The Ashley Loved the Ladies’ Gwen Stefani Looks on ‘Idol’ Last Night!

Fashion courtesy of Gwen Stefani!

Thank goodness for TiVo or The Ashley would have been one very sad No Doubt/American Idol junkie! She would have missed the chance to see two of her most favorite things wrapped up together in one very stylish package!!

The ladies of ‘Idol’: Lauren, Pia and Haley lived one of The Ashley’s ultimate fantasies: they got to hang out with Gwen Stefani AND get free clothes. The Ashley loves most of the clothes from Gwennie’s fashion lines; however, the prices are certainly not within my wallet’s limits.

According this article from Beacon Street Online(one of the best No Doubt websites out there, by the way—The Ashley frequently stalks it) had this neat-o article about Gwen’s visit to the ‘Idol’ set.

The regular ‘Idol’ stylist, Soyon An, was given the night off so Gwen could glam up the girlies. (I wonder if Soyon was angry? I would totally let Gwen fill in for me on The Roundup if she would like, just for the record.)

Here’s what Soyon said about the girls’ outfits:

"You're welcome, ladies!"


Girls-inspired matte red lips.Harajuku-style pouf in Toscano’s ponytail and the Stefani Paris even had a say in the contestants’ hair and makeup styling: Notice the slight, L’Oreal went heavy on rock-steady black-and-white and added towering, edgy footwear from her accessories collection. The new face of Stefani“

“They were like mini Gwen’s,” An says. “They loved working with Gwen and thought she was the sweetest.”


Regarding Pia’s wide-leg pantsuit look, Soyon said:

Her strapless, animal print L.A.M.B. jumpsuit was a modification of a look Stefani wore at New York’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in February. Its “very Gwen”

Gwennie was even kind enough to send the gals a message over on the Twitter congratulating them on their great night.

“Was so nervous for u guys tonight! Just watched it – wow loved the red lips!! gwen x”

The Ashley can’t tell you how much she loves No Doubt and Gwen Stefani….like I literally can’t tell you without creeping ya’ll out. I’ve seen No Doubt and Gwen in concert over 25 times. I’ve laid in the driveway of the house that they shot their “Just a Girl” video. I have souvenirs from my field trip to Gwen’s high school. (Thank goodness I live in Southern California or this level of creepiness would have been much harder to achieve!)

Anyway, The Ashley loved the clothes last night. And the singing was amazing, too!

(Photos are both from Beacon Street Online, FYI!)


  1. I guess that “Boys rule, Girls drool” saying is the truth when it comes to AI. Popularity contests are usually all bad. Whether its AI or the presidential election. Yeah I’m talkin to you Donald Trump. Who cares who wins AI. Ask Lee, Taylor, David and all the other AI winners whether winning the show gives u a golden ticket. If you got it, you will make it despite America’s lack of musical ear. Thanks Fantasia, Chris, Jordin, Carrie and Jennifer. Stefano and Haley, you guys are living on borrowed AI time. Enjoy it haha.

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