Wanna See What Ryan Seacrest Was Doing in 1993?

The Ashley was watching some TV with The Husband last night when all of a sudden she came upon this magical gift from God. This episode of “Cheap Seats” (one of The Husband’s favorite shows) shows a barely legal Ryan Seacrest, back when he was hosting “radical” shows on the local TV channel in Georgia.
That’s right kids, before American Idol, there was “Radical Outdoor Challenge.” This show basically made kids do ridiculous stunts to ‘totally bad-ical’ early ’90s music, all while being filmed in very low-definition TV! It was kind of like a low-rent Double Dare in the forest, I guess.
Poor Ryan. He’s come a long way from the cheesy entrances and bad jokes….oh wait…he’s still doing that.
But hey, we all have to start somewhere!!
(P.S. You can check out the whole episode here.)

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