This is the Best ’16 & Pregnant’ Episode Review…EVER!

Oh, Ladi Amber, where have you been all my life, girl?! The Ashley was creeping around the YouTube last night and discovered a treasure trove of amazing 16 & Pregnant episode reviews, courtesy of one, Ladi Amber. Her videos are HIGHlarious (although I’m not sure they’re supposed to be.)

This is my favorite Ladi Amber video review. She breaks down Jenelle‘s episode for us.

Things I Learned From Watching This Video:

  1. Sistas from Atlanta do really awful impressions of Barbara Evans.
  2. Jenelle’s baby-daddy look like a crack head ’cause he do the hard drugs.
  3. If Andrew have the money to hit the crack pipe or the alcohol bottle, he should have the money to go get some diapers. It’s just the right thing to do.
  4. Ladi Amber hates when ya’ll girls disrespect your parents. It cuts your blessings off with the creator.
  5. You should be thankful to your parents because they could have killed you or aborted you.
  6. A good friend always tells you when the whole town is talking about you and your partyin’.
  7. Ladi Amber likes to throw little skinny bitches.

If you have more time, you MUST watch the video reviewing Chelsea‘s episode. I must warn you: Ladi Amber sings to get her point across to Chelsea. Or perhaps watch this video  of Emily’s episode. It’s not as funny, but Ladi Amber is wearing a shower cap. No, seriously.

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  1. Oh, she is PRICELESS! Thanks, The Ashley, for the laughs my teen daughter and I had watching this!! (We’re both recent mums and creepy “Teen Mum” fans/haters! ^^)
    Aleks A.K.A. The Kalash

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