Adam’s Half-Shaved Head…File Under: “Why God, Why?”

Who wants to help me start Super Glue-ing his hair back to his head?!?!

The Ashley woke up this morning to devastating news: Adam Lambert has shaved off half of his beautiful hair!

Who lied to him? What is with people shaving half their head and thinking it looks good? I know it’s supposedly cool because that precocious pop-tart Rhianna did it last year, but let’s stop this horrific trend. It wasn’t cool when Cyndi Lauper did it in the 1980s, it wasn’t cool when Rhianna did it, and it certainly isn’t cool when the formerly beautifully-coiffed Adam Lambert did it! I miss his pompadour/Mohawk already!

Adam debuted his new ‘do via Twitter, posting a picture of him wearing a top hat, with hair stublets peeking out from underneath. Waa.

I know this is hardly important news (yes, I know we’re at war, there’s about a gazillion gallons of oil spilling out into the Gulf of Mexico and that kids don’t have shoes in Africa, yada yada yada), so don’t even bother to tell me that. I’m still going to mourn the loss of Adam’s hair.

Word is that he did it while in Indiana for his tour. As someone who has just returned from a trip to Indiana, I can tell you that the Hoosier state is not know for its fashionable hair styles. (I saw more mullets, mannies and rat tails in one weekend than I’ve ever seen in my life!) I blame the people of Indiana for influencing Adam to do this! I’m kidding…sort of.

Proof that the people of Indiana are behind this: a real picture of bad Indiana hair, taken by The Ashley last month.
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