“90 Day Fiance” Stars Brandan & Mary DeNuccio Backtrack After Announcing Mary Has Colon Cancer; Brandan Admits Mary Self-Diagnosed Herself After Watching TikTok Videos (Latest Updates)

“They keep writing that you have something called ‘Scam-itis, Mary!”

Just two days after Brandan and Mary DeNuccio posted online that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer, the 90 Day Fiance couple appears to be backtracking.

The couple received a wave of backlash from fans who were skeptical that Mary had, indeed, been diagnosed with colon cancer as she and Brandan claimed in multiple social media posts, as well as in a fundraiser page posted on Saturday. In response, the fundraising page appears to have been stopped, although it’s unknown if the DeNuccios halted it or if the fundraising website did. At the time it had been stopped, the fundraiser had already raised over $1300.

As The Ashley previously reported, Brandan and Mary announced that Mary was diagnosed with colon cancer on February 17, and that they were raising money for her to have “life-saving” surgery.

Brandan’s Instagram Stories post from Saturday…

After getting a ton of backlash, however, Brandan posted an “update” to his and Mary’s Facebook page, contradicting much of the information the couple had claimed in their original posts on Saturday. (Fans were skeptical that Brandan wrote the update post, as it appears to be written by a person who uses English as their second language.) 

“Just to be clear: we don’t know if Mary have colon cancer yet,” Mary Brandan wrote.

He then revealed that Mary was essentially diagnosed by TikTok and not an actual doctor.

No, seriously.

“She posted on her IG that she have colon cancer because she watch TikTok videos of what is the symptoms of colon cancer and she have all of it,” Brandan wrote. “And on Feb 16 we went to the center and have her checkup and the nurse said maybe she got UTI or appendicitis and a possible colon cancer. That’s why Mary is scared.”

“If I made a fundraiser every time the symptom checker on WebMD told me I could possibly have cancer, I’d be rich!” 

In the update post, Brandan stated that he and Mary went to the hospital, where it was discovered via tests that Mary has a blood infection. She also underwent X-rays and an ultrasound, and that they are waiting for the results.

“Mary’s still in pain,” Brandan ended the post. “Please stop spreading fake news.” 


Fans unleashed on the couple in the comment section of the fundraising page.

“You just put a message on social media that you thought you had colon cancer because you read about the symptoms online,” one person wrote. “Then you said you were not actually diagnosed with colon cancer and that you THOUGHT you may have it… Stop joking around! My mother died from colon cancer and it’s not funny. I’ve been a nurse for most of my life and what you are doing is fraud.”

“Lmaoooo y’all she does not have cancer,” another person commented. “Her and her husband are just too lazy to find proper jobs and support themselves. So they have decided to grift and scam. She self-diagnosed. It was never confirmed by a doctor. But yet she continued to say that she had cancer and was going to have surgery the next day.”

The flurry of comments caused Mary to take to Instagram Stories on Monday to reveal that her Facebook— which she stated she uses to make money— has been shut down, due to people reporting it. 

“Idk what to do now,” Mary wrote. “I lost courage, I lost faith. Seeing all your comments gives me a lot of pain. I’m the only one providing food for my family and needs for my child. Now that I have health problems I can’t work as a call center agent anymore because I’m nightshift and that’s bad for my health.

“When I die I want all the bashers to know that it’s not very good to bash and judge people and say bad things to people you don’t really know. I want you to realize that when I die.”

In another post, Mary again talked about dying.

“People are very worst,” she wrote. “Maybe all of you will be sooo happy when I die. You don’t know what I’ve been through rn. If only you can see me here every day…”

She also stated that she “won’t do any medication or go back to the hospital.” 

The Ashley will update this post when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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  1. Everyone should report her as a scammer on all social media platforms. They are stupid to think that people are not paying attention to the fact that they painted their house and brandon has a new bike! Being a “social media influencer” is not using your child to get fans to pay you for a video chat. Brandon, get off your lazy ass and get a JOB and stop asking for money!

  2. Everyone should report her as a scammer on all social media platforms. They are stupid to think that people are not paying attention to the fact that they painted their house and brandon bought a new bike! Being a “social media influencer” is not using your child to get fans to pay you for a video chat. Go get a real JOB and stop asking for money losers!

  3. If she can’t work the night shift at the call center for health reasons…then she goes on medical leave and still gets paid. Or finds a company with 24/7 support so she can work her day shift. The have pro-employee laws to save jobs there, so that part of the story is bullcrap, too. Signed, someone that stood up a call center there for an American company.

  4. This is so egregious, the show should be boycotted. Time to start insisting that the bar be raised. TV is dominated by absolute trash!

  5. This may be their most offensive lie yet. My apologies on behalf of these two idiots to anyone that has had cancer or anyone that has a family member that has battled cancer.

  6. Number one, Brandon needs to stop playing games and grow up. Get a damn job! You have a child! But then we are looking at 3 children. Brandon, Mary and their child. The actual child certainly does not deserve to be raised by those 2 nincompoops. And Mary is outraged at the negative comments? Get real Marry. You and your child husband are frauds and you got busted!

  7. This girl is a hypochondriac. It’s one thing to talk about having health issues and need financial help while dealing with it but to straight up claim cancer without being diagnosed by an actual doctor and not some TikTok videos… that’s insane! She needs to get mental health help.

  8. Just because you were on a reality show, doesnt mean you don’t ever get a real job.

    Do what we all do, and work for it! You have a child you useless grifters.

    YOU AREN’T STARS, and there is a difference between famous and infamous. Morons.

  9. I knew they were lying!!! Jesus, who could possibly be stupid enough to believe these two and actually donate money? That would be the equivalent of donating money to Jenelle because she has just TOO MANY HEALTH issues to get a job, and the walking, talking VD machine who abuses children and kills animals is too scummy and stupid to get a job.

  10. This is so f**cling ridiculous. Tell your child husband to get off his butt and stop playing video games and get a job. You are pathetic and disgusting. Real cancer is no joke and these two need to be permanently cancelled.

  11. Straight up fraud, should be prosecuted.
    Never said, I think I have or I’m afraid I have, she said I have, and I have to have surgery. No wonder people are skeptical because of scammers like this.
    If people want to send money, send it to Saint Jude’s !

  12. Here’s hoping that all those people that defended them on the last post, that they donated money out of their own pocket. And not criticize people for not donating.

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