5 Things We Learned from Ally Lewber’s New Interview: Which ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Girl Is a “True Friend”; Why She’s Proud of James Kennedy This Season & More

“If Scheana can turn ‘Good as Gold’ into an Uber ad campaign, there’s hope for just about anyone to make a buck doing pop music!”

Ally Lewber is making the most of her moment.

The astrologer is following the well-worn path of many a reality TV star (and many a Vanderpump Rules star) by making a play for pop music stardom. Last Friday, Ally released her first single “Girl’s Girl” and debuted an accompanying music video featuring Scheana Shay, Scheana’s sister, Cortney Erin, and honorary “girl’s girl” James Kennedy, who co-wrote the song and helped create the video.

Earlier this week, Ally was interviewed by Variety about her music, relationships and experiences during Season 11 of ‘Vanderpump Rules.’

Here are five things we learned from the interview.

1. She says Scheana’s a true girl’s girl.

“Cheers to having someone to make questionable fashion choices with!”

When it came to casting her video, Ally knew one former SUR-ver had to be in the mix.

“I’m always texting her for advice here and there, and she really is super-supportive and helpful all the time,” Ally said of the “Good as Gold” chanteuse. “I definitely knew that I had to have Scheana in the video, just because she’s one of those friends who just want to have fun and want to be involved. I just knew that she would have a lot of fun and get along with my other girlfriends. …

“She always shows up,” Ally added. “She is a girl’s girl no matter what people say about her. At least from my experience, Scheana has always been there for me, and has been a true friend from the beginning.”

2. She thinks Jo Wenberg wasn’t completely honest about her feelings for Tom Schwartz.

“For starters, maybe she should have been honest and told me how bad this busted Zack Morris hairdo looks?” 

Ally explained she was sympathetic for Jo coming into the tight-knit ‘Vanderpump Rules’ friend group but thinks the hairstylist could have made the situation a bit easier for herself.

“I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt,” she said of Schwartz’s “situationship” partner. “I definitely wanted to see what she was about. I know that it’s intimidating and scary, coming into the group and not really knowing how they’re gonna perceive you or take to you. I wanted her to honestly feel like she could talk to someone. You want to walk into a place and feel like there’s a safety, at least one person outside of Schwartz, I guess.

“But looking back, I wish she was a little more honest and open with us from the beginning, because I think things would have gone a lot differently,” Ally said. “I feel we would have all been, like, ‘[Schwartz] is leading you on.’ I think she probably knew that deep down, but she was just in love — and you know you don’t see clearly sometimes when you’re in love.”

3. She’s not sure where cast relationships stand after the Season 11 Reunion filming.

Almost as soon as the reunion wrapped, rumors started swirling about a fight between Lala Kent and Ariana Madix,  and Ally pretty much confirmed that the rumors are true.

“That’s so them,” she said. “Even after the reunion, I know [Lala] was really upset and it was just pretty emotional. And then after the Reunion, I pretty much had to come home and pack for the music video that I filmed the next day, so I really didn’t do any catchups or anything. 

“And even Scheana, when she came the next day [to the video shoot], it was all just pretty unclear how everyone felt. I feel like I’m just learning things as well, like from what they say on their podcasts or whatever. I’m not actually entirely sure where they stand, and even at Coachella, I didn’t want to bring it up. I was like, let’s just keep the vibes good.”

4. She wants the world to know her intentions toward James are pure.

“Sure I’m thirsty…but NOT for your reality TV fame, James!”

More than a few eyebrows were raised when Ally shared that she was an aspiring musician, with some fans wondering if that’s why she was drawn to James. Though she said she tries to ignore those comments, Ally admits they do sting.

“I think that the ones that get to me are the ones that question my love for James, and my intentions,” she said. “That is always hard to read, because it’s not up to anyone else to decide. They see literally 30 minutes, not even, probably five minutes of me on TV. He’s such a lovely person.

“…I am pretty private,” she continued. “I wish people could see more of us, because our relationship off-camera is a lot more funny, silly, and creative. We really push each other. He’s my biggest cheerleader, and I’m his. And so I think that’s the only thing that hurts is when I see comments questioning my love for him, because I do love him.”

5. She’s proud of James’ role as the “voice of reason” this season.

Following Scandoval, James has emerged as a leader in the ‘VPR’ cast, perhaps even becoming the Number One Guy in the Group. It’s a role Ally enjoys seeing him in.

“Honestly, that is my favorite thing about this season,” Ally said. “I feel like everyone’s seeing a side of James that I always see, and it’s nice not to always defend him, and to see the crazy reality TV James. He is the voice of reason, because he literally just says how he always feels.”

And, don’t forget it WAS James who gave us both ‘worm with a mustache’ and this fine quote…

“And, you know, that’s got him into trouble before, but he called it how it is,” Ally said. “He says what everyone’s thinking, and he’s still smart and witty and funny without drinking. I think that that’s why it comes across so much better. But he’s just so himself. He’s so authentic. He’s such an Aquarius.”

Check out the video for “Girl’s Girl” featuring Scheana and James below.

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  1. Oh dear, I was hoping maybe she had some secret talent that we just didn’t see on the show… but that song is rough

  2. Ally only has her personal experiences with VPR cast. There’s nothing wrong with that. What I did find hilarious though is that she started talking about her and James’ Venus in the xyz house…no clue WTF that is supposed to mean.

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