Whatever Happened to 'Baby Jane?' I Think She's on 'Survivor!'

Um...also Jane

Now that Survivor: Nicaragua has ended, The Ashley must reveal what has been running through her head the entire season.

Now, The Ashley loved Jane on this season of Survivor. She worked hard, was fiesty as hell and showed up the big strong men that doubted her. But after 30-something days in the rainforest, Jane was starting to become downright scary.

The episode where she found out that her alliance had turned against her pretty much gave me nightmares that night. She had this absolutely crazed look in her eye and they started playing this eerie Hitchcock movie-esque music in the background and I wanted to hide under a blanket.

Jane had more than a few “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane” moments. (For those of you youngsters who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, google it. It’s pretty much the best creepfest  old movie ever!)

If they ever remake that movie, Jane better be their first choice for Bette Davis’ character!

If you’re a fan of Jane, check out this cute article her hometown newspaper did when she got chosen for the show.

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