A-Glam Brings the Heat at the GLAAD Awards!


My loins are quivering!

Excuse the horribly overused Tyra Banks phrase, but I have to say it— Adam Lambert is fierce! He showed up at the GLAAD awards on Saturday night looking like this, showing that he surely can have his pick of any gay man he wants. (And probably some straight, middle-aged women too!) All I can say is “get it girl!”

Adam also performed two songs and brought down the house!

RuPaul was also in attendance at the awards show. The glamorous, big-haired 1990s icon showed up totally unnatural— he looked like a man! I know it’s not very nice to say, but without the wig and the makeup and the dress, RuPaul just looks like Montel Williams in ugly glasses. And no socks. Ew.

It’s nice to know that while I was attending the TV Land Awards down the street and meeting The Hoff, there were was another awards show going on to celebrate gay culture in the entertainment industry.
Way to go Adam, you looked and sounded super hot! Now please release your tour dates! I’m dying here. Thanks.
(Photo: Wire Image)
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