Attack of the Teen Mom Stories in Celeb Magazines!

Obviously, the celeb rag mags have caught on to something that The Ashley has known all along: adult women love them some Teen Mom gossip!

In case you’ve been under a rock for the last month or so, or just haven’t been at the checkout stand of the Wal-Mart lately (lucky you), you might not know that every single celebrity gossip magazine has been going into overload with the Teen Mom stories.

It all started with an US Weekly cover about a month ago that featured Farrah and Maci. Then came another story, a week later, that talked about Maci and her new “boo” Kyle. The following week, there was a story about how dipsh*t Farrah got scammed out of $3,000 on Craigslist.

Well, rival mags Ok! and In Touch, and even US Weekly‘s classy older sister, People, got into the act, all busting out Teen Mom stories week after week. It’s a Teen Mom-a-polooza!!

So here’s the kicker: in the September 20 issue, Maci basically tells how Ryan is a crappy person. A few weeks later, Ryan tells OK! how Maci is a crappy person. One thing you can say about OK! is that the sure don’t play favorites! They let both parents slander the other equally! Oy vey!

The story that these magazines should be running is about  Amber‘s beating ‘o’ Gary from the most recent episode! If anything, the magazines should print a picture of Amber with the headline “The [Orange] Face of Domestic Violence.”

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