Teen Mom Dirt: Wanna Know What Tyler’s Dad Did to Go to Jail All Those Times?

"Oh, was that your house? I'm sorry, I thought it was mine."

If you’re nosy like The Ashley, you may be curious about a few things regarding the people starring on MTV’s Teen Mom. For instance, after Farrah revealed that Baby Sophia’s dad is dead, you may want to know what happened to him. If so, you should click here to learn the dirt.

You may also want to know more about Tyler’s dad, Butch, who rocks the almighty white trash mullet and drives the creepy ‘dirty uncle’ brown cargo van. Last season, Butch caused some drama when he violated his parole and was facing the possibility of going back to jail. He didn’t end up going to jail that time, but we all know he’s spent some time in the clink in the past. The Ashley couldn’t contain herself and had to find out what Butchy did to land himself in the Big House.

Well, apparently, Butch is very confused as to where he lives, because for some reason he keeps ending up in other people’s houses. Someone should really help him with that.

Darl Lynn Baltierra (otherwise known as “Butch” or “Tyler’s Dad”) first starting “wandering” into places he didn’t belong way back in 1997, when he was charged with “larceny in a building.” (For those of you who are too lazy to look up ‘larceny’ on Wikipedia, I’ll translate: that pretty much means stealing stuff.)

Well, you say, people make mistakes. I’m sure he learned his lesson.

Oh, wait.

The Butchster was arrested again in 2001 for home invasion (oops.) He was sentenced to about a year and a half of jail time.

Well, you say, sometimes it takes people a few times to learn from their mistakes.

Oh wait.

Butchy was up to his old tricks again on New Year’s Eve 2000, when he was arrested for breaking and entering a building with intent. (Intent to what? Party like it’s 1999? Maybe he figured that Y-2K was going to end the world, so he might as well go take stuff?)

Back to prison Butch went, only to be rearrested for breaking and entering again in 2005. He was sentenced to only two year for his fourth theft crime. Um, harder sentence please?

However, just be thankful that our justice system didn’t put him away longer. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be privileged enough to view that amazing mullet week after week!

Kudos to Tyler for becoming such a level-headed and smart adult, in spite of having this hack for a dad.

If you want to see his whole criminal profile, including mugshot, click here.

(Who knew he was  Hispanic?! Does that mean I can’t call Butch white trash?)

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  1. OK what I really want to know is why catilyns mom is not forced to ua what’s really going on she is a drug addict that treats her kids like crap

  2. Tyler is so lucky to have his mother who seems to be a very stable and smart woman. His father and Cait’s mother are definitly residents od crazy town and horrible parents. If part of his probation is to not drink alcohol he shouldn’t be around his lovely wife, she looks like an alcoholic, and seems unstable. Hopefully they can break the cycle of white trashness and live a productive life together. They already took the first step by giving their baby girl up for adoption so she wouldn’t have to grow up in that environment. They made the right decision and gave Carly the best gift she will ever recieve, a chance at a wonderful life. I am rooting for them and hope they can work through life together.

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