Hell Has Frozen Over…Bachelor Produces a Wedding!

Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?

Well…sort of.

In other Bachelor news, former rose-giver Jason Mesnick married Molly Malaney yesterday in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA. The first wedding to ever come from the Bachelor (Trista and Ryan don’t count, guys, that was from the Bachelorette) was plagued by torrential downpour throughout the day. All I can say is…rain on their wedding day…isn’t it ironic…don’t you think? (haha)

You may remember Jason as the guy who didn’t actually chose Molly on his season…he actually proposed to Melissa Rycroft. Then, in wonderful, made-for-TV glory, Jason dumped Melissa on national TV and asked Molly for another chance, prompting women around the country to stand up and scream “Oh no he didn’t!” at their TVs.

But, a few months later, people don’t really care and Molly and Jason are in love and quietly walked down the aisle. Well, quietly for now, because on March 8, you’ll get to see it all play out on ABC in a two-hour wedding extravaganza!! 

Photo Credit: OK! Magazine

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