The Cutest Baby on “Teen Mom” is Getting So Big (And Even Cuter!)

16 & Pregnant
Photos by Scott Gries

The  second season of “16 & Pregnant” is over, making me wonder which of the mothers MTV will choose to be on the spin-off series, “Teen Mom.” Last season, they chose the girls with some of the most interesting stories to be followed around by cameras and have their lives taped again. My picks for the next season of Teen Mom are probably Nikkole, Chelsea (because I want to see her mobster dad beat up that punk of a baby-daddy she’s got) and Jenelle (simply because I love a good trainwreck.)

This also makes me wonder what’s happened to the girls from Season 1 Teen Mom. (Hey, we’ve seen them with their legs in the stirrups giving birth, I feel like I know them.)I would bet at least one of them is pregnant again, as it didn’t appear a few of them learned their lesson (ahem, Amber and Gary. Seriously, stop procreating.)

Teen parents...the picture of happiness!

The one that seemed to have the best situation and the best head on her shoulders, Maci, was also the girl with the cutest baby. Little Bentley (at first the name sounded ridiculous to me, but it’s kind of grown on me) has grown up since we last saw him!

Apparently, Maci and Bentley were in the audience for the “Life After Labor” season 2 finale. No sign of that loser that she was dating during “Teen Mom.” However, compared to the season 2 daddies, he really wasn’t all that bad.

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