From ’16 & Pregnant’ to 18 & Divorced: Season 2 Couple Are Already Getting Divorced

March right back up those stairs and get your divorce. Save yourself the trip back to the courthouse.

Well I for one am shocked that this didn’t last.

16 & Pregnant Season 2.B (or whatever they’re calling it these days…basically, last season) alum Aubrey Akerill announced today that she and baby-daddy Brandon are getting a divorce.  Of course, with political uproars, earthquakes and turmoil going on all over the world, this is hardly front page news. But for us idiots who can’t get enough of these Teen Mom chicks, this is big news! (We’re pathetic, we know. You should move past it. We have.)

Anyway, you probably don’t remember which trainwreck Aubrey is, so let me recap for you. She was the chick that dropped out of high school to move in with her older (but not more mature) boyfriend. They got evicted (as you do) and were forced to move in with Aubrey’s grandma. Granny was not so cool with the arrangement, and freely admitted that babies creeped her out. Mee-Maw (as she is called) is on oxygen and has enough to worry about and doesn’t need a baby and two underage moochers draining her social security check!

How could you forget those boots!?!? This is their wedding day. No, seriously.

The couple ends up going to the courthouse to get married. She wore some horrific Little House on the Prairie boots. After they’re married Brandon tells Aubrey that she’s going to be a housewife. Aubrey tells Brandon he can go to hell. And so it begins…

Now do you ‘member?  Well, they’re getting divorced. She posted this on her Facebook fanpage tonight:

Brandon & I are no longer together, we are simply just friends. You will see more on the follow up…

The couple barely made it a year. She’s not the first 16 & Pregnant alum to file for divorce. Christinna (also of Season 2.B) filed for divorce from her husband Isiah in November. (He’s the one that gave up his football scholarship to be close to her. Sucks to be him right now.)

I have a feeling that Aubrey and Brandon won’t be the last of these kids to head to divorce court. My money’s on that couple from last season who moved into a barn to divorce next.


  1. After watching 2011 “Where are they now?” it shows how much of a bad mother she is going to be if she don’t be careful. She wants to go be a stripper? Not saying there is anything wrong with that but who brags about wanting to do that? Shes ugly anyway so she wouldnt make much! Going out to clubs & kissing girls? My son is 15 months and I havent gone out to a club since ive had him & I wont. I am a mother now & i am with him every moment possible, plus you have to set a good example in the public eye & she isnt. She really has a lot of growing up to do

  2. Aubrey looked soo cracked out on the “where they are now” episode!!!! And her comment “pregnant at 16 and divorced at 18″…. Hello your a loser!! (trashy “stripper” at that)

  3. You’re a comedic genius!!! “From 16 & pregnant to 18 & divorce” hahahhahahahahhhhhhh OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG

  4. I got married when I was 19 and my husband was 22. We’re still together and doing fine. We have a daughter and I’d never let her get married at 16. What she does after she’s 18 is her business. I am not a 16 and Pregnant addict by any means, but I do watch the show from time to time. I don’t get it though. These girls are famous because they are pregnant? The divorces don’t surprise me. I can’t imagine being a young mother and having my life made a public matter. Whether they cracked under the pressure or they just made some bad mistakes, I hope they have a better future and learn from this.

  5. It’s so unfortunate for Aubrey. Had no idea isiah and christinna were getting divorced. Really sucks, my heart goes out to tell and their little ones.

  6. I think young kids should’nt get married to each other because it never works out between both of them . they will fight all the time and front of there children and parents . I was young when I got married at a young at 23 years old at the time , now I am divorce from my ex husband 10 years now. I feel good about myself , plus I have really nice guy in my life now . we have been together 7years going on 8. we both love each other very much , care about one other . young kids should’nt have to go threw marriage and Divorce just because they can’t get along with one other . the children should’nt have see that between there parents fighting all the time . its not good at all.

    1. Not always true. I got married when I was 18, straight out of high school. I would not recommend people doing this, but we were fortunate that it worked out for us. We had our first child 2 years later. After supporting each other through college and 4 kids later: I am happy to say that we are still very happily married 20 years later. Neither one of us had a strong family support, so we bacame each other’s support.

      I think majority of youngsters who get married and then divorced is due to immaturity on one side or both. People mature faster than others.

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