“Survivor” Star ‘Boston’ Rob Mariano Will Appear on (Another) Reality Show

"Oh boy! Another reality show!"

In case you haven’t gotten enough of “Boston Rob” Mariano after two seasons of The Amazing Race and 19,000 seasons of Survivor, (not to mention the Rob & Amber Wedding Special), I’ve got some good news for you: he’s getting his very own reality show!

Seriously, does everybody need their own reality show? Everybody from Audrina Patridge to freaking Sinbad has a reality show now.

Anyway, according to People magazine, Rob and Dennis Anderson (some monster truck guy) will star in a show called “Around the World in 80 Ways” on the History Channel. On the show, Rob and Dennis “will challenge each other to circumnavigate the globe using 80 different methods of transportation with the caveat that each cannot repeat any way twice.”

Maybe Rob will choose to ride fellow Survivor alum, Russell Hantz as one of his methods of transportation?

According to another article about the show, the travel modes will include a blimp, a fighter jet, an ostrich (naturally), a canoe, a chariot and sometimes they’ll have to build their own vehicles.

"I'm sorry, Russell, but you can't be on my new show."

The article says that Rob’s wife  (and fellow “Amazing Race” and “Survivor” costar) Amber will not be on the show. She has her hands full at home raising the couple’s two daughters, one of which is only four months old.

“Luckily, I have a wonderful wife that understands my thirst for adventure and consistently supports me in my quests,” Rob told People.

I’ll say Amber is understanding. If my husband told me that he was leaving me at home with our newborn and two-year-old daughters so he could go travel around the world, riding camels and hot air balloons, I’d hit him with a frying pan. 

This is a joke. I don’t even own a frying pan. But I’d be really pissed off!

So, will you guys be watching Rob’s new show? The Ashley probably won’t…she’s had enough “Boston Rob” to last her another decade or so.


  1. Can’t wait to watch. Sounds like it’ll be a fun ride. Boston Rob is my hero. (and Tom Brady)

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