Whatever Happened to…the Biological Dad of All Those Kids on “Downsized?”

“Hey real dad, there’s room on these stairs for you!”

Last night The Ashley was stuck at home with no reality TV to watch! Oh, week between seasons, I curse you!

The Ashley had stacks of “B” level shows (stuff I like to watch but not shows that I would shoot myself if I missed like American Idol or Teen Mom) that were just waiting for her to sink her creepy little eyes into them.

One of the shows that The Ashley has been getting into lately is called Downsized over on the WE channel. The WE channel is full of weird reality shows.

If you haven’t seen this show, then you probably should stop reading this post. If you have seen this show, you know that it’s about a modern-day Brady Bunch family that’s super broke. They have a bunch of kids between the two of them. (OK, actually, it’s only seven. The mom brought five and the dad brought two. )

Here he is! (In 1993)

Anyway, after watching a TiVo’d marathon of “Downsized,” it caused The Ashley to wonder what the hell happened to the biological dad of those five kids. In a recent episode, Whitney (the girl that’s 15 and looks like one of the Kardashian sisters), talks about how their real dad was never there for them and their stepdad Todd is more like their dad to her. (That episode was actually really sweet!)

So where is Daddy Dearest who seemingly left his five, count them five, kids to be taken care of by his ex-wife, Laura, and Todd? The Ashley had to find out!

After some sleuthing, The Ashley found out the following info about the real dad of Whitney, Dylan, Rex, Danielle and Bailey:

  • His name is Danny.
  • He was a baseball star at Arizona State University, where he met Laura. (This is probably where all the boys get their baseball talent!)
  • He’s originally from the San Diego area, and was known as “The Sultan of Swing” on the Poway High School baseball team. (Read this vintage article  about him from 1985!)
  • He was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 1989 and then played in the minor leagues until 1993.
  • According to the hens on the internet and Intelius, to support five kids he would have to pay about $3,500 a month! OMFG! I hope he saved some of that minor league baseball money!

Special thanks to Rounduper friend Seanna for finding the photo of Danny Rumsey!

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  1. Why does Laura not get child support?I never understood that part…also is it true Bruce had other older children not seen on the show?

  2. OK so I knew Laura AND her ex waaaay back when. I dated and lived with a Rumsey when Laure met Danny. The Rumsey clan was a very close knit family so I am dumbfounded to hear that the kids have little to do with their dad. Baseball was like a religion to the Rumseys all the boys (dannys sibs) had an almost God given talent in baseball, so it is no surprise that the next generation would have a love and talent with baseball. Laura and I were roommates for a time and to see her on TV it seems as if no time has passed for her. Laura also came from a tight knit loving family and Laura’s late mom set an above par example for her daughters. As far as the comments about Dylan, he is the exact build, spirit, attitude of his Uncle Rick. The Rumseys have ALWAYS made health and fitness a major part of their lives next to family and God, but try as they might half of the Rumsey clan was just bigger than the others. But don’t think its all fat, looks may decieve, his uncle looked exactly like him (but for the brown hair) and he was very fit and had a lot of muscle. I wish the very very best to Laura and all of her family, including the Bruce half!!! Laura will continue to be the loving but strong fighter that she was waaaay back when!!!! It brings me joy to know she has found love and happiness. She has a very special angel looking over her!!! These amazing kids deserve all goodness.

  3. I finally got it straight by getting on wetv website. Meaning which children belong to whom. Laura has five children by her ex-husband Danny Rumsey. She had Bailey first, then the triplits (1 girl and 2 boys) and THEN had ANOTHER child with Danny (the 11 year old). I too wonder where the heck is the father of these 5 children (the Rumsey children). How does he get away with not paying child support on his 5 children and I can’t believe Laura is letting him get away with this. But maybe she is hiding some dark stories about him. Unbelievable!

  4. OMG bruce had too give up starbucks,, are you all serious, try a real suggling family with a signle mom with MS on disability thats me. OH , by the way , I have too stuggle and make my own coffee.. boo woo

    1. I grew up with my father as a single parent and he had MS. I don’t think its fair to almost make fun of this woman who does sacrifice so much but did have one thing that was a pleasure for her and that’s what she knew but you are putting her down for that. My dad had a habit that maybe not everyone else would understand or agree with but it made him happy. And with having MS you must know that is a nice thing to have. Depending on what kind of ms she has as well but with my dad who it just progressed he never went into remissions. I think he and she should be able to have that something that is enjoyable without being judged let alone laughed at. No one was laughing when my dad continued his habit that gave him some enjoyment as he lie on his death bed and passed away last year from complications with ms. I suppose this is why your comment bothered me so. I would stop watching the show if I were you. Laura and her family don’t need people like you judging and laughing at her.

  5. For one thing, I have to wonder why isn’t this ex-husband of Laura’s not paying child support. I think these parents have their priorities all screwed up. Laura was so concerned about providing her youngest daughter with gymnastics, etc when she should have been concentrating on her son’s baseball skills. After all, wouldn’t that lead to a possible college scholarship or career path? Plus give Dylan some much needed excercise.
    I will never understand women who insist on having kids and then feed them garbage. I used to work with idiots who fed their kids a bowl of cold cereal for dinner.
    I you can read you can cook.

    1. Debra….you don’t get to see EVERYTHING that goes on in their lives…it is edited! I think that Dylan does get plenty of exercise playing baseball. Not everyone is going to be skinny minny. I think Dylan and the whole Bruce family is charming, real, and authentic. Quit bashing other people’s parenting and worry about your own.

      1. Thank you Beth I completely agree. I think this is a genuine hard working loving Christian family. I think Dylan is just fine, in no way is he overweight. And actually watching the show Laura is extremely healthy and does encourage family to eat healthy. He is a teenage boy of course they will have their junk food every once in a while but is that what makes a mother or parents bad? They do an amazing job balancing out life and what they can with their children. Like Beth said obviously show is edited like ALL reality tv. That was just one part showing Laura dealing with having to go through the changing of activities with her youngest daughter. None of us are perfect and I wonder what people would think of you and your parenting and scrutinizing every move and decision you made. I’m sure it wouldn’t be perfect. Your comment just really bothered me as I’m not a big reality tv fan but I do enjoy this show and have seen them on the morning show and like I said before so genuine and close.

  6. Love this! hubby and I love this show and are watching it right now, once again wondering where is the 5 kids bio dad? Also we think Whitney looks about 30 as well! Weird that she is only 15! Beautiful girl though!

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