It’s Time For Some Bachelorette Weddings! (But It’s Not Ali’s!)

Don't worry, they each have their own twin.

It’s safe to say it’s been a big week for one of the former Bachelorettes!

Not only was DeAnna Pappas voted “Prettiest Bachelorette of All Time” by The Ashley’s readers this week, but, oh yeah, she also got engaged!

DeAnna, who is now sporting a ginormous engagement ring, is engaged to Stephen Stagliano, the brother of Mike Stagliano, who appeared on the Bachelorette during Jillian’s season. Kind of ironic.

If that’s not weird enough, her new fiance’s twin brother, Mike (you remember him, he was the break-dancing guy who spun around on his head during cocktail parties?) also decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, just days apart from his twin bro!

Let’s make this even weirder, shall we?

So Mike’s new fiance  just happens to be Holly Durst, who you might remember from a little television called….The Bachelor! She was aiming to marry London Bachelor, Matt Grant but got dumped about halfway through. Looks like she’s gotten herself an Italian stallion…er, pony.

I wonder which brother offered up the biggest rock? Here's DeAnna's ring!

Surely, ABC is absolutely salivating at this point at the prospect of a double wedding twin brother spectacular! (Of course, they’ll totally take most of the credit for creating these love connections, and will try to count them among the show’s “successes.”) In fact, DeAnna has already said that the foursome is planning for a double wedding in the spring. How “Brady Girls Get Married” of them!

DeAnna has just announced her engagement via Twitter, even though she says Stephen proposed during Memorial Day weekend and they have been having a secret engagement since then (que romantico!)

Once these couples get hitched, we will never hear the end of them: “DeAnna’s Double Wedding Fantasy,” “DeAnna, Stephen, Holly and Mike: Twin Honeymoon Holidays”, “DeAnna & Stephen and Holly & Mike: Baby Making Special!”  “DeAnna & Holly: Pregnant Bachelorette Sister-in-Laws.” The hour-long special ideas are endless if they can get these guys to both tie the knot and not go all Jake-and-Vienna on eachother!

In other news, that snowboard guy that DeAnna chose, and then dumped, also recently got engaged, to a girl named Ann. I wouldn’t have even bothered to waste my energy to type about him if it weren’t for one thing— she was on the Bachelor too!

WTF is going on here? These people do know that they can date outside the Bachelor/Bachelorette dating pools, right?

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  1. I’m a sucker for reality television and of course the Bachelor/Bachelorette and now Bachelorette Pad are my favorites. Agree completely – DeAnna P. is absolutely stunning!

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