Jenelle Will Be on the Next Season of “Teen Mom!”

Because most teenage girls have high-tech video equipment lying around their houses…

Special thanks to Roundup reader Jessica for providing these photos!

As you may have read, The Ashley has suggested that there will be new girls added to/in place of the original Teen Mom cast for Season 3. Well, these photos should serve as proof that Jenelle (the girl who The Ashley calls “white trash Reese Witherspoon”) is currently filming the new season of Teen Mom. Unless she suddenly acquired a boatload of cash and bought a super high-tech camera, she is shown playing with MTV’s camera equipment.

Other girls that were featured on 16 & Pregnant Season 2 are also supposed to be joining the cast, including Leah, Kail and Chelsea.

However, Catelynn and Tyler were being followed around during Halloween time by MTV, which proves that they, too, will be on the upcoming season.

So what the hell is MTV doing? How are they possibly going to follow eight girls’ story lines? Unless, of course, they are planning to give some of the old gals the boot?

AMBO has done nothing but cause MTV trouble, so The Ashley wouldn’t be surprised if she gets the ol’ heave-ho after this upcoming season. (Gary confirmed on his MySpace that they were filming Season 3, but after that, who knows.)

I think Season 3 will also be the last season for Maci, if she even makes it that far. I think our gal Maci has ambitions to be a star, and is over the whole Teen Mama-Drama and wants to move on. I’d expect to see her pop up again very soon though.

Farrah’s storyline is tired and is on its way out. The dead boyfriend drama can only be dragged out so far and has pretty much run its course. She’s bratty and yells at her parents…she works at the pizza place…she talks to her Asian hairdressing friend…blah blah blah. There’s just not a whole lot going on there.

Catelynn and Tyler need to stay! Everyone loves them and I can’t imagine MTV would be stupid enough to let them go. (Plus, seeing Butch doing white-trash things is just the bright sunshine of my day, so I’d be heartbroken if they left!)

As for Jenelle, she can really bring the drama. A little trip to her formspring page enlightened me as to what she’s been up to in recent months.

First, she’s still dating Kiefer, is still smoking kush (a very potent kind of pot. I must be old because I’ve never heard of this…had to ask the local druggie friend what the hell it was!)

She’s also signed over her rights to her child, Jace, to her mother.

She explains what happened here (the spelling has been preserved so it’s exactly how she wrote it:)

1.      So did you sign rights over to your mom or did she go through court to prove your unfit?

“noooo, she just hired a lawyer to try to fight me for temporary custody and instead of fighting the issue i just signed the papers becuz i had no money to hire my own lawyer. no one made me but the choice was i either signed my rights only temporary to my mother or hire a lawyer, pay thousands, and win the case. right now, i cant do that and she did hire her own lawyer. and if yu only had a child and understood what it took to have a job, go to school, take care of yr child, while not having yr child’s other parent around to help.”

The Ashley thinks it may be for the best that Jace is being cared for by Jenelle’s mother. However, she does think that Jenelle should be allowed to see Jace, since she is the boy’s mother. It would be great for them to co-parent Jace for a while so that Jenelle can grow up a bit and take over someday.

Why are there so many band-aids on Keiffer’s arms…covering the track marks, perhaps?

The first thing she needs to do is rid herself of her skuzzy-sounding boyfriend. One girl on her Formspring asked her what it’s like to have an alcoholic boyfriend (apparently the Kief hits the bottle a little too often). Jenelle answers:

“kieffer isn’t an alcoholic. he quit drinking just for me. i let him have a beer here and there sometimes.”

Good lord, girl. If you ever want to get your baby back, you need to kick this crap-nugget to the curb!

Other things I learned from Jenelle’s Formspring:

1)      I really, really need to get a life and should stop reading 17-year-olds’ Formsprings.

2)      Jenelle recently had ol’ Kieffer thrown in jail for destroying a bunch of her property. The incidents included him smashing her car door in when she tried to leave a friend’s house without him, throwing her iPhone out the window when they were fighting, and smashing her windshield in. Nice guy.

3)       Then they broke up. Now they’re back together.

Then there’s allegedly a whole lotta “Wii” drama (yes, as in the video game console.) First, Jenelle bought a Wii. Then Jenelle got her boyfriend Kieffer arrested. Then she felt bad and was going to pawn the Wii to get her boyfriend out of jail (as you do.) Then her mom was mad at her for it and threw a Wii remote at her. Then Jenelle pushed her mom. Now Jenelle and her mom hate each other and her mom won’t let her see the baby.

This is the girl that just keeps on giving, isn’t it? I can’t wait to watch it all play out next season on Teen Mom 3. She could end up being more drama than AMBO!

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