Say it Ain’t So! ‘Idol’ Jacob Lusk Has a Criminal Record Too!!

Jacob's mugshot, courtesy of TMZ

Oh, TMZ…I wish you’d just let me live in a bubble and imagine American Idol’s Jacob Lusk was always the perfect, angelic creature that he seems to be now.

Turns out, like his ‘Idol’ counterpart, Stefano Langone, Jacob has an arrest record. According to the TMZ story, Jacob hopped on a Metro train in Los Angeles in February of 2009 without paying. He got caught and was cited.

The real trouble began when Jacob blew off his court date and a warrant was issued for his arrest. (I can’t imagine our Jacob doing this— he must have blown off the court date to sing to sick kids or old people or something…right? Right?)

The warrant finally caught up with him the day after he auditioned for ‘Idol’ in November 2010. He was pulled over for a traffic stop and it was discovered that he was wanted by the law! He was arrested and hauled into jail.

After pleading no contest to the train-hopping charge, he served three days in jail and was sentenced to two years probation.  “Jacob served his time and then went back to court, telling the judge ‘Idol’ wouldn’t let him on the show if he was on probation.  After his emotional plea, the merciful judge terminated his probation,” the article says.

"Damn, TMZ...why you always gotta find out everyone's dirt?!"

Turns out, Jacob passed his time behind bars by singing the blues to fellow inmates. According to TMZ,

On night one in the pokey, Jacob sang to 170 inmates, who liked it a lot.  Thing is, the guard wasn’t a fan, screaming through the loud speaker, “This isn’t a f**king singing contest.”
Undaunted, we’re told Lusk sang over the next day-and-a-half, preparing for “Idol.”  And on his last day, Lusk sang a farewell song, and another guard went on the loud speaker and said it was “bad ass!”
I love this! Jacob seems so loveable and huggable that I was very surprised to see he had a criminal past (if you can call it that.) He broke the law, yes, but at least what he was arrested for wasn’t anything that could hurt someone else (ahem, Stefano!)

He seems like a genuinely nice person. At the American Idol results show that The Ashley attended, she was blown away by how supportive Jacob was of the other contestants. You can tell that he has a good heart.

Jacob responded to the story on his Twitter:

“I’ve been through a whole lot more than folks would know in this lifetime…BUT GOD has KEPT ME…and I am so thankful! Be blessed!”

We are blessed to be able to hear your beautiful voice every week, Jacob! No worries, baby! The Ashley still loves you! You’re my favorite ‘Idol,’ after Haley!

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