Vote….It’s What All the Cool Kids Are Doing….

“I’m not 18 yet so I’m too young to vote…I’m not too young to pop out babies though!”

It’s November 2 and that means it’s time to get your vote on! Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife and get your ass down to the voting polls to cast your vote.

Anyway, The Ashley spent all of last night going through her voter’s handbook and carefully choosing her votes. Luckily, Dancing With the Stars was running a six-hour episode (or so it seemed.) Sorry, ABC, but showing dances from years past and calling it “Best of” or something doesn’t really hide the fact that it’s simply replayed filler that you’re using to extend the show’s air time, and therefore help you sell more advertising.

“Uh…even I voted….”

I didn’t want to watch Mel B. dance the first time, why would I want to watch it in re-run?! I had it on the TV for giggles, but I used the time to read up on the candidates and fill in my mail-in ballot (which I returned today.)

If you aren’t registered, you can’t vote. Obviously. So register. It’s.not.that.hard. It’s not like you’re stranded on an island or something!

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