‘Maci Cheated on Me!’ Ryan Tells OK! Magazine

"Can you watch Bentley for a sec? I've got to run over to Kyle's house to get some ass!"

Hmmm…seems like there really are two sides to every story.

You know how on Teen Mom, Ryan is always acting super-mean and short with his baby-momma, Maci?

I’ve always thought it’s because he’s a douche, but if you believe what he told OK! Magazine in their latest issue, he may have a reason to be mean to her.

According to Ryan, Maci cheated on him with Kyle King (her current boo) while they were still “engaged!” This all happened when Bentley was four months old.

Was Maci swayed away from Ryan by the lustful calls of Kyle? Nope, says Ryan.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“We were sitting in the living room and she just told me,” says Ryan, whose job as a diesel engine mechanic often took him away from home. “It probably happened when I was at work.”

The betrayal was worsened by the fact that Kyle had been a friend to Ryan — he even apologized after the truth came out. “Kyle texted Ryan and said, ‘I’m so sorry. Maci didn’t tell [me] the truth. She said you were broken up,’” Ryan’s father, Larry Edwards, tells OK! exclusively. “I believe him. Kyle didn’t mean to hurt Ryan.”

Wow…so Maci not only did some other dude, but also told the other dude she wasn’t in a relationship? With his friend? LOVE IT!

Click here if you want to read the rest of the article.

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