‘Bachelor Pad’ Cast Mates Tell Us to Expect a Future Wedding!

Bachelor Pad
Could they be next Trista & Ryan??!?!? ABC sure hopes so!

If you believe the cast of Bachelor Pad (a.k.a The Gonorrhea Gang), we should be expecting a wedding sometime in the future!

Wait—is this confirmation that Gia finally disposed of her ‘amazing’ New York boyfriend so that she could finally marry the man of her dreams, broke and weazly country crooner Wes?

Nope sorry.

Does this mean that Natalie will prove all her cast mates who voted her ‘least likely to get married’ wrong by marrying Dave? (They’re a couple now, in case you missed her saying that a million times last episode.)

Nope. Not Dave and Natalie either.

According to the cast, the Bachelor Pad-ders most likely to get married are Kip-Ten, otherwise known as Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn! (However, Natalie and Dave did get voted ‘Couple Mostly Likely to Star in a Valtrex Commerical Together,’)

Kip-Ten did a sappy-sweet interview for last week’s US Weekly, where they proclaimed that they spend many a night snuggling on the beach, despite the fact that they live over two hours away from each other.

 “I could see something really materializing with those two,” said Jesse Kovacs to OK! Magazine. “Hopefully, their wedding is the next one I go to.”

According to this story  on the OK! website, Kip-Ten met back in March at one of Jesse’s wine parties, before they began to film The Bachelor Pad.

The article gets better:

“They met at my wine event, and they owe me everything!” Jesse jokes about the couple. “They owe me huge — at least a front row seat at their wedding!”

Jesse’s fling and co-star Elizabeth Kitt reflected on the love match as well, which is the only couple from Bachelor Pad that’s still together: “They are both there, maturity-wise to be in a serious relationship with each other. I think their priorities aren’t for other things, but for love.”

LOL that the called Elizabeth his ‘fling!” I’m sure that sent Crazy over the edge! Don’t they know that she is in love with him?!

Natalie, reporting for bridesmaid duty!

More of the Gonorrhea Gang weighed in on the couple:

 “They are going to save so many baby seals,” Dave Good joked to OK! about the pair. “It’s going to be ridiculous!”

(Seals? Wait, why are they going to have marine animals as children?)

His Bachelor Pad partner, costar, and longtime friend Natalie Getz seconds Jesse that a future Bachelor wedding is in their bright future.

“Hands down they will get married!” Natalie told OK! “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Will ABC foot the bill for a Fairy-tale Wedding! You bet your booty they will!!!

Ha ha ha…they called her his ‘friend!’ That probably doesn’t make her feel any closer to being a bride and not a bridesmaid! On the positive side, maybe Tenley will ask her to be her maid of honor!!

Anyway, tune in tonight to see the finale of Bachelor Pad! Maybe Kiptyn can win some money to pay for the wedding. (Yah, right, you know ABC will totally jump on this and brag that they have ‘another’ successful couple who have wed because of the Bachelor franchise.) Million dollar wedding extravaganza, anyone?

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