Butch From ‘Teen Mom’ Back Behind Bars….Again

Free Butch!!

Looks like it’s back to pokey for everyone’s favorite mulleted Teen Mom father, “Butch.” He went back into jail last week. Personally, I.Am.Shocked.

Butch, of course, is the father of original ‘Teen Mom’ star Tyler, and the stepfather of Tyler’s girlfriend Catelynn.

According to a post on his Facebook page, Butch (real name: Darl Baltierra) will be locked up for at least 70 days; however, he won’t be able to be legally allowed to be reunited with his wife, April (Queen of the Virginia Slims) for another six months or so.

 He was locked up for going against a court order to stay away from April. (Stemming from domestic dispute from last year, I believe.) Butch got caught hanging around April and was sent back to jail.

I kind of feel bad for them…they both want to see each other, so why not let them?

Of course, Butchie being locked up means that we probably won’t be seeing much of him on the third season of “Teen Mom,” which premieres sometime in June. This disappoints me. It’s been too long since I’ve seen Butch and his mullet on my television screen, and I’m starting to have withdrawals!

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  1. But if it is already done being recorded, thenn won’t we get to see him? BTW Did you see where Jenelle will get a whopping 24 hour community service duty for her drug charges and that everything else was dropped. Humm, no wonder she never learns her leason, it is because she never gets any real punishment. “Jenelle, you can never live in my house again” “Mom, i want to come back, i’ve changed for the 98374687324 time” “Ok, Jenelle as long as you secretly keep seeing Creeper and lie to me about it”
    Butch is Jenelle 30 years from now, all drugged up and not following simple laws. :/

    1. Haha sooo true Elizabeth, Butch is definitely Jenelle 30 years from now.

      I can’t believe all she received was 24 hrs community service and probation…yea that’ll teach her!! She will be in and out of jail just like Butch…her child will have no respect for her just like Tyler with his Dad…

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