Seriously, All of Chelsea’s Friends on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Look Exactly the Same…

Has anyone else noticed this!?!

Seriously, every single one of Chelsea‘s friends that we’ve seen on Teen Mom2 looks exactly like Chelsea.

Apparently, over in South Dakota, if you’re under the age of 21, you must have the following:

  • An extremely exaggerated side part. I haven’t seen a part this big since Moses parted the Red Sea!
  • Two-toned creepy hair. Chelsea and all of her croonies are rocking the black-hair-with-blond-highlight look. Other assorted colors seem to be thrown in when they want to change it up, but black and blond are the staples.
  • Small black glasses to be worn on “casual days”
  • Extremely tanned skin. We know it’s fake, guys. You live in South Dakota, give it up already.
  • Heap ‘o’ black eyeliner
  • A baby
Not Chelsea.

Seriously, every single girl that has appeared on Teen Mom2 or 16 & Pregnant with Chelsea looks identical to her. I never know who the hell is Chelsea and who’s a random friend. They should wear nametags or something.

Just an observation…am I the only one that has noticed this? Who knew they were cloning humans in South Dakota?!

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  1. uhmmm i think shes GORGEOUS and so are her friends, so idk what u guys are hattennn on. i love it. they look goood.(;

  2. So, you DO realize it’s a humour blog, but you STILL chose to take what she said as her being 100% serious? You, ma’am, are the moron. Shooting yourself in the foot like that just made everything you said invalid.

    We all kow that if shehad made a comment about ANY OTHER STATE, you would’ve gone “lol omg so true ~*~”

    So, on behalf of the rest of the internet, uninstall your browser. Please.

    P.S: South Dakota is full of hicks with fake tans, fake hair, and even faker personalities.

  3. Dear Ashley,

    I love sarcastic blogs ridiculing reality television. They’re awesome. You, however, failed miserably with this post, and I’m now convinced you’re a complete idiot.

    Are you really so ignorant that you believe everyone in South Dakota under the age of 21 must look like the ONE girl MTV picked to be on a reality show? Obviously Chelsea, someone who achieved “fame” by getting pregnant in high school, is someone who conforms to fit in with her group of friends, hence the uniform of plaid Hollister shirts and blindingly white teeth. She doesn’t display any sort of individuality, and, yes, she and her friends all look alike. I like that you brought it up, and I completely agree with it.

    However, when you jump to the conclusion that this is a representation of EVERY girl in South Dakota just because you’ve never been there yourself and this is the only exposure you’ve had to it, you come across as a narrow-minded moron. I could easily make the assumption that everyone under 21 in Orange County has platinum blonde hair, questionable plastic surgery, and limited vocabulary. (Ehmagawd, you guys.) However, I know better than to assume that all the girls from the OC fit the mold of the California bimbo so often portrayed on reality television.

    I’m 18 years old and live in South Dakota, and I can assure you that my part is normal, my skin tone is natural, and I do not have a child. Your attempt at humor failed. Next time focus your “snarky” remarks on the individuals at hand instead of applying the stereotype to everyone in the state.

    And on behalf of the state of South Dakota, fuck you.

    1. Glad to see there’s at least one teen in South Dakota that’s normal. Don’t go near Chelsea though…everyone that goes near her seems to get pregnant!
      I like you, you’ve got spunk. And your last line was funny. Thanks for reading the blog! -The Ashley
      P.S. I havebeen to South Dakota. I enjoyed Mt. Rushmore immensely. Thank you for paying the taxes there to keep it open! 🙂

    2. Gawd you are an awful person, maybe take that stick out of your bum? You take a humor blog wayyyy to seriously, guess what? South Dakota SUCKS. And yeah, I’ve been there – briefly thank god.

  4. Chelsea is the dumbest of the bunch of the Teen Mom losers, which is saying a lot. She lets her dirtbag, no child support boyfriend walk all over her. Then she leeches off her dad to pay for everything, even going out, while she sits on her ass all day, getting fat, not working, not even able to pass the GED. A pathetic loser that should not be glamorized on TV.

    1. last time i checked, chelsea was NOT fat. and they dont show everything on that show, so who said she doesnt work out?? and at the stage in life shes in right now who cares if her dad helps her out! if u were in her situations and ur dad offered to help as much as he does, u cant even say u would let him. so you can stop being judgmental and rude. kthanks.

  5. or the open mouth expression they always wear….or how they constantly play with their hair…or how when making a request of someone they smile, giggle and laugh.

    “like Adam (open mouth smile)…if you’re going to like live hear….you got to get a jooob (giggle)….and (play with hair)…you can’t like CHEat (smile smile smile…open mouth smile) on me (whiney pout face)….and you like have to like elp with Auuubry (giggle, smile, play with hair….) you know?”

    This all ends with a playful poke and a big smile.

    I realize they are all insecure. But when it comes to your kid you need to learn lay down the law and stop playing with your damn hair.

  6. Don’t forget about the perfect teeth that are blindingly WHITE! They all must go to Chelsea’s dad for their dental work 🙂

  7. Eh. That’s kind of what all teenage/20 something year old girls look like nowadays. I live in OC, and there’s a whole heap of them here

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