All of the ‘Teen Moms’ Have Blonde Extensions…Did Britney Spears Have a Garage Sale?

maci bookout and jwowwIt’s official: the Teen Moms have become real celebrities. A starlet has not completely become a star until they bite the bullet and attach some long, blonde hair extensions to their heads.

Maci is just the latest of the baby-mommas to seal her celebrity fate with extension glue: Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Chelsea have already got themselves some Barbie locks.

The Ashley isn’t going to lie: Leah looks amazing as a blonde. (You can see a photo here  of her and her blonde hair on the cover of the upcoming US Weekly.)

However Chelsea and Maci look like they bought their hair at the swapmeet.  It’s way too long and super-fake looking.

Hey, Maci, if you’re making $280,000 a year like AMBO, you’d think you’d splurge a little and get some better hair.

Oh, Chelsea…it just keeps getting worse… 

Or just keep your natural hair…what the hell was wrong with that? The Ashley would kill for nice hair like that!

Oh…and just for the record…yes, those are the girls of Jersey Shore hanging out with Maci in these photos. Apparently, they’re friends now. That should work out well.

Anyway, The Ashley promises to give the Teen Mom stuff a break for awhile to focus on other horrific shows. These girls just give me so much ammo!


  1. Damn sounds like whoever wrote this is OBVIOUSLY jealous of their extensions. Awww are you jealous because you can’t afford extensions sweetie?? How about u post a pic of yourself so we can talk about how ugly u are?? Go ahead post one biatch

  2. Whoa just like I said they are all wanna be star Chelsea look good as blonde by far Chelsea and Leah are my favorite teen mom stars but Ashley I like when you talk about the teen mom stars you are the only blog that tell the truth about them

    1. aww thanks Jessica! It seems like you’re not alone; most people have told me they like to read about the Teen Moms…so The Ashley will keep writing about them!

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