Dear Allison Iraheta,

Oh, Allison...not you too!

I like you Allison. Your husky, smoky voice is well beyond your 17 years and I will admit to downloading most of your performance songs from American Idol last season.

But I’ve got to tell you…the jig is up. Last night’s performance gave it away.

Don’t get me wrong— you were good. So good that I was able to look past your bad Little Mermaid-from-Hell hair and simply listen to the music.

But I know your secret. You have to put the Lindsay Lohan happy pills down. I know it’s Hollywood and any young starlet is expected to do some time in rehab before their 21st birthday but come on. You’re too good for that.

I know that you have always been awkward in interviews, but the random twitching, fist pumping in the performance, along with the barely-decipherable blabbering with Ryan, really gave you away. What the hell were you on last night?

Put it down now or you will end up like some other famous red head who once had a promising career but has now stooped to doing “exclusive interviews” on entertainment news shows about hoarding.

Don’t go there. Oh, and sing again with Adam Lambert. Last year’s performance with him was amazing!


The Ashley

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