‘Sister Wives’ Star Mykelti Brown Slams Nevada National Guard For Posting Photos of Late Brother Garrison’s Memorial Service: “We’re Actually All Pretty Upset About That”

Late Sister Wives star Garrison Brown was honored by the Nevada National Guard last month in a ceremony attended by nearly all of his famous family. However, Garrison’s sister Mykelti Brown says that she and other members of the Brown Family were shocked and upset to see that photos of the ceremony had been posted online by the Nevada National Guard, opening up the family to scrutiny and ugly comments.

During a livestream on YouTube last week, Mykelti was asked by a fan how she felt about the seemingly private pics being shared all over the Internet.

“Oh, gosh, we’re actually all pretty upset about that,” she said. “…We did not give them [permission] to release [the photos publicly.]”

Mykelti stated that her family’s fame should have been taken into account before the Guard publicly shared the photos, many of which showed the Browns crying and grieving.

“If we were any other family, and the National Guard did that to any other family, it would be totally cool,” she said. “My family has a big guard up because we are public, and we’re not any other family because of how public we are.”

Mykelti acknowledged that Garrison— who was part of the Nevada National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 221st Cavalry— had many friends in the military who wanted to honor him in their own way. (As The Ashley previously reported, Garrison  took his own life on March 4 at his home in Flagstaff, Arizona.) 


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“The National Guard and all of [Garrison’s] military buddies were mourning Garrison…they were mourning Garrison as we were also mourning Garrison,” Mykelti said. “So, in a way, they did this because they’re grieving a loss as well, as this is how they share their loss, on social media. 

“But, we don’t love [that it was shared publicly], and one of the reasons we don’t love it is that we’re a public family and we didn’t approve [the release]. And we get a lot of scrutiny for stuff like that,” she said.

(While many of the comments left on the Guard’s Facebook post were generally kind, others picked apart some of the family members for what they wore or where they chose to sit— with many being particularly upset that Robyn Brown sat in the front row next to Garrison’s dad Kody.) 

Mykelti said that the family was aware photos were being taken at the service; however, she believed the photos were being taken so that they could be sent to their family directly. 

“But they were photos that they posted all over their social media,” she said. 

Mykelti went on to discuss how she and Tony are getting “ripped apart” online by fans who thought they were dressed inappropriately for the memorial service, especially because Tony wore a baseball hat.


“In those comments, I saw some of them, we are getting obliterated,” Mykelti said to Tony. “I’m like, ‘People, we’re grieving, can you leave us alone?'”

“I was told that it was going to be very casual to dress, which a lot of people did,” Tony added. “…and I always took my hat off during every prayer, and every moment of thoughtfulness. We were traveling and I didn’t have the time to do my hair, so I wore my hat.” 

Mykelti told Tony that, while random strangers on the Internet were outraged by Tony’s casual outfit, the people who mattered— the Brown family– did not care. 

“My siblings and my parents are the only ones who should matter,” she said. “And they were like, ‘Tony, show up how you want to show up. Show up and wear what you can.’ 

“It’s like, no matter what, people find something they can scrutinize instead of just letting us be and letting us mourn,” Mykelti added.

Tony went on to say that he was very dressed up for Garrison’s viewing (which was held earlier in the month.) 

“[That’s] where I paid my respects,” Tony said. “That’s where I really felt it– like, that kind of bugs me….I didn’t even know those pictures came out.”

Mykelti said the release of the photos were also a topic in the Brown siblings’ group chat.


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“I was getting upset about it and they were calming me down,” she said of her siblings. “But I’m really hoping Janelle gets those photos. There were a lot of probably really good moments.”

It appears that Janelle did receive the photos, as she posted about them on Instagram last weekend. Janelle also mentioned the “snarky” commentary that came with the posting of the pics. 

“It’s been hard to get my brain to work properly again. I am so grateful for the outpouring of love and support I’ve received these last three weeks,” she wrote. “The support has been overwhelming. I am honored. So many of you shared stories of your loved ones. So many of you wrote of your thoughts and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


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“Garrison was honored by family members and by his National Guard Unit last Sunday at a celebration of life ceremony. He would have loved it,” she continued. “I am sharing some of the photos. Many you have already seen a lot of these online, often with snarky comments accompanying them. But this was a beautiful moment for us.”

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(Photos: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Adrianne Lopez/Facebook; YouTube; Instagram)


  1. “The entire family is really upset that people made negative comments about how Tony was dressed.”

  2. It feels like the media was stirring the shit pot on this one pretty hard. That being said, she answered her own question and who cares at this point. Otherwise he was government property and their interest and since y’all opted for the honor service, it makes even less sense to fuss other than being a bag of emotions as would be normal. I’m glad the Browns are public and privileged now LMAO. Just wow. Gonna give that one a pass…

  3. Thank your family for making your life so public. Then get off your high horse and thank his national guard family for loving him and sharing a moment of love and respect they honored his life with. And they didn’t get a reality tv/click bate payments or YouTube $ for doing it 😉 humble yourself you are definitely becoming your fathers twin sweetheart

  4. Releasing those photos was a normal thing to do. My cousin was killed in action in the Marine Corps and memorial photos were released. She knows that’s the military HONORING her brother right? She should probably talk to her mom and dad because those photos had to be signed off on unless the rules have changed since 2011. My aunt and uncle signed to release my cousin’s memorial photos. Running her mouth without all the facts is not a good look. And did she really openly say that she wanted special treatment because her family is famous? Get a real job, little girl. Especially after what happened with her brother, that show needs to be cancelled.

  5. She is a female version of her father.

    Maddie , Garrison’s full sister remains quiet and is taking care of her children perhaps Mykelti should do the same.

  6. “If we were any other family, and the National Guard did that to any other family, it would be totally cool,” she said”

    Why is it ok if it’s someone elses non-famous family. This is a moment of grief and mourning for any family regardless of how “famous” they are and should be kept private unless the family chooses to have it shared.

  7. Kinda weird to write an article about the family being upset that the pictures were posted, while also posting the pictures. I get that they’re more upset that they were posted on social media, but out of respect for the family, why post them here as well?

  8. I couldn’t be more sick of this generation that’s turned the practice of getting their feelings ‘hurted’ into an Olympic event.

    I need to get on eBay and see if I can find myself an “eat shit” t-shirt.

  9. As per usual with Mykelti it’s just all about Mykelti.

    She’s fame hungry. She would be much better off focusing her energy on getting a decent education and a proper job.

  10. She’s mad because she wanted to be the one to post it so she could get the money! Shut up Mykelti! You’re the only one in the Brown family who has been flapping their jaws since Garrison’s death. You’re a piece of shit!

  11. Of Janelle was mad she would not have reposted it!! Not a fan of this girl at all she just wants her 15 minutes of fame! Janelle and her biological kids reposted it so I dont see them “upset” about it! She should learn when to keep her mouth shut! Maybe she will go cry to Robin

  12. The fact that they’re public features means they should accept by now that there are always going to be negative comments. Catastrophizing the comments isn’t helpful for their own mental health. Describing relatively benign comments about removing a hat or sitting up straight as being “obliterated” or “ripped apart” is just ridiculous.

    And then to complain about the pictures while on a youtube livestream?? Come on, Mykelti.

  13. Why is tony wearing a baseball cap at all? Dude you in doors.

    Do I think that it was wrong to post the pictures, yeah maybe?

    But Mykelti is so full of sh!t. She is still actively filming, now makes her money reacting to episodes with her husband, and also doing Cameos and other things profiting off her family and her mother and father’s divorce. So you’re a public family, so you deserve more privacy, what!!?! that doesn’t make any sense.

    She’s just mad that people thought it was disrespectful at a memorial service to be dressed like that. Casual can still be presentable. You don’t need to buy a new outfit but maybe grab the baseball cap and sunglasses off your husband’s head.

  14. It’s actually pretty normal for that to happen. When my friends husbands were KIA (I have had 3) they had to sign something if they wanted pictures released. 1 did 2 didn’t. I wonder if it’s the same here

    1. I should have also said I doubt she was consulted with this and wouldn’t know she wasn’t the next of kin.

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