Am I the Only One That Feels Really Bad for Kailyn on ‘Teen Mom 2’?

This chick is awesome.

After watching this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, The Ashley feels the need to speak out about something that bothered her. (No, it wasn’t Chelsea whining to her dad about how she’s too busy making out with Adam to finish high school, but that irked me too.)

The Ashley felt so, so bad for poor Kailyn this week. This chick is one of the few Teen Moms that actually seems to have drive, motivation and a good head on her shoulders, despite the crappy life she’s been dealt. Her mom’s got an abusive boyfriend (I’m assuming, being that she tried to file  for a protection order against him back in January.) Her mother, with her fidgeting and semi-slurring is just one big trailer park mess who has problems with alcohol and her anger.

LOL...I love the look on Kailyn's face here.

Then there’s ex-boyfriend and baby-daddy Jo (otherwise known as Smokey Jo after being arrested for being high on the Mary Jane a few weeks ago. You can read all about that here. And by the way, The Ashley told you about this long before E!, MSNBC and OK! Magazine did.)

Anyway, Jo treats Kailyn like crap because he’s obviously still in love with her, despite the fact that she’s ready to move on. Kailyn is smart; she sees that being around Jo means that she will do nothing but fight with him around her son and she’s trying to prevent that. However, Jo doesn’t want to let her go so he acts like a total crap-nugget to her, cussing her out and treating her like a leper at home.

"Wait...flat-ironing my hair doesn't qualify as a job?"

Kailyn is one of the few Teen Moms that seems to be willing to work hard and sacrifice to better her child and herself. A lot of these girls are too lazy to get off their ass and actually put in some hard work to get stuff accomplished, but not Kailyn. She wants to move out of Jo’s house so she gets TWO jobs (in addition to going to school) so she can save money.(Most of these girls won’t even get one job and instead just mooch off of their parents.)

Kailyn’s hard work is commendable. The Ashley worked full-time while going to college and it was hell. She can’t even imagine adding a second job and a baby to the mix. Kailyn’s awesome.

The whole time, everyone’s telling her that she won’t be able to hack it on her own, which just seems to light the fire under her to prove them wrong.

Of course, her story line is not nearly as interesting as Jenelle’s or even Leah’s, so The Ashley rarely talks about her. But she felt to need to clear this up. Kailyn is an amazing girl. I haven’t seen someone with her drive in a long time, especially not someone that’s on a crappy MTV reality show.

Keep it up, girl. And don’t listen to your two-bit hooker mom or your jealous ex-boyfriend or anyone else that tells you that you can’t do it.

At the finale, The Ashley was very impressed with Kailyn’s drive, as well as the fact that she wanted to bring up birth control options while on camera to help educate viewers. Very cool.


  1. AMEN TO THIS. I won’t even bother reading the comments above because I’m sure I’ll see people talking about how annoying or irritation she is (point proven, the most recent comment right above the “Leave a Reply” form says exactly that). Those people need to shut the fuck up and appreciate where this girl is coming from. I’d like to see them being jovial and cute when they’re working probably 30-40 hours a week in addition to going to school. Plus Kailyn’s not trying to do some ridiculous dream career that will never pan out – she made a smart decision and is doing her dental assisting track, which is not only a stable career that is in demand right now, but it takes only a short time to complete. And she’s DOING IT (unlike Maci “Withdraw” Bookout, who should’ve had the sense to make Ryan withdraw his wang when they “only had sex once”). Kailyn deals with bullshit from everyone, and she has absolutely no support. She is entitled to whine every so often. Shit, I whine more than she does and I’ve got a hecka easy l life compared to hers! I’m so glad the Ashley feels the same way I do about Kailyn, because she is an amazing woman and a fantastic mother who is clearly doing her best for Isaac. Plus she gave her kid a cute traditional name that doesn’t make me cringe. <3

    Basically, Kailyn is superwoman and I hope she doesn't let the fkn haters get her down. She's so much more deserving of "Top Mom" title than Maci (who seems to get by default, which I can't even comprehend!). I wouldn't even be surprised if she was depressed during and after her pregnancy (I think anyone whose mom refused to be a part of their life would feel depression even without a teenaged pregnancy), and if she is going through some emotional shit and still working her butt off like she is, even MORE KUDOS to her. Depression is no joke. Parental neglect is no joke. VERBAL ABUSE AIN'T FUNNY. And Kailyn's dealt with all of these without letting it deter her from doing what's best for her son. I love Kailyn!

  2. The only bad things she has said they we have seen are in response to him.

    To Jo’s mom: Your son is abusive, bottom line as a parent myself to a son, it would be hard for me to hear that, but for the sake of any future g/f or wife of his, get him some help. He is a time bomb, sorry it has to be said, the proof is right on film, if you choose to watch it and see it. Denial is a powerful thing mama, it is hard not to see your child as perfect I know. But take a look, a really, really, really hard one. I know Kailyn is not perfect, but you need to be more objective about your son’s role and behavior up to this point.

    To: Kailyn- I am impressed to watch you get the strength to get out, but PLEASE get yourself some counseling. I am truly sorry you have been dealt the cards you have, some you controlled (getting pregnant) some you did no (your mother). Though I would be disappointed in my daughter, I will never turn my back on her.

  3. I respectfully disagree w/ Lea. Yes, she did sneak around and start dating a new boy completely disregarding what Jo’s parents said. Yes they provided her with a roof over her head, food in her mouth?? I am not so sure. She does work I do wonder if she did not contribute to the household, EVEN if it was just to buy Issac what he needed.

    I don’t think Jo’s parent’s are much older than myself, tho I have children much younger. I am appalled at the way Jo speaks to Kailyn and have been since 16 n prgnt. He is verbally and emotionally abusive. When I see him in pics or on TV he looks like a very angry young man who has no idea HOW to deal with his anger. I see his jaw clenched, I see rage and honestly I am fearful for the safety of Kailyn. It does not take much to cross over to physical abuse.

    We have heard ugly, horrible, demeaning, humiliating things come out of Jo’s mouth directed toward’s Kailyn. No we don’t know the WHOLE story, but giving her reaction she has heard it before.

  4. I too feel bad for her, but unfortunately she knew it could happen when she had unprotected sex. Yes, she has very limited choices right now and it sucks but it is very disrespectful to the parents for her to be dating other guys while in their house.

  5. I don’t feel bad for her. She is following in Mom’s footsteps. You can applaud her school (full class load) and work ethic (2 part-time jobs) but who the hell is taking care of the child? She has relied heavily on Jo’s parents when her own Mother not only does not sit for her grandchild, but did not offer shelter when Mom and baby were kicked out of Jo’s parent’s home. She is a whiner and only thinks about what is good for herself, not necessarily that of the child.

    1. How does her story relate in the least bit to Maci’s? Kail was abandoned by her own mother during her pregnancy, and I bet it was a joy to “grandma” that Kailyn could legally no longer be considered her own responsibility. Maci has lived with her parents and refused to work or continue her education, while we’ve seen Kailyn refuse governmental assistance AND make her own way, without assistance from anyone (she got help initially from Jo and his family, but obviously from the show she went out on her own). GROWN ADULTS need to rely on others to care for their children while at work or school. It is absolutely ridiculous to criticize Kailyn for utilizing useful, cheap child care (i.e. Jo’s parents/family) while she betters herself. Her child is under the age of five and she is committed to education and work – exactly WHAT is wrong with that? Most higher education will not allow you to complete your program solely online (ask Maci the withdrawal expert). Her mom is clearly mentally unstable (most likely due to prescription meds IMO), because she rejected her teenaged, underaged daughter due to a pregnancy, and said bullshit to said daughter justifying her attentiveness to her boyfriend instead of her offspring. How is she thinking of what is good for herself instead of Isaac? Should she choose to be with a man who verbally and emotionally abuses her? I have been through the abuse like Kail went through, and she is absolutely putting Isaac first by getting out of that home. Oh, she’s a whiner? What, because she seeks out understanding from her friends, in scenarios created by MTV? Kailyn is absolutely entitled to “whine” a bit because she has been a full-adult since before she was 18, and is kicking ass at being responsible. Give the bitch a little me time and get over your judgment.

  6. ok, first of all, no one in this show is hardworking, if i had a camera following me around documenting me 24/7 i’d pull the front also…none of these girls would handle themselves the same way (except chelsea she’s disgusting) if there weren’t cameras around…but think whatever you want, at the end of the day i feel these girls got knocked up on purpose

    1. Even though the girls from the first two seasons (which encompasses all of the girls featured on Teen Mom) became pregnant before the airing of 16 and Pregnant ever happened? Jeez look at a timeline. And yes, Kail is hardworking, because if you had no parental support at 16-on you would probably be in a far worse situation than she is in, without a baby to take care of.

  7. WOW!! While it is comendable all the effort she’s putting into actually working & going to school…….. she is HARDLY a saint…. she has LIED,manipulated & USED Jo’s entire family the entire time…. they have put a roof over her head, and food in her mouth, never asking ANYTHING from her except honesty,hard work & to abide by certain rules IN THERE HOME, which was never asking too much….. and she never made good on it….. constantly talking behind their backs, sneaking around….. she’s still a selfish brat, plain and simple….. don’t paint her as a SAINT…. while she has done some “good” things in her life… she has also done some pretty “sh**y” things to other people, & is disrespectful,ungrateful, and pathetic…..

  8. I feel for Kailyn also ! jo’s parents are so rude to her and her own mom is no help to her .She needs to get out from under their reighns and move on!! I felt bad for her when she had to break up with her boyfriend she met at her job.He seemed like a nice guy not a dog like her sons daddy. He is a product of his home enviroment.

  9. I just came across this blog and HAVE to say that I completely agree! The girl’s been dealt a shitty hand and it seems like no one wants to help her further HER life the way she wants to…and the way she wants to seems healthy and positive. From 17-22 I lived in and out of different places that I wasn’t wanted, felt uncomfortable and weren’t my own…it sucks and it’s never easy. But it gets better and you get stronger…hang in there Kailyn, follow your dreams and don’t worry about anyone but you and that baby boy.

  10. I agree so much with this article, Kailyn works SO hard…I can’t imagine doing all that she does in one day! She must be beyond exhausted all the time. I feel like everyone is trying to steer her wrong, especially Jo’s parents. They aren’t the saints we all thought they were. How could you tell a person they’re breaking up their own family because they’re not forcing themselves to love someone? She wants to be independent… that’s a great thing to strive for, not something that should be discouraged. She doesn’t seem to have much support and hopefully from this show she’ll get it now. (:

  11. I agree 100%! Go Kailyn, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

    ps: Ashley, just found your blog a few days ago and am in heaven. Love it.

  12. I so agree, watch the show with my 14 year old….her story made me cry I so wanted to find her and help her!!! I know lots of teen moms who do nothing for for themselves!! your blog is great came across it about a month ago love it!!

  13. I too feel bad for Kail. Besides having to put up with emotional blackmail from her no good baby daddy’s parents, she has to put up with a mom who wouldn’t take care of her while being pregnant (and after), and verbal abusiveness from Smokey Jo himself. I think his parents “helping” her was n othing more than trying to exert control over her, and then hoping to be able to take Isaac for themselves (since they did SUCH a stellar job with THEIR sons). Kail- there are MANY MANY resources out there in this world for you (especially being young and a single mother)…find them and take full advantage of them. I hope you read this! If you’re ever in trouble- go talk to someone at a local Catholic church- you may not be religious, but I have found they will help anybody-and you don’t have to be a member. Ask for the # to a St. Vincent DePaul Society (they usually handle the charitable donations and work with many other social service agencies)…also- take advantage of WIC/welfare/ food pantries…ANYTHING you need to so that those CREEPS never have an excuse to come after Isaac…there is no shame in getting help- only shame if you let you and the lil man suffer 🙂 Be strong girlie and prove them WRONG!

  14. Somehow came across this, on Twitter, maybe?
    I just wanted to say thank you for acknowledging my hard work. Despite what rumors are circulating and what mistakes I have made, I do appreciate that you’ve noticed the positive things I am trying to accomplish.

    – Kailyn

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