This Season’s ‘Amazing Race’: I’m With Stupid

“…it’s one of those readin’ clues again.”

Well, it’s official. We heard it first from a guy in the Seychelles Islands…Brent and Caite are missing a few coconuts.

If you’ve been watching the Amazing Race this season, you’ve probably enjoyed watching stupidity unravel around the world thanks to Brent and Caite and recently eliminated team Jordan and Jeff (the knuckheads from Big Brother.)

Tonight was especially fun, when Brent (a model with the same IQ as a Pet Rock) is talking crap on those snarky lesbians, and attempts to show that he’s gotten his learn on and use a big word, telling Phil that “it’s pretty much anonymous that everyone wants them gone.” Phil just stares at them and says, “Um, you mean unanimous?” Then Phil thinks to himself “Thank God my kids go to school in Canada.”

Brent and Caite continue to liven up an otherwise dull season of The Amazing Race with their inane remarks and dimwitted questions to each other. (Really guys, it’s like the blind leading the blind.)

Things we have learned from Brent and Caite and Jordan and Jeff thus far:

  • Joan of Arc was actually a man. According to Caite, if you’re in France and you’re looking for a statue of Joan of Arc, you’re looking for a statue of a man. Sigh….well if you asked Jordan, Joan of Arc was “the man with all the animals.” Yeah. Seriously. Oh…my…freaking…God.
  • When Phil holds up six fingers, he really means five. After arriving on the pit stop, a nervous Caite asks Phil what place they are. Phil holds up six fingers and Caite exclaims “Five?! Oh…six.” It’s cool, Caite, just because you represented your state as Miss Teen South Carolina doesn’t mean you need to learn to count to six. That math class was haaaaaard.
  • If you need to go somewhere far, you’re probably going to take one of those “flying things in the sky,” according to Brent.
  • When in France and thanking a cab driver, it’s best to tell him “gracious.” Actually, this rule also applies if you are in remote African islands, if you ask Caite and Brent.
  • Jordan and Jeff are so stupid, they should never reproduce…no really, they actually said this themselves when they misread a clue. But yes, I agree.

I’m hoping that Caite and Brent will be able to stick it out with their (literally) dumb luck. I can’t wait to see what memorable quotes these chuckleheads will say next!


  1. I guess watching Carol and Brandy ruin this season wasn’t enough to convince you that elitist people making bitchy and snarky comments is not entertaining to watch or read. Trying too hard to be clever and falling flat, however, does warrant a chuckle.

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