InTouch Weekly Says ‘Teen Mom2’ Stars Kail & Jordan Are Engaged…Not True, Says Kail

Seriously. I’ve officially put InTouch Weekly on the lowest rung of the totem pole in regards to tabloid magazines. They’re officially below the National Enquirer now.

(Did The Ashley ever tell you guys about her totally creepy job interview at the Enquirer? Remind me to tell you that story sometime!!)

But right now, there’s some important Teen Mom2 news to discuss. InTouch Weekly‘s new cover story is probably its  biggest stretch of the truth since it reported that Clay Aiken was getting married to a chick.

The rag mag that Kail went shopping for engagement rings with her boyfriend Jordan, which is totally bogus.

The Ashley asked Kail (who is a confirmed “Roundup” reader) to confirm or deny the reports for us. She confirmed exclusively to The Ashley that she and Jordan were actually on their way to Home Depot and that they were not on an engagement ring shopping spree when the photo was taken. Sigh.

I highly doubt Kail has time to plan a freaking wedding between school, two jobs and taking care of her baby. Plus, Jordan admitted in Los Angeles that Kail is his first girlfriend….EVER. I don’t think he’d want to move that fast.

Don’t believe everything you read, kids. Remember, if  everything we read in InTouch and these other crappy magazines was true, Angelina Jolie would have a 20-month baby in her tummy (because she’s been said to be pregnant like a billion times in the last two years), and Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt would totally be back together.

InTouch Weekly: do better with your gossip digging. It’s pretty bad when the National Enquirer has more accuracy than you.

All confirmed to be not true. Just sayin’.


  1. okay,,,, this is some really stupid crap leah is a good mom and wife and just because she has done something wrong in the past, we all have done things in the past that we are not proud of but we shouldn’t be constantly judged because of our mistakes if corey and leah can get through everything that has happened so far then they can get through anything and people are going to have to accept that

  2. It is wht it is! But it isnt right for everyone to put her down. The show only showed wht she did, but wht everyone didnt see is tht corey also did thngs too. And how in the hell is she gonna be able to sneak around and cheat on him??? She takes care of two kids, works and goes to school? com on’ apperently ur not a mother or you would knw she aint got time for ne thng. Just as said b4 you shouldnt judge someone you dont knw! and the tabloids are a bunch of lies, tht is the only way they can make their money! JUST SAYIN!!! So b4 you go and insult her, maybe you should thnk twice! When you point a finger YOU always have three pointing back. =))

  3. I feel bad for Leah about her always having to defend her marriage because no one wants to have to contantly defend their marriage. It is probably really annoying but had Leah not treated Corey so poorly in 16 and pregrant and cheated on him five times . She would not have to contantly defend herself but if Corey is able to let it go move on I think everyone else should and the magazine should back off and leave her alone.

  4. Leah wayy amazing girl, she have good man, money, twins. She really focus on her kids and she is good mother to be very caring and supportful

  5. I believe what the tabs have been saying about Leah. She already burned Corey once with her cheating, and he dumped her. I believe she sneaks around behind his back when she can. He was stupid to marry her.

    1. You should never believe what the tabloids say. You shouldn’t judge people you don’t know either. Famous or not.

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