American Idol Recap: Beatles, Bawling J-Lo & Wedding Bells

“Wait…I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?! Oh crap!”

Last night’s American Idol left a lot to be desired. Here are my thoughts from last night:

  • Is anyone else kind of turned off on how they’re introducing the contestants this year? We’re almost to the Top 24 and we have yet to see most of the contestants still in the running. It seems like way back in the audition process, producers chose about 15 people that they want to focus on and totally forgot about the rest of them!
  • For instance, last night was the first time we ever even saw a girl named Lakisha Lewis. Lakisha’s a um, big girl, so I know I would have remembered her if she had been shown before. We can pretty much figure out who’s going to be in the Top 24 just based on who’s had camera time. We know of a few but I think we should add 15-year-old blonde girl with curly hair; 15-year-old Asian girl (Thea?); super-high-voiced gospel guy; Carrot Top red head guy. If they don’t make it I’ll be shocked.
  • Kudos to the judges for not keeping Chris Medina around. Nothing against the guy and I feel for him but he was just not good enough. I totally thought producers would make the judges keep him because he’s good TV. I had envisioned them making him wheel his girlfriend out during live shows and was just sick about it.
  • Is anyone else annoyed by the extra “step” in the audition process? Why must we have them go to Vegas? Let’s just get to the Top 24 choosing already. No one needs to hear anyone sing “We Can Work it Out” in a totally horrible and off-key voice, complete with cornball dance moves. (Um, Ashley Sullivan.)
  • Speaking of Ashley, did anyone tell her that Vegas marriages are still valid once you leave Vegas? Just sayin’….she may be in for a surprise. (I did check and she is still married though, so maybe she really can “work it out.” Sorry…that was lame.) Good luck to her husband; that chick’s off her rocker.
  • If that little round dumpling kid makes it into the Top 24, I’m going to kick my TV. Seriously, that kid wouldn’t even win most junior high talent shows let alone American Idol. Let’s not string him along anymore.
  • That fake Adam Lambert guy needs to go. Sorry. There’s only one Scream King of American Idol and that’s Glambert baby. This guy’s voice is nowhere near the caliper of Adam’s. Needs to go.
  • Is anyone else sick of the judges doing “fake-outs” when they hand out the results. You know if they start with the phrase,” there’s only 24 spots so it was really hard” or “I’m sorry to have to tell you this,” it’s almost guaranteed they’re making it in. Let’s just stop this. It lost its appeal back in like 2005.

Tonight we find out who else is in the Final 24. There’s some very talented people in this group, no doubt. However, I’ve yet to find anyone that’s as interesting as last season’s Crystal Bowersox or Season 8’s Almighty Adam Lambert.

What did you think? Agree with what I’ve said or disagree? Let me know!!

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