The Pot Calls the Kettle Black: Elisabeth Makes Snide Remarks About Erin Andrew’s Wardrobe & Stalker

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“Waa! Don’t hate me! ‘Member when I was America’s Sweetheart on Survivor?”

You may have heard that former Survivor-turned-View-hostess Elisabeth Hasselbeck is in hot water after saying some mean things about Erin Andrews. (In case you live under a rock, Erin had a man post a naked video of her on the Internet which he filmed while peeping into her hotel. Oh yeah, and the guy stalked her for 18 months, too.) The stalker was sentenced to over two years in jail recently. However Erin has continued to receive death threats during her time on Dancing with the Stars.

“Is this too skimpy for you, Elisabeth? Do I deserve to be stalked because you can see my thigh?!”

As if poor Erin hasn’t suffered enough, she has to deal with Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s half-brain making mean comments about her too. On an episode of The View, Elisabeth made a comment that the stalker guy should have just waited a few months and watched her on Dancing with the Stars if he wanted to see her almost naked. (Get it, because her costumes are skimpy…isn’t that… funny?)

Erin responded to Elisabeth’s remark by saying that Elisabeth’s comments were “a slap in the face to victims of stalking and sexual predators. As a mother and a woman, I’m disappointed she went there.”

Elisabeth got hers though: Mama Barbara Walters scolded her for making such a crappy remark and forced her to apologize, so says many of the tabloids.

Elisabeth then went on The View and cried about how sorry she is, and how her daughter said she should call Erin and apologize, blah blah blah.

However, Erin doesn’t recall this phone call ever coming through.

“I didn’t speak with her, no, I never talked to her,” Erin told Us Weekly.

And as for Elisabeth calling out Erin and the other ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dancers for wearing skimpy costumes, I simply say…’member this?

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