Leroy Garrett Blasts Cara Maria Sorbello After ‘The Challenge: All-Stars 4″; Says Cara’s “Not Fun to Be Around” & Has a Life That Revolves Around ‘The Challenge’

“Damn Leroy, tell me how you really feel!”

Leroy Garrett did not hold back when he was recently asked how he feels about his castmate on The ChallengeCara Maria Sorbello.

During an interview on Johnny Bananas‘ Death, Taxes & Bananas podcast this week, Leroy slammed Cara— who appeared alongside him and his fiancé Kam Williams on the recently aired “All-Stars 4”— for having a bad attitude, playing the victim in the game and in real life— and for being unable to separate reality from reality TV. 

“Cara’s life is ‘The Challenge,'” Leroy told Bananas. “I don’t care that much, I really don’t care that much about any of that. Once I leave the show, it is what it is.

“Cara is not fun to be around,” he continued. “She is, like, a Debbie Downer. It’s always, like, ‘Poor me.’ Victim. Towards the end of the season, bro, even after the final, I couldn’t even be around her,” Leroy said. “All she did was mope, the whole time. I was like, ‘Dude, you just won $25,000! What you trippin’ on?'”

Leroy stated at one point during the filming of “All-Stars 4,” he had to tell Cara and several other cast members to stop complaining and be appreciative for the opportunity to compete on the show. 

“I literally had to go up to Cara, Steve [Meinke] and Ace [Amerson] and say, ‘It’s a blessing for us to even be here.'”

Raise your hand if you need the WAAmbulance called for you…

Leroy continued to slam Cara for her negative attitude. 

“She’s never happy,” he said. “She’s never satisfied. If Cara doesn’t win, then it’s just, like, it’s ‘Oh, everyone is against me now.’ Is everyone against her because she is a good player in the game and they want to get her out? Yes….She’s one of the strongest girls in the game, if not the strongest to ever play the game. Great player.

“But, Cara’s life— from what I know from being around her— revolves around ‘The Challenge.’ And it’s just annoying.”

Leroy acknowledged that he and Kam had hung out with Cara and her boyfriend Paulie Calafiore multiple times in “real life,” but now says that he has no desire to hang out with her.

“I don’t wish nothing bad on her. But I don’t want to be around her neither,” Leroy said. “Because she’s just always, always moping and ‘Poor me.’.. On ‘All Stars 4’ at the end of the game, I could not wait to get [away] from her….just everything is like ‘me me me me me.'” 

“I don’t care. The season is over with. We got the winners. Let’s talk about something else!” 

Leroy–like Kam in an interview with Johnny’s podcast earlier this month— also denied Cara’s recent claims that Leroy refused to take photos with the couple during Cara and Paulie’s visit for Kam’s baby shower in 2022. (Cara claimed during a recent interview with the Challenge Mania podcast that Leroy said they didn’t want Johnny– or others who disliked Cara and/or Paulie– to find out that he and Kam were hanging out with Paulie and Cara, because people would get mad.)

Leroy insisted that Paulie and Cara were invited to their baby shower, but were unable to attend, so they flew out a few days before to celebrate.  


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“I don’t know where all this energy is coming from…I definitely didn’t say that,” Leroy said, adding that he and Kam actually have a photo of Cara and Paulie on their refrigerator at home.

“Damn, do you have a life outside of [‘The Challenge’] is my question,” Leroy said.

Leroy declined to comment on what happened during the season between Cara and Kam, but continued to talk about Cara and her return to ‘The Challenge’ after four years away.


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“She wanted to be back on ‘The Challenge’ so bad, but then [she got] back on ‘The Challenge’ and [she’s] still complaining, which is crazy!” Leroy said. “You’ve had four years off, but you still come back and you’re mad at everybody and [saying] stuff ain’t fair. I don’t get it!

“Cara is always complaining,” he said later. “I don’t want to hear that in my real life, especially when they’re always the victim and they’re always ‘me me me.’ Like, you’ve won twice. You’ve made great money.”

Cara has yet to respond to Leroy’s comments on the podcast. 

You can listen to Leroy’s full interview below.

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14 Responses

  1. No life outside the challenge…what???…Leroy your the one with Kam that left your new born baby to go compete on some reality show. Nice parenting Leroy. Might be you who needs the challenge money…haircuttong not cutting it.

  2. I believe he is listing to cam the way Leroy played this season wasn’t him it was Kam playing and I think cara will always be on edge when it comes to that house cause time and time again people try to bully her this year it was Kam laural and Nicole except she didn’t back down from Nicole and laural will always stab cara in the back always always I also think this was one of the weakest finals I seen yet. The one thing I did like was part of the race they couldn’t see what the others did cause laural will cheat every single time

  3. I’ve watched this season and Leroy is so wrong for this! He’s only saying this because toxic kam decided to go after Cara and got sent home. They turned the house against her because all the girls are scared to go up against her. It was easy to see. Cara did nothing the rest of them didn’t do as far as whining and wanting to win.

  4. The whole hate Cara, even started before they got on the plane. The whole house ganged up on her. Leroy has always been a great person who I admire and never expected this hate from him. I am sure Cara her faults.

  5. He’s absolutely right but we all know why certain people will say he’s wrong because…..

    Anyway, Cara is a complainer and always has been, it just intensified once she got with the equally annoying Paulie. Yes Kam was annoying this season, but it’s funny how people are saying Kam is the horrible person after ONE bad season, yet, aren’t holding Cara to the same fire, and she’s had multiple times of not being the best player….i can’t imagine why.

    1. Kam’s been obnoxiously entitled every season that she’s been on, not just this one.
      Cara’s overall Eeyore attitude is also annoying. Not sure why both things can’t be true..?

  6. I used to like Kam. This past season she became a manipulative bully. Targeting Cara for all the things you know Kam would have done if she were in Cara’s shoes.

  7. Cara hasn’t been on the challenge in 4 years, not sure how it can be her “life”. Meanwhile, Leroy is married to the most manipulative person outside of Veronica. And at least when Veronica does it, it’s entertaining. Kam is just mean & a bully.

  8. Leroy full of crap. Cara always been ganged up on and his wife always there to do it. He just mad cara eliminated kam this season. Debbie downers were Leroy kam and laurel. Leaders of the bullies

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