Um…Whatever Happened to Kris Allen?

American Idol
Kris Allen: Performing at a Birthday Party Near You!

Watching Adam Lambert mentor on American Idol last night made me so happy. It’s great when someone that talented can be pulled from somewhat obscurity, be put on a show and become uber-famous in just over a year. In a time where someone has a Billboard Top 10 hit with a song called “Blah Blah Blah” (thanks, Ke$ha for that one, by the way) and all someone has to do become a famous “singer” is put on a weird costume and sing about giving blow jobs, it’s nice to see someone with real, raw talent actually make it.

Which brings me to the question most people are wondering: what the hell ever happened to Kris Allen, the guy who actually won American Idol last year? You know, the cute little guy from Arkansas with the guitar and blonde wife? Still no? You know, he covered that Kayne West song and everybody pretty much crapped their pants when they heard it because it was so good? Still don’t remember him? His claim to fame is that he stole Adam Lambert’s title as American Idol. That should ring a bell.

But it makes me wonder, if he’s the reigning Idol, shouldn’t he be mentoring and not the guy who lost to him?

Also…where the hell is his album? Apparently he released it in November, but has he even released a single on the radio yet? I mean, come on, the man won almost a year ago and they are about to crown the next Idol in a month, and we still haven’t heard anything from Kris in the way of music? At this point, I’d release something crappy just to get myself on the radio at least (“Blah Blah Blah” the acoustic remix, perhaps?)

Oh sure, Kris performed on Idol and talked about how he’s hugging poor kids in Africa and making shoes for kids in Bolivia or something, but while he’s doing all that, Adam’s becoming a rock star and making lots of money! Kris, you have years to go do mission work in third world countries, but your time to make it as a singer is NOW. Did we learn nothing from the Taylor Hicks disaster? The clock is ticking— fast— and soon enough a gig at a chili cook-off will sound pretty good to you.

American Idol
"Don't worry Kris, you can totally sing back-up for me on tour. Just try to get your shifts covered at the Buffalo Wild Wings."

If Kris Allen walks into a restaurant, nobody would give him a second look (unless they thought he was possibly the waiter or something). If Adam walks into that same restaurant, he just emits star power. Everybody in that room is going to look at him and know he’s “somebody.”

Adam is on awards shows, causing controversy. Adam’s getting his pictures taken by the paparazzi. Adam’s mingling in London with Lady Gaga. Adam’s performing around the country on tour.

The only place you’ve ever even seen Kris is in those stupid Ford Focus commercials they play during Idol where he talks about how his CDs are organized now or something. That’s good that you’re interested in cars, Kris, because if you don’t do something soon, it’s likely you’ll be working at a car wash in about two years.

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  1. First off, I wanna say that I’m a big fan of both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. To be fair to Allen, however, I want to point out that by the time this article was written, his album had already reached number 11 on the Billboard album chart. Also, his singles “No Boundaries” and “Heartless” were both Billboard Top 20 hits (“Boundaries” also hit #1 on I-Tunes), and his single “Live Like We’re Dying” was climbing up the charts. LLWD would go on to be Allen’s biggest hit, selling nearly 2 million copies and becoming one of the biggest hits of 2010. Just sayin’.

  2. Chris Allen, should’ve never won! Adam, maybe extreme but he is good. Whatever happen to David Cook and Lee Dewiyze (sp)
    I am hoping for 2011 that James wins, he could be another Chris Daughtery and Adam lambert.

  3. Kris is more concerned in serving His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ than making sure he is rich and famous. He hasn’t given anything up, he has gained peace and direction from the God of the Universe…

      1. No, not B/S. that is his life and what he’d like to live it for. I knew before he even won that his life was for Christ. He didn’t try and outperform anybody, but performed with a humble heart. It actually makes me respect him even more that he’s made a clear effort NOT to let the fame go to his head. I doubt he’s disappointed that his career didn’t take off. He’d rather be serving the Lord and helping His people. Fame and money are temporary, as is music, as are careers. The souls of people may be too, if they aren’t reached – and it’s clear he’s made a point to try and reach other people and show them the love of God. He shines from inside out and that is much more admirable than having a platinum album or a hit song even.

        And to the writer of this blog, he did have a single out “Live Like You’re Dying”, that certainly wasn’t unknown to everyone.

        1. Sold out to Christ but working your butt off to be on a show that is so symbolic of worldliness? Even the name “American IDOL”, isn’t idolatry a bit of an issue in Christianity? Nice excuse. I think Kris Allen is part of that new breed of Mevangelicans.

  4. P.S. Re: Taylor Hicks — My friends tell me that $200,000 a month extra revenue for “Grease” probably refers to the road company’s take in some cities. Actually the additional revenue generated by his appearance in “Grease” on Broadway was $150,000 per week.

  5. As Teen Angel in “Grease” Taylor was resp;onsible for bringing almost $200,000 in additional revenue a month. In NYC just to see hm perform people paid top dollar for standing room only space. When touring with “Grease”, Taylor served as not only a performer, but point man & publicist for the production. In every city where “Grease” played he gave interviews to both TV and radio stations. Many of these are on Youtube. He made thousands of new fans. Also, while touring with “Grease” he gave concerts on the side to enthusiastic fans. He ‘s also released a DVD and CD. He’s now working on a country album. After “Grease” ends in May, he’ll be spending time not only in Nashville but in Hollywood looking at offers. Taylor’s so-called demise from the “real” music world was probably due both to his refusal to again sign with 19 Entertainment & Nigel Lythgoe’s negative remarks about him to Newsweek. Nigel later admitted he had never even heard Taylor’s album.

    As far as his playing at chli cookoffs last year, this would have been when he was at his most busiest touring. If he did cookoffs and county fairs it must have been for charity. He’s a multimillionaire & doesn’t need the money from these things. He has been volunteering to help build homes for Habitate for Humanity. This doesn’t mean he’s given up his career to be a carpenter.

  6. I’m just looking at how lasting his career has been. I saw that he was playing a chili cook-off and the county fair last year. That’s no bueno. After the initial album and fanfare, (which you’re correct did do well) there just wasn’t any members of the Soul Patrol left apparently and it was off to singing at bar mitzvahs for Taylor. You never hear about that guy in the ‘real’ music world (outside of when they wheel him out on Idol to sing at finales)

  7. Oh, just one more comment. What Taylor Hicks “disaster”? i might be mistaken, but didn’t Taylor sell more of his debut album than both Adam & Kris combined did of theirs?? Yes, he didn’t do as well as Carrie Underwood. But in comparison with either or both Adam or Kris (the lowest selling Idol winner), his sales were phenomenal!.

  8. iSo far Kris has sold about half the albums Adam has. Unless there is a drastic future change, Kris iwill be the lowest selling American Idol winner. Although Adam has gone gold, some people doubt he will ever go platinum. Nontheless, so far he’s been far more commercially successful than Kris.

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