The Amazing Race Caite vs. Lesbian Feud: Who Was Right?

miss teen south carolinaI’m not sure when the feud between the Lesbians and Caite (aka Miss Teen Stupid) started, but it ended tonight on the finale with a random screaming match on the finish mat. (You know Phil was totally just standing there thinking “Um…this is the part of the show that the contestants just smile and hug each other. I’m not sure what to do if they actually talk.”)

The feud makes us ask two questions: are the lesbians mean? And is Caite stupid?

Well, to answer the first, here’s an interview that People Magazine did with the Lesbians right after they were eliminated, where the reporter asked them straight out if they can ever forgive and forget that Caite U-turned them and caused them to be eliminated. Their response:

Caite had particularly nasty things to say about you in her explanation for why they u-turned you.
Brandy: We weren’t mean. There are way more clips of her hating on us.  We were vilified for a comment that was not meant in any way to be a judgment call.
Carol: If the meanness was so constant, why didn’t they air any of it? I made a joke on day one [about her] racing in her sash and tiara. I thought it was funny then and I still think it’s funny.
Brandy: When we were around them, I felt we were nothing but respectful and kind.

Are you able to forgive and forget?
Carol: Well, me being a mean lesbian and all, they don’t want to run into me in a dark alley.
I’m very hesitant to say Caite is homophobic because that’s a very harsh statement. But, man, to watch her saying the “mean lesbians this and that” in that derisive tone week after week, it’s hard not to let your mind go there.

The interview also reveals that the Snarky Lesbians are no longer being snarky together and have broken up, at least for the time being:

You had been dating less than a year when you started. How’d that affect your relationship?
Carol: Getting ready for the race hijacked the honeymoon part of our relationship … Our relationship was more disposable because of its newness. I cannot recommend this for new couples.
Brandy: It took a toll. We’re living in different cities and focusing on being friends right now.

To answer the question is Caite stupid, one must just spend two minutes watching this: (if you’ve never seen it, you really should watch it, it’s like the best  minute on film. Ever.)

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  1. Not sure calling someone a “lesbian” counts as homophobic if they actually are a lesbian, but hey, well done Caite for giving a truely mature and level headed response to the angry dyke on the losers mat. I will always remember this series for the final comment ” i am handling it, I am stood here and you are not!”. Hard luck the cowboys, but great 2nd place. “oh my gravy” did we love the cowboys!

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