

  55. I am so sad that Pitbulls & Parolees wont be on Animal Planet. I love this show from the very beginning nineteen seasons ago. I didn’t like pitbulls before their show aired. We have since had four pitties during that time period all were rescue and died over 8 years old. That show taught me so much. Good luck family. Hopefully, I can figure out this new technology they are going to use. I am not very tech savy. I am just a housewife Tia. Haha

    1. Goes to show how much a Smart, Kind, Compassionate animal trainer, veteran, like Tia, Knows this breed & how many dog lovers like you, have learned what a Great breed the Pitties are…Thank-you for posting!

      1. Do you know what happened to Armando? The last we heard was he moved his family to Louisiana because his daughter needed medical care from the bigger city.

  56. This is stupid. P&P is the best show ever, my family loves the show and we’ll be sorry to see it end. As for animal planet your f*#@in stupid for cancelling it. Good luck to vrc and the vrc family. 🤞🙂♥️👍

    1. I agree…Animal Planet was created for people who love animals & this show was the Epitome of that. It touched people’s hearts.

      Warner Bros should take another look & review their Bad decision to cancel it.

      What should dog lover watch now? “Finding Bigfoot”???

    2. Animal planet didn’t cancel, they and the Discovery network were bought by Warner Bros.
      Warner Bros dropped P&P!!

      WE CAN LET THEM KNOW WHAT A MISTAKE THEY MADE by hurting them financially.
      If enough of us do this, they may bring P&P back.

  57. Tia Marie Torres; you worked many long years to give Up Pitbulls. Your show will be missed. If you want to continue this idea, tell Time Warner he has no understanding of an Animal. I had Stock with this Company. I find him a Crook. He steals from other’s to look Good. Look at what is being done to you & your Cast?

    So, I suggest you fight for this to maintain opened. A Court Hearing will be in your favor immediately. Show pictures of DVR to the Judge what you do on a daily basis. No one will deny your courageous acts.

    I’m pulling for you & Show “Pitbulls & Parolees!” So many Parolees had a much needed demand. Like this Parolee who wanted to be a Veterinarian. Tia, you gave many people a chance to become an adult. I always said that you’re 🆒!

    Best Regard,
    “Happy Holidays!”

  58. I will be canceling my Discovery plus membership for them taking pitbulls and parolees off the air. I see they don’t go e two fks about the dogs like we all do. They’re most important. I’ll be looking for the rabid reality. Bye bye greedy Discovery owners.

  59. The news of no more of the show distresses me greatly. I’m sure it is worrisome for you more than anyone realizes. I have always had pits….but what you get out of them is magical. I have often wished that I had the funds to fix that old building that leaked and make sure all of you had a great place to live, however that was just a dream.

    All the best, you will remain in my prayers and thoughts.

  60. I really enjoy pit bulls and parolees. I am sorry to see this show go because the stories were real; all the people and dogs were real. This show was life for real and always kept my attention. I pray all continues to go well for all involved in this life. Thank you for the real life you have shown. God bless and help I all you do.

  61. Have enjoyed, learned so much and am sad that Pitbulls and Parolees will not be on TV. However, I will continue to watch whatever social media will keep me aware of Villalobos.

  62. I love y’all I’ve watched the show since it started. I have adopted a pit bull from a local shelter four years ago. She is now six and she actually picked me
    I live just north of Denver and can’t believe how people do not understand these dogs. She is my first pit and I couldn’t ask for a better dog. She’s so sweet. Keep up the good work VRC. I love y’all

  63. Pitbulls and Parolees not picked up? What pea brain made that decision? P&P is one of the best shows on. Hopefully, a wiser manager at a smarter station will pick the show up again. Idiot programming – or, more accurately – Not programming – choice.

  64. It is absolutely stupid and counter intuitive of Warner Brothers to not continue Pit Bulls and Paroles.
    I will be watching to see where I can badmouth and boycott Warner Brothers.

  65. This decision is really bad for our family. I have ask all my friends and family to discontinue Discover plus ASAP

  66. I love u and ur family soo damb much to see u go hurts soo much if I had it I would support u in every way imaginable God bless u tia always u and ur wonderful family u guys are God sent more people should be like u learn from u how to love and take care of their baby’s God gave us animals to love and cherish again u are one awesome fucking lady my diamond is a pit my petty also ❤️🥰 I will truly miss ur show my hear breaks I’ll pray God bless

  67. I am beyond sad your show is not being renewed.

    I have been inspired by you and your family which has inspired to become a foster.

    Additionally, I see a huge need for fostering and rescuing senior dogs!

    Thank you for your selflessness and putting the dogs ahead of yourself.

  68. I guess my hubby and I will learn about podcasts. We really will miss this show. Thank you for all you do. You have changed our views about pit bulls as well as paroles. Both are very miss understood.. if I lived in Louisiana I would come work for you. I’m used to cleaning up after dogs we have 3 small dogs. Wish I could adopt one of your dogs but a huge dog like that wouldn’t quite work in a condo. Again thank you for all you do.

  69. I am so very sorry about your show ending. With the emotional side of your family and parolees delves deep in peoples hearts. You will surely be missed. It feels good to see people with such affection for animals especially pit bulls and the parolees . The tears you and your family have shown has given me all that I need to know you filled my heart with absolute joy. Happy trails and hope we meet again. Brenda

    1. Apparently kindness & integrity aren’t important to Warner Bros…it’s a shame they can’t match their taste with their money.

  70. I love this show so much! It’s a shame that it’s almost over. What Tia, her family and crew do is just amazing and heartwarming. To give these poor sweet dogs a home in her shelter, then to find them homes, is truly special. On top of all that giving parolees a second chance at a life they may or may not have had, really says something about her character! I’m glad Tia found another outlet. I’m extremely sad that we won’t be able to watch it. Spectrum has too much of our money as it is, and we cannot add another thing to our shows. Good luck with your continued success.

    Also we couldn’t figure out why every show that gets taped lately says new, but they’re all repeats.
    Some go back pretty far.

    Take care!

    Mrs. Cheryl Spalding

  71. Maria Torres, You are an inspiration to millions of people! I have never heard of the unselfishness that you have shown hundreds, oh wait, thousands of dogs! I love Pitbulls & Parolees and I will miss new episodes, but as long as the reruns will be on TV, I will continue watching. I am looking forward to your web series and I wish you the best of luck and love with the series. I admire you so much, I can’t even say. I cried when you got hurt and I cried when I saw that the show was ending. You have a beautiful family and I am glad they are helping you with your world of rescuing and giving so many homeless dogs, homes and love. Take Care and God Bless, Sincerely, Donna Pieniazek

  72. I am so very glad to know that you all continue the hard work , love , support, and time you give to these beautiful animals! I am even happier to know i can continue to follow you all !
    I can never thank you all enough!

  73. I am gonna miss your show, I watch3d it forever. I will have to try and find your podcast. Thanks for the years of team and joy watching your family do amazing things for all animals.

  74. I only donate $10/month, and although I am retiring from teaching in Dec, I will continue the $10.
    I started watching when y’all were back in California. I will miss watching “Pit Bulls & Parolees”, but will definitely check out “The Rabid Reality”.
    Good luck Tia & family.

  75. I’m devastated about this news the show as given me hope and pleasure to view wonderful stories and see what great work work you are doing. I will greatly have a hole in my heart and I’m hoping all will be well. I’m a senior citizen and very ignorant about technology so I don’t now how to watch aby Facebook shows. THANK YOU FOR SHARING TO LIVES WITH US .I DEARLY LOVE YOU GUYS AND WHAT YOU DO

  76. I am so upset that Pit Bulls & Parolees has been canceled. l loved the show so much. I have a Pit Bull named Harley.He’s a little over 14 yrs. old. He’s such a wonderful,mushy dog. I love the Parolees, especially Earl & Tonie! I love you all & will miss you terribly. I would love to send a donation. If you could give me a name & address where I can send it.
    Linda M. Wanamaker DeGraw

  77. I know several people who work for Warner Bros and the pain is felt there too. Idiots who know nothing are making changes that are insane and cutting this show is one but one of many. I am adding your rescue to my list of annual gifts. I wish you the best. I.have learned so much from your program…I will miss it!

  78. This is truly a tragedy in the making. This is literally the only show I watch on this channel. You get rid of VRC, you apparently don’t care about me. I cannot stand the thought of your arrogant disrespect for your viewers much less the people & animals you used to gain for your own personal status (whatever that may be). Your Network ain’t all that unlike these fine human beings. Good luck with your bottom line.

  79. I will miss your show, I loved to watch the amount of good you did for dogs. It is heartbreaking that you are leaving. I don’t have anything nice to say about the new owners they obviously don’t understand just how valuable you are not only to your dogs but to us – the audience.
    Thank you Tia and family for the many yrs of tv enjoyment.
    Elena Baker

  80. This makes me sad. I love this show. Imagine this will have a big financial impact on the rescue which does fabulous work

  81. Well this sucks, corporate greed takes over once again!! I will try to follow the shelter adoptions on line!( I don’t do fb and such ,so it will be hard) But this show will truly be missed by me and many others!! I can’t be the only one feeling disgusted with corporate greed takeovers and mergers!!
    Good Fricken Greif!!

  82. i live for pit bulls and parolees and the vrc. i literally set my schedule around the show. i do work and have lunch at home most afternoons just so i can catch the all the repeat shows. and of course saturdays are always vrc days. hearing this news deeply saddens me. this will change my life for sure as well as all of you. not saying goodbye, as i will continue to follow vrc. damnn big tech. never good for the average people. i have been recording all the episodes, old and new, since i heard this news. i will continue to support vrc in any way i can. god bless all of you. you have probably heard this before, but i love the dogs more than people. 5 years ago i had 3 dogs all at the same time. although it was hard at times, i felt very blessed. of the 3 dogs only 1 is left and she is in hospice. i have no doubt i will have another dog. here in the detroit area pit bulls are everywhere. the shelters, just like yours, are overflowing with them and it breaks my heart. good luck and god speed to all of you at vrc. i will be waiting for updates and pray it is all good. tommy dimond aka t-dog

    1. You & I are twins. I also live (one of the only shows I watch) for this show…it restores my faith in humans (Tia her family).

      I love animals with a life long passion & love what Tia does. I tape every show (I can’t watch the moments where a dog is abused, only when they get well)

      What can we do…a petition, maybe?

  83. I am very sorry to learn your show Pit Bulls and Parolees will be ending. I loved watching you all over the years. I hate to see you leaving Animal planet. I heard you were going to resume airing on Discovery Channel.
    I am not technically literate. I don’t understand how to tune in to your new online channel, I don’t even understand what that means. Online channel?
    I live in a large apartment building that has a bulk account with Spectrum. If I want Cable Tv I can pay for this bulk account or nothing. I do get WiFi. Can I watch your new Rabid Reality on my computer and not on TV ?

    I am soooo sorry if I can’t watch VRC anymore. I have loved you and your whole family including Earl. I want to wish you a wonderful future even if I can no longer tune in and watch you.

    Sue Talbert

  84. I hate this is happening, I love your show and all the dogs and people you have on your show!!! Your the best Tia and I hope things will change so we can watch your and all your family once again!!!!

    Will Miss You Tia😩😩😩

    Sincerely Tammy Whitley

  85. I will miss you all and never forget what you and family have done for all of the breed and others. You are all angels for the dogs you rescue. You have done a lot for the Pitbull breed. Thanks to you and family Darlene

    1. They should have canceled river monsters and Crykey it’s the Irwins instead of your show. I love the show and it is going to suck not being able to see it any.

  86. I’m going to miss seeing this show on Animal Planet, but will try to keep up on Facebook and will try to find the podcast if I can. (I’m not used to looking for those but I’ll try to keep up with what is going on with the family and the friends and the dogs.)

  87. Yes…People that truly love animals appreciate the love & dedication that Tia & her family give to these dogs…it’s Why this show is so important to a channel like Animal Planet to air!

    This decision to cancel(made by suits that don’t understand it) is so insane!

    This show is not only popular, but Important!

  88. Bless you Tia and the rest of the family and friends. I have been donating a small amount monthly for a few years and I will continue but I will definitely miss seeing all of you.
    Donna Dodelin

  89. This show shows what is wrong with the human race! I can’t understand for the life of me why people keep buying dogs from breeders why people keep abusing animals why people keep dumping dogs why people keep dogs fighting and the fucking list goes on! What is wrong with humans! I will never buy from a breeder and neither will my daughter. I’ve taught my daughter how to rescue animals because thawhat I do. You don’t need to watch a show to teach! People need to learn how to become compassionate and rescue animals that are in shelters. Again there is something wrong with the human race and maybe we need to be wiped off the planet! People need to wake up and STOP BUYING DOGS!

  90. I love the show, it’s a pity that the show no longer exists, it’s a necessity to be shown. The people are kind and show openness to animals and people that would ordinarily be ignored. I’m a teacher with six children please reconsider renewing the program.

  91. I can’t believe it! I like this show along with other on Animal Planet. Will we still be able to donate to Villalobos in the future?


  92. I can’t believe it! I like this show along with other on Animal Planet. Will we still be able to donate to Villalobos in the future?

    E-mail (Sig107401@gmail.com)

  93. Too bad they cancelled a great show which children can learn how to treat dogs and how to respect people who have problems but love animals and do good things

  94. I’m so sad to see this show .It’s what the world needs more of ,Kind people helping people and animals Watching this show gives hope and encouragement to do the right thing. We need more of this show and shows like it instead of the hate and Ill repute going on.
    God bless you n yours Tia Torres

    1. I am appalled that network’s have this kind of control, or should I say the larger company’s that rule what we see .
      Tia Torres has been my hero forever. She has been an angel who Carrie’s out God’s work. She has been hand picked by a higher up , to do what 98% of the world chooses to ignore . And then you take away her show ,which I know has helped so many,many animals and so ,so many people,from her kid’s whom she has taught this love and caring that takes such a special type of person. She has helped so many paroles, given them a purpose in life . Then you take all the people who need a dog just to fill the void in their life all those veterans.
      MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOLES . Tia I admire you more than you will ever know . I’m newly retired, so now I get to watch your show all the time,and what do they do .🤬😡😠. I wish you and your incredible family all your fantastic staff and all the beautiful dog’s all the best. Don’t ever give up,God js your driver, and I am your biggest fan .
      I have a beautiful Blue nose pit named Blu 💙 before that a black American pit named Porky and more in between.
      I So wish i could help you . I love dogs more than life itself. Prayers for all you do .
      Christie Conroy and Blu

  95. I am very sad to see the show go away. I adopted a puppy 2 years ago from a local rescue. He is half pit,one quarter lab and one quarter begal. He is the sweetest dog. I have always had big dogs, labs, rots, dobs, plott hound. I will never buy another dog again, I have loved all my dogs. I wish you luck in your new venture, I have visited Villa Lobos, I will greatly miss the show. I hope to catch up with you soon.

  96. I’ve enjoyed this show for years! Not sure the network is doing the right thing by canceling! Have to get my animal fix elsewhere

  97. Thank You for your patience and time and everything that you do especially for all the dogs 🐶!!! After all Dogs are Better than most People..
    Thank You ☺️ for being such a Great Caring Person for everything I Love 💕

  98. Pitbulls & Parolees is one of my favorit shows I am very selective about what I watch PB&P will not lose my support however the Discover Channel will not be on my watch list if they continue to get rid of the shows I like to watch as well as Animal Planet

  99. Time Warner f**** up everything what’s new good shows bad shows they don’t care as long as they make money and hurt people they don’t care they have always done that for years time warner is the worst company in the US

  100. Wow Tia not very happy they did this to you ..have watched you for years and what am I going to do without your show!!!😥😥😥😥

  101. I cannot believe this show is being canceled!!! What are you people thinking! I love dogs but never would have understood how amazing and resilient these pit bulls are! It’s one of the most redemptive, heartfelt, loving, family great shows on the planet! Thank you Tia and all your family and employees for all that you do! Your heart and everybody’s heart involved shines like the brightest star in a dark selfish world! I pray they save this show if not I will never watch a single show on the new network! God bless you and your hard work and all your dogs!

  102. Big mistake not renewing “Pit bulls and Parolies” big,big mistake. It is one of the best showers on tv these days. Why does big money always screw things up for regular people who love animals and the really good people who do everything in their power to help them. These morals are what still make you believe in humanity, Not big tech and big money!!

  103. Tia, family and employees, I never in a million years thought I would get a pit bull for a family pet! You all have brought to life the reality of the loving, loyal and beautiful nature of the breed. Thanks to you, millions of people have changed their outlook on pit bulls. I inherited my son’s girlfriends red, blue nose pure bred pit bull when she was unable to care for “Honey” when she was a pup. She is my child, my love and best friend. Thank you all for what you do and for educating America about what would have been a dying breed if you hadn’t come out from behind the curtain and exposed every aspect of your personal and professional lives. From the bottom of my heart, thank you 😊
    I hope Warner Bros. gets their head out of their asses and realizes what a HUGE mistake they have made, or another network picks up where you left off!
    I wish you nothing but success in the next chapter of you lives 💜 💜

    Sincere respect and admiration,
    Mary C.
    Chicago, IL

  104. Love what you do, love the show. Please don’t stay off too long. It’s one of the best show I watch. I have watch it from the very first show.

    A loyal fan!


    1. I have watched and loved pit bulls and paroles for many years . Watched the family grow and cried with them . Sorry to see it end. Good luck family

  105. We have supported VRC and will continue tinie to support you and your extended family as long as VRC exists. You do God’s work and less you and your children

  106. Really ? So have enjoyed the show & all the hard work Tia does along with her family & what she does for the Paroles rocks !!! Sad to see the show go & not sure what I will watch but I will not enjoy anything like I did Pit Bulls & Parolees.. Give them hell Tia & family .. 100% behind you & support you & will miss you .

  107. I’m sorry you are leaving the air. I have enjoyed your work. Do you have the thing where I volunteer a bit (very small bit) of money each month and it comes out of my charge each month?

  108. I loved the show and I respect Tia and her family for everything they do to find them good homes. I use to be afraid of pit bulls till I watched there show and I don’t feel that way anymore.

  109. I will continue to support VRC but I WILL NOT support the Discovery Channel and the big tech company who decided to cancel this very important show. It makes me sick and angry that the Discovery Channel feels shows like Naked and Afraid, Alaska Bush People, and Alaska: The Last Gold Rush are more important than shows about people who rescue and care for animals.

  110. I am an elderly lady who loves your show. Why? because you have a heart for these poor dogs who have been left behind…I too love dogs, cats too, I have a mixed pit bull from a shelter and a stay cat that live with me and my mate…I also feed feral cats outside my house, with, food water and shelter….I am 78 years old and will continue to care for these poor animals until my last breath…Please continue with all the good work you and your family do….we need more like you in this upside down world…..Sincerely, Ivanna Kostew

  111. I guess Warner Bros just doesn’t get it. Animal Planet as started to broadcast animal shows, aimed at an audience that loves animals.

    If they can’t see that Tia Torres illustrates the epitome of this with her heart &her life, then why did they buy (and cancel) her show?

    Can’t wait to see their replacements…another Bigfoot show?

    (Don’t worry Tia…we love and Will follow you)

  112. I, myself, pre PB&P, had a very negative opinion on pit-bulls. However, after watching the show in 2009, my opinion changed 100% and, in fact, I am now a pit-bull lover and they do make amazing dog companions! I wish I was healthy enough to adopt one. It really sucks that the shoe was cancelled! If there was something us loyal fans can do to bring it back, please post…

  113. The BIG BUCKS always

    mess up good things. The show was so informative and also enjoyable.I just love it. I hope they figure out a way to get it back on TV.
    They need the money.

  114. I wish there was a way to save the show. It does so much good and is a bright spot instead if some of the other series that run. It stinks when these corporations people dont think certain ideas are worthy when they are more so than they realize!
    I personally will find a way to continue to follow Tia and her family and their goals. They are doing so much good and need to be doing what they. Somehow this show needs to be brought back so it can continue to do the good it has since 2009.

  115. I have loved your show and what you stand for. I love that you save dogs and parolees. I’m 70 years old and I have never been without a dog until the last 8 months. I lost my big guy Bear who was a newfie/chow chow/rotweiler mix. He was the love of my life. I rescued him at 4 months old and he died 1 month after his 14th birthday. My little one, Molly, I rescued at 3 yrs old. Her owner was going to put her to sleep because she didn’t get along with a new puppy she got. Even though I wasn’t looking for another dog, I couldn’t let that happen. She passed away unexpectedly when she was 11.Although she was a rough coated Jack Russell, she was a lap dog. She and Bear were best friends There is a hole in my heart that needs to be filled with another fur baby. There are some issues you need to know about to even know if you would accept me as an adopter. I have MS so I’m not very active. I use a walker/wheel chair sometimes(rarely). The biggest thing is I have an adult son that lives with us. He moved back home to help me with his dad because my husband has severe dementia. He has an 11 pound Jack Russell that doesn’t get along with other dogs. When Molly was alive we just put up a barrier, so each dog had half the house. Please let me know whether this eliminates me as an adopter. What you do with your dogs is amazing. I know a lot of dog owners that don’t take care of their dogs nearly as well as Villalobos does. Thanks Tia and God Bless You

  116. I am so sorry to hear the (show) is ending. But what u do is amazing. I will follow u on your web site or wherever u & your wonderful family go.
    Good luck in your new adventure. I wish u all the luck in the world.
    Linda 🙏🏽🙁

  117. I love this show. I know it helped a lot of people see reality of pitfalls, how sweet they are. Tia helped alot of guys get their life on the right track. It’s a shame this great program won’t be on any more, that breaks my heart. We all love you, your family and the guys. Good luck to all of you.

  118. I love the show and the incredible love and dedication of Tia and her family and everyone involved in VRC
    I will miss your wonderful show! Sorry about the Corporate world taking over.
    Since Covid especially, I think the only ones thriving are the giant Corps.! It is a shame.
    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.
    Lynnette Walsh

  119. I am sorry that things have happened the way they have. I like the show. It was helping me to see that all pits are not bad. I wish that I could have gotten one of your dogs. But I live in a mobile home park that will not let them in.

  120. So sad to see the show coming to an end. Tia, her family, and her calling will always be in my prayers. God bless them ALL.

  121. It is a shame to see the show go because I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The bonds that she creates with the parolees,dogs and her family that are shared on the screen truly hit the heart. I wish I had the funds to be able to donate but when I saw the new merchandise that was being created with the parolees help I got excited and look forward to being able to purchase something.I love the work that is being done to help not only the dogs but the parolees as well. Please continue your work and continue sharing in whatever way possible.It breaks my heart that some people have no regard for a living creature.

  122. When I learned of the news it brought tears to my eyes. I have been a faithful watcher since day one I’ve never missed an episode. This show is the reason why I adopted a pit bull from a shelter in my area. I got her when she was a puppy i named her precious. When ever it’s time for the show to begin precious can be wondering around the house an all I’ve got to do is say precious are you ready to watch tia. She will bark an give me a big smile an cuddle up next to me on the couch to watch the show. I will still support VRC as long as they are in business rescuing dogs
    I pray that everyone else will to. I believe when the Lord closes one door he will open up a bigger an better door for you. Just like he did when you all moved to Louisiana. Tia I don’t know how you come up with some of the best ideas that you do but you seem to always have the best for VRC no matter the situation and for your family to. I was so proud of M2 in the episode where she took one for the team in Rescuing the wolf dogs before law enforcement came to kill them. I said she is a warrior in fact every one of you all were warriors that day. I hated that Tia got bit. I appreciate Tia and her family for everything they do for the dogs.I pray that you will be blessed with more than enough to continue on with the work you all do. Tia keep on doing what you do best you are #1 in my books.

  123. Please do not cancel “Pit-bulls and Parolees.” It is an important experience for our family. We have watched this program for many years. We will leave the Animal Planet Channel if that happens. The Naked and afraid program is not fit for families and is an insult. To preserve some dignity, please continue with Pit Bulls and Parolees.

  124. I agree with you all. It sucks that they are taking Pitbulls & Paroles off the channel. She has alot of followers who watch her faithfully & now you want to cancel the show. I’m sure you will put some dumb show on as thats what most of the channels do. You take off good shows for no reason but to put a dumbass show on. Please bring the show back!!!!

  125. This is terrible!!! This show is about animals being found, finding homes and the people who help them along the way!!! There are so many, too many to mention that are pure garbage on TV, but I guess that is what a lot of our society is like these days!!! This is a truly heartwarming show that should have been kept on and that I watch religiously!!! I will continue to spread the word of Villalobos and the wonderful mission Tia, her family, paroles and other help she has because without the help and dedication of these places these and many other dogs wouldn’t have a chance!!!!!

  126. My heart is breaking🥲 I have never missed a single episode and watch reruns over and over again. I feel as if you are part of my family. I hoped to be able to adopt a VRC dog but my living situation just won’t allow it. I think Discovery is shooting itself in the foot with the ridiculous changes and awful new programs. Several other great shows have been cancelled but to me you going away is the worst. My love to the entire VRC family and crew. I am now canceling my Discovery subscription.

  127. I cannot believe you would take a good show that has accomplished so much for Pit Bulls and Parolees off the air. There is so many on the air that is pure garbage. Please reconsider your decision and keep the show on the air.
    Janice Troester

  128. I’ve been watching Pitpulls and Parolees for years. I’ve watched the kids grow up and I’ve watched in amazement at Tia and this wonderful family has done some really incredible things. So much respect goes out to Tia and all she’s done for the animals she’s touched. What a good human who has really lived a life with purpose. Continued success to Tia and the whole Villa Lobos team. You restore my faith in mankind – thank God for people like you Tia.

  129. I have watched P&P since the first episode and I am heartbroken over what the networks are doing. All I can say is they will regret it in the long run.


  130. I am so sad about this. Pit bulls and Parolees has been my favorite show for years. I hope it continues on Discovery. It is Assad day when a channel stops a show that gives you,such a feel good sense that there are people in this world that care for animals and people.

  131. Personally if Pit Bulls and Patolees is not continually renewed I will not watch a Warner Bros Show or series ever again. To end a show with the outreach, impact, and COMMUNITY good as this is ludacris and incredibly stupid on channel owners part.

  132. All these comments are great but we need to email
    Warner Bros. Here’s the address,

    1. Charlotte: Thanks for the address, I had a different one and I totally agree; if every single one of us wrote to “warnerbros” maybe someone there will get the message…. I just can’t believe either it’s going off the air…. There are so many terrible shows now and there are over 100 thousand viewers who watch Tia…. what’s wrong with those people there??????? They just don’t get it. Noelle in FLorida

  133. I’m very sorry to hear that pitbulls and parolees is going off the air. It is because of your show that we adopted a Pitbull.

    His name is Finn and we adopted him when he was three months old. He’ll be seven years old on mischief night. For seven years, Finn has brought joy to everyone who met him. He has the sweetest disposition. He loves everybody. He loves people. He lets little kids hang all over him, and he wags his tail and licks their faces the whole time. He also loves to play with other dogs. He’s the best dog I ever had.

    I see pit bulls everywhere now. That did not used to be the case, and I know your show has a great deal to do with this.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope the suits change their mind. They just ruin everything, don’t they?

  134. Pittbulls and parolees has been one of my as well as my husband’s favorite shows- and that is say I,g something as we do not often agree on what we like to watch!!! VRC DOES AMAZING WORK FOR BOTH THE DOGS, AND THE PAROLEES. WE FEEL CLOSE TO ALL OF THEM. TIA YOU ROCK AS A MOM, AND A MENTOR. YOUR NO BULLSHIT STANCE IS ADMIRABLE!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!! F THE BIG CORPORATION!!!

  135. I am sorry to hear your show is ending. I have enjoyed watching you and your family and the dedication to the dogs. Also how you have championed the true story of a great breed of dogs. I hope you continue to have success for humans and animals

  136. I thank God for you all. Thank you for all you have done with your wonder family. The world is a better place with you all in it.

    I will continue to support your good cause.

    Linda Jones

  137. Yes, of course all the shows I adore are leaving, good show😭 don’t know if I’ll 😢 or be super angry 😡.
    I keep losing so much it’s 😴 tiring. I hope pitbulls & parollees do 100×s better in their future 🔮 All are much deserving.

  138. I have been watching your show since it started sad to se you go keep your heads up and keep the wonderful work you do. Thank you for all the enjoyment you provided. Thanks Michelle Chiantaretto sioux city Iowa

  139. I don’t understand why big wigs away come in and screw everything up. Why don’t they just leave us people who enjoy the show and are interested in pitbulls and dogs in general. I don’t know how i can keep up with tia her family and dogs but hopefully I will find a way.tia I have watched you since the beginning and I respect and really care for you and your family and dog family please let me know how to watch you thanks for the memories

  140. Personally it will be a loss for the owners of the channels because we all love Pitbulls and parolees so maybe we just won’t watch their programming. We will miss you Tia and family and thanks for all you do.

  141. I am so sad to hear this show is ending. I loved watching it for hrs & Learned so much. I have a Bull Terrier ( Sherman) I rescued fr SPCA,
    so I felt a real connection with the show .
    Anyway, thank you all for sharing your lives and for all you have done over the years!
    Pat Lake
    Dallas, Tx

  142. I can’t believe they are canceling the shows there isn’t a person I’ve talked to that can believe they are canceling it. Hopefully another station will pick it up. I’ll bet that they will continue to show re-runs of the show and collect on it. Is there anything.we as a whole can do to help you out in getting this show to continue. Animal Planet is going to go down the toilet……

    1. Blame Warner Brothers…. they’re the ones who bought out Animal Planet….. everyone…. write to Waren Brothers and complain to them for cancelling this show, it’s not Animal Planets fault…. WAREN BROTHERS…. WAREN BROTHERS…..

  143. Sad to see y’all get treated this way. Love the show and really appreciate everything you all do. I will follow VRC elsewhere and continue to show support. <3

  144. Animal Planet sucks! I see they are airing Naked and Afraid instead of Pit Bulls and Parolees?!?!?! Awful! I watch Pit Bulls and Parolees religiously every day, even if I’ve seen the episode before. I guess that’s what animal lovers do. Thank you Tia and family for years of fabulous family entertainment and education. Love you and your show

  145. Discovery go to hell!! Big tech does not care about anyone except the pompous fat-ass stockholders.
    Will not use your asshole channel again.

  146. I am so sorry people don’t understand reality. I was hoping that this was the last episode because the family didn’t want to be so public anymore and not some stupid corporate decision. I think what you and your family does should be shown across the world, not only for the way you help the animals, but to try to teach some of the less educated that animals have feelings. It’s a moot that I have engrained in my children and hope that they will pass on. You get an animal regardless of what it is you take care of the animal. You are responsible for that animal, to make sure they stay happy and healthy to the best of your abilities. I will be the first one to admit I have had times were I can’t take my animals to the vet to get this shot or that shot. Vets are expensive and in my mind some time I think they care more about the money they make then the animals and families they meet/have to take care of. It’s very sad!! However my animals are always feed, loved and have a warm place to sleep, and yea when something comes up I cant take care of I do take them to the vet. Sorry I know this reply is really long. I just hate stupid people and there lack of understanding for “the man” aka the big business assholes how are more worried about ratings then showing something with actual content that people care about.

    I am definitely going to be checking out your website & hope that you get to go back on tv soon. Your message is way to important not to be seen and heard. Love you you guys!!!

    Ann Earley from Mass

  147. Bless you for all your hard work in rescue. We will continue to watch you on Animal Planet and begin following you on your rabid reality network. I pray all goes well for your family, the parolees, and the dogs.

  148. Great show and noble mission. Can’t believe another channel won’t capitalize on Animal Planets blunder. National Geographic Wild would be a perfect fit. Been enjoying your show forever. Hope to see year 20.❤

  149. So sorry they have done this to you and the dogs. I have watched your show from the start and you are the reason I now have 2 adopted pits in my home. Before you, I would have been afraid of the breed-but I shouldn’t have since I had 4 rotties and a dobbie all at once, once upon a time. My doggies are now 7 years going on 8 and I love them to bits. Keep the faith and do what you do best. God Bless.

  150. I LOVE your show. I have watched it from the beginning. I highly respect you and your entire family, both by blood and work. Thank-you for all that you do. Please keep me posted concerning when your podcasts will be live. Thank-you

  151. I have watched your show since the beginning and am very sad to see it go, you are an awesome person for doing this for the dogs and the people. Prayers and praise to you and the continuing work you do. You will be sadly 😔missed

  152. Well. That just stinks for the good people who are truly doing good. The little mañ/ woman getting stepped on by the BIG CORPORATE AGAIN.
    Best wishes Tia for all you do. They will realize what they have lost when they start losing viewers. Would support. What is the email for VRC?

  153. Hate to see this show leave😢 really educated people on the way dogs should be treated! Helped our parolees too!

  154. This is HORRIBLE!! I’ve watched this show and the reruns since the beginning and have SO much respect for Tia Torres and what she and her entire family including the Paroles do for all of these dog/animals.

    How can anyone in a SUIT just cut them out ????

    People should rethink what they are doing to this wonderful Tescur

  155. Our family is all about adopting animals. What VRC and the whole Ohana has done…AMAZING. God bless you and all rescuers. Suit people,what are you thinking??? Tia,thank you,your Ohana,your volunteers,your parolees (past and present),those who have adopted,supporters of the show,the laughter and tears. Much Love and Aloha into the future

  156. You are the strongest and most resilient woman and you will overcome. As in many areas of life, this country in the entertainment industry is being taken over by big tech and the consequences are devastating, This time to the viewing public. I love your show and all the cast in your show. It is educational and redeems long term lies regarding both dogs and paroles. The number of dogs and paroles you have saved is astronomical. It is more of a reality show than most. The fact that you go to great lengths to fit each animal is amazing. Through the years I love your Senior dogs and the ones that have been with you the longest, if I could have I would have adopted each and everyone of them as their stories are the most heartbreaking and the joy they exhibit when they are adopted, as well as the depth of happiness and comfort they bring to the people around them, is overwhelming. Your best and most successful years are yet to come for you, your family, the paroles and of course the dogs. With love and deep appreciation for everything you have achieved and will conquer in the coming years.

  157. I have been watching Tia from the start and I am sadden that the show will not air anymore.
    Tía torres and her family are very special people.
    Their love and dedication of dogs and animals in general is an inspiration to any pets lovers.
    Tía non judgmental thinking was remarkable.
    She deserves the support of any pitbulls lovers.
    She has dedicated all her time to make for abused pitbulls a better life.
    I am and will stay a fan of Tía. it’s is a fair cause.

  158. Hi I Love the Show Pitbulls and Parolees and so does My Dog, I’m not kidding My Dog watches the show All the time. I just heard that the show is being cancelled and I am pissed, I guess there’s not enough Sex or Violence in it. I’m so sorry to hear about this I think Tia and her family are fantastic and have saved a lot of Dogs, 😡😡😡👏👏👏 Thank You for all You have done 🙏🙏🙏

  159. This is Heartbreaking…for fans, but more importantly, the loss of exposure that this wonderful rescue now benefits from.

    Tia & her crew have done, and will do, such an amazing job of saving all dogs & exposing the bias against Pitttys.

    Please, if you love dogs, continue watching on Tia’s new broadcast channel. Don’t let the Horrible decision of the networks put your passion out.

    I’m With you Tia…always.

  160. I am truly sad about the current situation regarding the show. I own my own pediatric therapy center and have used your show as a way to demonstrate how resilient dogs and kids with challenges can be. The children I work with can really identify with the problems so many of these dogs are challenged with. Failure with step families, disease and disabilities are all addressed with truth, energy, and the willingness of others to “believe” in the hope that life can change for these dogs ( and children) with an improved quality of life. This show has provided a small microcosm of what the world could achieve if we all worked together like life at VRC. Using the stories of parolees, as they face their own personal challenges, has been a prime example of how success or failure of one or more choices can affect personal goals.

    On a concrete level, the series has been an interesting adventure to watch and enjoy. But as one delves into the many lessons that this show provides, the networks miss a much needed program that provides so many different lessons about life, love, and family without the Hallmark sugar coating.

    There are so many different ways that this show could be marketed. It is so disappointing that this is the choice tv executives have chosen. I hope that chewy, petsmart, pet supplies plus, et.Al. Will continue their monetary support of this series that it may continue to thrive and provide their much needed services.

  161. So sad and angry. Wonderful shows like this should not be removed. So much garbage on tv that should be canceled. Hope to see all of you again. Love to all of you

  162. I was sad to hear the show is going to end it taught me so much about the breed I fell in love with them.I pray something will happen that the show will continue. Tia and her family and the paroles and all the devoted volunteers just shows the goodness in people and what they will do for this great breed of dogs. Mý prayers are always with you.

    1. This seriously is a mistake on the networks part. I have watched this program since it started. It’s an honest realistic show. I’m so disappointed in what shows are being offered to us now. Pit bulls and parolees teaches us the failings of human beings and the caring the team puts theses animals back together and hopefully new homes. Tia and her family are totally ” what you see is what you get”.

  163. I’ve watched PB&P for years. I hate to see it go. I enjoy watching the rescues and transformations of the dogs. I also enjoy getting to know the people and see the parolees that make it. The cast is quirky, but I like that.

  164. I am happy to hear that you have started rabid Reality to support the work of the rescue. I will sign up. It is a shame that big tech outfits have so much control of the shows we see on TV.. Good for you for finding a solution.

  165. I Hate To See The Show End ! I Love Watching Everyday ! I Pray People Will Still Help The Rescue ! God Bless All Of You !!

  166. Give us what we want! We want Tia & the show. Her show has brought so many of the world into the reality of Pits, Preconceptions, Paroles and shelter life. Tia, her family are true Godsent people doing a great thing for the humanity of dog’s lives. Her show has brought awareness and financial support to Pits and pups in need, whom we wouldn’t know about without Tia and P&P show. I watch this show 24/7 on weekends. I love you Tia, Family & Pits.

  167. I will miss the show have been waiting for it to come back on. I commend You Tia and your family and friends. No matter what all of you have went above and beyond to save all animals that you cross paths with. I have even cried with you and family when some are lost and or mistreated. Will be keeping up with everything and thank you all for caring… Cheryl M.

  168. I have been watching Pitbull an Paroles since it started. What Tia, her family an paroles, plus volunteers is amazing. I wish you all the best of luck always. I love you all. Thank you for taking care of the breed plus others, educational, an helping the paroles. I have enjoyed donating to the cause.. Pam Sheets from Indy. Many Blessings to you all. I will be watching and crying In sure. Thank you again Tia…

  169. That is so sad 😞. I love ❤️ tia Marie Torres pitbull and paroles show it
    You TV stations should be ashamed of yourselves your all about money!!! How can I make more money m

  170. Wow, such dedication and such a great family that you have, Tia, human and canine. I work in cat rescue but I always followed your show and I’m going to start following Rabid Reality.

    It’s people like you and your family that make this world go round. So much sadness in the world but you are a bright spot on this planet and I love all of you. Keep up your wonderful work because without people like you, life would be dreadfully sad.

  171. I am watching your show as we speak. Your dedication to beautiful animals is beyond…. have watched for years and so sad that this is your last season. I am a disabled senior with multiple medical issues. My dogs have always been adopted from local shelters. Sir Dudley do-right was a save from Mississippi. What a boy. 110 pound black lab with the sweetest personality.

    I am not now in a position to donate to villa lobos at this time but if in the future financial situation improves it will happen. Your family is dedicated to the support of these fantastic animals. Please keep me informed. Uscgeneral@gmail.com

    God bless you and Villa Lobos.

  172. This is a disgrace how this show is be treated. We have been watching all these years and faithfully watching all the reruns just waiting for the new season. Now to learn that it will be the last season. How can corporations get any more greedy. It is all about them and not us.

    Just enjoy watching Tia and her family so much, they feel like my relatives. They are so honest and down to earth. Also, like to see the gratitude of the parolees for being hired by Tia.

    Have always looked forward to seeing a new season, my heart has been torn from my chest.

    I will attempt to try and follow your websites, but at 78 yrs I am not that computer savvy.


  173. guess thesse idiots would rather put crime shows on rather than showing something good and worth watching I wish I was in a place that i could adopt a pit I have always had dogs but circumstances have not been conducive to owning a dog for 12 yrs I hope whoever bought animal planet and takes these animal shows off looses their ass …..probably liberturds

    signed not an ass kisser ex cowboy truck driver Frank Johnson

  174. I love Pit Bulls & Parolees. What Tia is doing is not only about tge dogs, but about family, second chances, love, acceptance, & support. Today’s world, more than ever, needs this exceptional show. Shame on Animal Planet.

  175. I’m so sad and sorry about the show not continuing. You should be proud of the work you have done to raise awareness of how precious pit bulls are, and the work to rehabilitate parolees.

  176. Shame on Warner Bros for not being very bright and removing a very popular show. All the best to Tia and all the dogs in need of homes maybe they can move over to national geo wild that would be great

  177. It saddens me that this show is canceled. I hope VRC
    will still be able to function, adopt
    these dogs and give these paroles a 2nd chance with dignity.

  178. I will miss this show so much. I really loved VRC’s work and commitment to changing the image of Pit Bulls. I don’t have a dog, only cats, but had I been given the right circumstances, I would have gotten a pit bull. There are many Pitties in Boulder, CO where I live, and I have yet to meet a bad one. There are a couple in my neighborhood and they are wonderful animals. Much better behaved than some of the more traditional dogs that many have. And still, these people who profess to be “dog experts” and have had dogs for many years, still have some misconceptions about them. So damn stupid!!!!! I have not had a dog since I was very young but have followed this show for years and, along with exposure to pitt bulls, have come to really love them. Even though I would have to do a lot of work in my yard re fencing etc. to get one. So, I wish Tia her family her dogs and parolees all the best. I will watch the final season then catch the continuing sage on Rabid, fb etal. I even bought a Villa Lobos shirt a few years ago to wear to the gym. Still wb sad to see this show go. I have reruns on right now. Looks like a whole bunch of them. I have watch some of them many many times. Go go Tia. Hope to see your wonderful work continue. If I wind the lottery, I will build a beautiful fence and dog house and come to New Orleans to get my pitty!

    1. If every single one of us who love this show, wrote to Warner Brothers, who bought out Animal Planet from what I read, that would be thousands of e-mails going to them complaining about canceling the show…. That’s what we ALL NEED TO DO…. Go onto Google to get the e-mail address of the site and send letters…..EVERYONE OUT THERE DO YOU HEAR ME….. WRITE TO WARNER BROTHERS….. NOW NOW NOW….

  179. I cant imagine tv without your show. There are only 2 shows i ever watch on this channel , yours and dr jeff in colorado. The “suits” dont get how soothing and enjoyable these two shows are and how many look forward to watching them. I lived without tv for almost 20 y by choice and with 100s of channels to choose from I am selective with my time. If your show leaves, i will substitute a good book, exercise, or other solution for my dog soothing happiness choices. I still will support dog rescues including yours. I will choose to eliminate the “decision makers” offerings on tv and in stores since my money decisions are the only way to exercise my displeasure with their decisions. Thats what everyone should do to Influence these decisions.

    1. No, they are simply stupid. They never really cared about the dogs or the show but sure wanted to find something to bitch about! I don’t think VRC will lose that many donors. I am gong to buy a new shirt and wear it proudly! Maggie

  180. Networks are big enough without taking the few great tv shows out there!! Pitbulls And Paroles, Dr. Jeff, just to mention a couple of the GREAT series!! The process should be done by viewer vote, not big pocket networking !!

  181. Absolutely unacceptable. Pit Bulls and Parolees need more years to educate the public regarding the worthy breed the pit bull. And also the worthy Parolees who are given a second chance. That’s what the show is all about now isn’t it.

  182. I love watching Pit Bulls and Parolees! I am so sad and disappointed to learn that this series will be ending. Praying that the new owners of Animal Planet realize what a mistake they have made in not renewing this series. Tia, her family and the Parolees’ dedication to these dogs is just phenomenal! They so deserve to continue their journey where viewers like me can see all they good they do for these dogs and highlight the adopters who ultimately give these dogs great homes.

  183. I just think that i is insanity and unacceptable to take a successful show and channel like that off the air, yet they keep some of the horrible horrible horrible reality shows. I mean “my big fat fabulous life”Yes to mention one of several. Tia I wish you all of the luck in the world and success you have shown so far. The way our country has changed from better to worse is an example of what’s going on and only the good people get hurt.

  184. I have watched almost every show that has viewed on animal planet I love seeing what you do Tia You your family and your paroles are awesome awesome taking care of this breed which has been so wrongly I identified I am going to go to your Facebook page to find more information of what you will do To hopefully get back on TV or I will follow you on Facebook I advocate For the pit bulls And support the people on my Facebook Pitbull pages and agree with them 100% that it’s how they are raised raised as to how they react some of these pitbulls are the sweetest loving most caring dogs I have ever seen I am so sad to see you go I thought that you had gone to The Discovery Channel Plus I am not able to afford to pay for that channel I have been so sad not being to see new shows doze but I look forward to a seeing the October 22nd 22nd showing of your last shows those I had been doing watching watching all these reruns of your shows because I love your Show so much I wish that they would keep you and fairlyProvide for you and the support and sponsorshipI’m a sad label miss youThank you for those 20 years of my saying you on animal planet

    Sincerely Chris Chausse From Connecticut

  185. I have really loved your show. Please keep me posted! Thank you for all the work and care you give to the dogs you rescue. I wish I had your energy and knowledge…you have taught me a lot. I am a Boxer mom and out of 9 Boxers I have had in the last 30 years 5 have been rescues.

    Thank you again, my best to you and your family. I will definitely continue to donate to your rescue!❤️

  186. I am so upset that Pit-bulls and Paroles has been cancelled after this season. It has been a remarkable series and one that I have faithfully watched for many years. What is wrong with “suits” who decided this? Please please please…reconsider.

  187. We will miss the show as pit bull owners. The suits are doing a disservice to the animal community. Many have found their forever home instead of euthanasia. Please rethink this.

  188. Still stunned over the show news but were definitely afraid huge changes were coming when the new peeps took over. These days having a shock or crudeness factor in a show seems to be more important to some than real relationships, love, empathy and purpose.

    Looking forward to seeing and hearing about all of Tia’s sweet pit bulls and pooches on the new online show. We will keep donating -that won’t change. This may also be a perfect time to cancel one of our many ‘never have time to watch’ streaming services and put that money to better use for the VRC. We’re not on FB but we love you guys and the work you all do and will continue to support you any way we can. Thanks SO VERY MUCH!

  189. This show should NOT be taken off the air! All you executives dont know what people want and need in their lives.

  190. I really love the show. I watch it faithfully. I will really miss it!!!!!!!!!!

    Tia and her family and the parolees are wonderful. Please let them stay on the air.

    Thank you, Forresta Siebenaler

  191. I am VERY upset about the show not continuing! I watch regularly and will continue to watch reruns if they are on!
    If there is anything or anyone I can contact to keep it going please let me know. Thank you for letting us into your life and the dogs lives!
    Thank you again and hopefully we can get it back on!
    Bmz0927@gmail.com is my email and don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t have any money right now but I did make a donation a few years ago in memory of my partner.
    Love you all!

  192. One of my all time faves. The only reality tv I like. They have a huge fan base and lots of supporters. I cancelled my subscription when I found out this show was being cancelled

  193. Well I’ve been watching for a couple of years and love the show . Sorry to hear about the way you and your family have been treated. I would love to get updates about the program and hopefully it takes off under this new name . Just love the family and all the stories about the dogs and how the parolees get a second chance . I just don’t believe a person needs to pay all their life for the things they’ve done wrong . People need to know they are valued regardless of jail time . Thank you for being that person who helps these individuals, and of course the dogs they are a breed I’ve changed my mind about . Thank you for all that you do and may your future be blessed . Gail

  194. Loved watching your shows wish you would stay on this chanal and i do understand it is not your choice so good luck in the future and maby i will get the chance to see you in person

  195. Lam so sooy that you will not be on TV. I so enjoy watching the show. I’ve come to love dogs since I started watching Pit Bulls ands Parolees. I am a senior citizen and never had a dog but now since your show I feel I want to get a dog. I don’t think that that will ever happen. Anyway I still watch the te runs everyday when they are on.
    Best of success in your rescue. It is so needed.

  196. I love Pitbulls and Parolees and will miss it terribly. I am a dog lover also. I will miss seeing everyone on the show as well as the dogs. I think these networks changing things around just to make more money is disgusting. This is a really good show, informative, sincere, and just plain interesting. I hope Tia can maybe get another channel to do the show. Shame on the “suits” that do all the deciding and take away good shows that not only do people love but that help as well.

    1. I am sorry that ya’ll will not be continuing on animal planet, tia we have rescued a bunch of dogs and cat since me an my wife been married for32 years most of them we were there forever home,watching your show helped us with the last dog he was very temid an could not put in a grate also you could not leave him alone know he the biggest baby you ever seen

  197. We always watched the show – it was an inspiration to those of us who love dogs – all dogs. So now we will have to search for your show wherever we can. IT SUCKS – we want you back on!!!!!!

  198. So typical! From health care to tv….the suits have the final word! Cancel quality and worthwhile programming and add more “dating drama” and empty-headed crap! VRC has done more to rescue and regime animals than any help a “Smothered “ or “My Big Fat…” person has given anyone! My time and support will be switched to TRR, and my allegiance will remain with Tia, her family, and her employees! They rule!

  199. I wouldn’t miss these dogs, for nothin’, they’re everything and this show is everything to me with the help of everyone of you I learned so much. Tawna your beauty is mesmerising! I will be joining and can’t wait for my favorite peeps….

  200. Huge fan I am a huge fan of pitbulls and parolees. I can’t stand the thought of them no longer being on the air. I hope the show continues and I hope the help does as well

    1. Write to Warner Brothers executives and complain….. we all have to do this….. every single one of us….. Go onto Google and get the e-mail address…. WRITE THEM….. EVERYONE WRITE THEM.

    2. This is the most most disturbing news …. This show has become my must watch since the beginning. PBP is a reality show but it is NOT some stupid dating or rich family drama. There is way too many of these shows. I hope I can figure out how to kee watching this story unfold
      I am a senior and do t have up to date computer savay so I hope a grandchild el help me!!

  201. Tia, I’ve been an avid and faithful watcher of Pitbulls and Parollees for years. Oh how we are all going to miss your beautiful family, all the wonderful Pit Bulls and the excellent show! Thank you for teaching us all about Pitbulls! I want to rescue one now, due to your show. I wish you all the very best.

    Sincerely, GE

    1. Gerri: Did I spell that right??? Anyway, we all need to write to Warner Brothers web site and ask them why they’ve decided to cancel her show…. There are thousands of us out there who watch her show, and we all need to write to Warner Brother Executives… I did yesterday, but still haven’t received a reply.

  202. I’m so sorry to see your show go away. I hav really enjoyed every show I’ve been able to watch. I will continue to support your efforts. Thank You for educating me on PitBulls. I’m not afraid of them anymore. I will be watching the Rabid Reality. I wish You and your family Well❤️

  203. I am elderly and I so look forward to watching Pit Bulls and Parolees. Whomever is in charge needs to ask your watchers their opinions.

  204. I’m going to really miss your Pitbulls and Parolees TV show ☹️I really enjoyed watching it & what you have done not just for Pitbulls but for all kinds of dogs. I hope I’ll be able to follow your other programs you have started or going on.Thr Rapid Reality 👍I wish you not but the Best & God’s Blessings Upon You All 🙏 I really will miss you Alot. Loved your show & what you did for All kinds of Dogs 🐾🐾 Thank you from My Heart Jerri McDowell 🖐️

  205. Tia: I look forward to seeing the show everyday! I have learned a lot from watching it. I now have a huge broken heart because I will no longer see you and your family. I will forever miss you! Good luck in all that you do ! Patti Kusan, Columbus, Ohio.

  206. We all need to write to Warner Brothers and complain about them not picking up Pitt Bulls and Parolees….. If every single one of us who love this show writes to them, I’m sure something will change….. I just sent them an inquiry as to why they haven’t scheduled it, so I’ll wait to see if I get a reply…. But, can you imagine if we all wrote to the executives ……. There are thousands of viewers who love that program, and I just don’t understand why they’ve not brought back on TV….

  207. I have watched the reruns over and over I was one that was leery of the breed Pitbull until my niece rescued a pitbull she still has proof the pitbull’s name and he is nothing but wonderful with kisses and so glad to see you every time I’m so sorry that this is happening to your show I hope there are many more comments to come so that Warner would realize they need to reinstate Pit Bulls and Parolees


      1. Everyone of us need to write to Warner Brothers Executives and let them know how we feel….Google their e-mail address and write them…. EVERYONE NEEDS TO DO THIS…. EVERYONE WHO LOVES THIS SHOW……

  208. NOOOOOOO!!!I absolutely love these people and what they’ve done for the parolees and the dogs. You will be missed 😢

  209. Don’t worry Tia, everyone loves your rescue and will still support you. I am hoping one day to come out and help you. I think they are not so bright to stop filming, I watch your show everyday and a lot of other people.

  210. Warner sucks. Best show on TV. I want to cry, I’m a pitbull mom and I’m 69 years old. I’ve had my justice for 12 yrs. I had to put my other pit to sleep after he got dementia. I cried like a baby.

    1. It is so wrong for such a good show to be canceled while crap like naked and afraid stays on the air. Then you bring back the Alaskan family that is crap to. They got kick out of the place because they were where they didn’t belong on land that wasn’t theirs. Pitbull and parolees. Sorry Tia for stupid educated idiots.

  211. TIA IM SORRY this happened. Network fools don’t understand what people want.You and your family move heaven and earth for the dogs you care for and the paroled workers you hire. Your ability to save both makes a difference in society. Don’t give up, a network will pick u the show as soon as they realize how bad they F up!!! With everything you have endured you will overcome this !!! You make a difference. You save lives both canine and human Blessed Be!!!!

  212. OMG! I have been watching the show since it started. The biggest show on Animal Planet. I remember when the kids were teenagers. I hope you will make a You Tube channel so we can still the rescue. Best of everything to your family the guys (I love Earl). And of course the dogs!🐾🐾🐾🐾

  213. That sucks !!!! My mom would watch your show 24/7 if she could. Have you contacted Oprah or Ellen DeGeneres for help? I will try to get her set up to see you new network.

  214. Warner Brothers – YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!
    Pit Bulls and Parolees was one of the TOP shows on Animal Planet!!!!!! Whatever you decide to air in its place will NOT COME CLOSE to having the audience Tia’s show does. I am going to miss this show SO MUCH!!!!! And so will millions of others. And this show was not just for entertainment value; it was central to Tia and her family’s lifelong mission to save these dogs! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????!!
    You have no idea what us animal people want to see on television!!!!!! What assholes!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

    1. Kathy: You said it all…. I too have been watching since the beginning. These networks just don’t know what they’re doing…….

  215. I went to the animal shelter to rescue another dog, but they told me she had been put on hold by another family. I saw this adorable but sad pittie. I have never really like the bully breed. I went into the meet room with him and he was so sweet, so i took him in a just a foster. He was very abused and scared. Took a good 4 months before i could pet him on the top of his head. Hes now 10 years old, cuddles with me everyday, lives a life only kings dream of. Makes me so sad hes getting old. But i know hes had the best years with us.

  216. I love watching pit bull and paroles… Tia and her family are truly dedicated to caring for the dogs and ensuring the paroles have a purpose after prison… So heartwarming to watch the rescues of dogs and people… focused on a better life… Tia love to you and what you stand for… I will follow you through your new venture… lifetime fan❤️🐾🐾❤️🐾🐾🌷🌹🌷🌹🐾🐾

  217. Just looking at Ratings, Reviews, Comments, etc, you think the “Networks” would realize this is a show that people want to watch. Have they given the reason not to air the show? Does it have to do with the actual program or the fact that the “Network” will NOT be receiving any of the donations??? Most of the time, from my experience, Corporate and Corrupt share more than just the first three letters of their spellings, they seem to go hand-n-hand, be the definition for each other, twins at birth, you catch my drift…which is all unfortunate because being part of an even larger group would truly do one EXTRAORDINARY thing, HELP THE ANIMALS. The whole purpose of the show was to have the dogs seen as something other than dangerous & scary, which led them to Forever Homes. Who would NOT want that…oh yeah, those who ain’t making no money on it. It would be completely if we seen the participants of the show trying to make acting careers or making killer money for personal benefit but we don’t. We see a family that loves dogs and humans trying to do whatever they can to make life better for both. I would guess the main reason this incredible show will no longer be on Animal Planet & the other channels comes down to one word…GREED! This is another prime example of money of the rich denying anything to those they feel are beneath them. In the end, which can’t be far away, God will bless those who did what He said to do, LOVE. I wish the Torres Family, those working for the same goal and especially those precious animals all the Love and Success God can give.

  218. Tia, thank you for all that you do to raise awareness and help these sweet dogs. I’m a mom to three rescued Pitties myself, and as a family, we’ve committed to only rescuing and advocating for bully breeds. I hope others felt as inspired as we did to do the same.

  219. I loved the show, the whole family cared about these pit bulls. I am so happy she will continue with her new network. I for one will certainly watch. Thank You for caring about these dogs for so many years and will continue on. Pat wicker

  220. TV as a whole is going extinct. So much happens online and podcasts.

    Shes really better off getting a YT channel and filming for herself.

  221. Even though I haven’t watched the show in years just here and there…I’m sad to see it go. It’s benefits dogs and the bully breeds.

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