OK, There's Officially a Facebook Page for Everything…

"That must be one of them there 'social networks' they'all taking about..."

The Ashley has seen it all now. Facebook has officially taken over the world. Your grandma’s on Facebook. Your boss is on Facebook. Charmin Toliet Paper is even on Facebook. (No, they seriously are and they have like 12,000 fans. Wouldn’t you be kind of embarrassed to “Like” a toilet paper company? I mean, I enjoy bathroom hygiene products as much as the next guy, but my passion for them pretty much ends in the bathroom. There’s no need to tell my six grade best friend what toilet paper I wipe my butt with.)

So yah, it’s no surprise that I found this: an entire Facebook page dedicated to loving Jenelle‘s mom’s creepy accent! 

‘Member Jenelle‘s mother, Barbara, from 16 & Pregnant, Season 2? Even though they are from North Carolina, Jenelle’s mom had a very strange, never-heard-before New Jersey/North Carolinaian drawl. (Like if you took a redneck and a Snooki and put them in a blender and mixed them up!)

Now, I’ll admit, her accent was a little piece of heaven, in addition to everything about the episode.  But who’s lame enough to join this Facebook page?

Oh wait, that would be me.

Here’s a refresher course on Jenelle’s mom’s creep-tastic accent. You’re going to need it for when Jenelle debuts on Teen Mom Season 3, starting on January 11. (Um, which happens to be The Ashley’s birthday. White trash girls with deadbeat boyfriends and dysfunctional families?!?! You shouldn’t have!)

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