’16 & Pregnant’ Cast Mate Says Jennifer Del Rio Didn’t Get Pregnant on Purpose

The Ashley has been a little slow in posting her recap of Tuesday’s episode of 16 & Pregnant, which starred mother to twins and Domestic [Violence] Goddess, Jennifer Del Rio. However, that hasn’t stopped the news from rolling in on this girl! 

The latest story to be posted online about Jennifer is that she got pregnant on purpose because she wanted to be on ’16 & Pregnant.’ As you have probably been following, Jennifer and her baby-daddy Josh Smith have been battling back and forth in a “he said, she said” tornado of domestic disputes, restraining orders and TMZ interviews. If you’re not up-to-date on the latest Jennifer/Josh domestic violence happenings, I suggest you go to this site and catch up. It has an organized recap of the latest events. 

“Hmm…I wonder if they’ll put me on ‘Teen Mom 3’ if I get pregnant again!”

Anyway, according to TMZ, Josh filed a restraining order against Jen last week. In the filing papers he wrote some interesting things about the mother of his twin boys, claiming she is a compulsive liar who told him she was pregnant when she wasn’t so that he wouldn’t use a condom and she could actually get pregnant. (Got all that?) 

According to Josh, 

“She was giving me sonogram pictures … that she claimed was ‘our baby’ when in actually [sic] it was her friend’s sonogram pictures she was copying. She lied to me and my parents for 3 months saying she was pregnant. She wanted so desperately to be on ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’.” 

Who knows if this is true, but Jennifer Del Rio’s ‘16 & Pregnant’ Season 3 co-star has spoken up to squash these rumors. 

“She didn’t get pregnant on purpose,” Jordan told her friends on her fanpage. “She didn’t apply for the show. The casting lady was pregnant and found her on some baby saga website. Don’t listen to TMZ and all those stupid rumors.”

Josh is pissed that he was represented as an abuser by MTV, telling his Facebook fans that it was actually Jen who did the hitting that was shown on TV, which is why he filed the restraining order.

He posted this yesterday on the Facebook. (I did him the courtesy of cleaning up some of his horrible spelling and grammatical errors.)

 “Workin on [proving] my innocence and how mtv sent me to jail while they ‘witnessed it.’ They did not tell the cops anything so yeah there will be a few lawsuits comin out.”

Counting the minutes.

Who knows what to believe at this point. All I know is that if teenage girls are getting pregnant to be on this show, we have officially entered The Twilight Zone.

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  1. I’m the guy her ex bf that she sent the message saying she was pregnant withy kid, she didn’t try getting pregnant for the sole purpose of being of the tv show “16 & pregnant” but I can only say I believe she wanted to be pregnant. Period. However when she did make me believe she was pregnant she came up with an idea of going on the show to make money, but either way it was 5 years a go and I have more then moved on.

  2. i dont think that she purposley got pregnant to be on the show for the money. she already lives in a huge house and has everything she wants.

  3. The boyfriend of Jennifer showed all the classic symptoms of a psychopath on the show. Typical for psychopats is that they try to ruin the reputation of the opponent, and their lives. They have no feelings of empathy or moral — no feelings whatsoever — and are typically intelligent and very manipulative. I think Josh is conducting a smearing campain against Jennifer. A true warningsign was that he tried to turn her against her parents during the episode (so that she would get isolated and he would have all the control over her). He seems very scary, and it seemd as if the parents had caught on to the fact that they were dealing with a psychopath, and not a “normal” human with feelings.

  4. Quote: Eyebrows were raised when Josh alleged Jennifer intentionally got pregnant in an attempt to get on 16 and Pregnant and now he has shared a bit of “proof” of his allegations with a screen captured Myspace message to a former boyfriend.

    In the message, addressed to Jewlzs (who Josh identifies as Julian Gonzalez), Jennifer says the following (spelling and grammar errors intact):

    your my everything im world my life and now my baby daddy lol. i no we are gunna have our hard times and were gunna want to quite and and get annoyed from each other but now we have each other by our sides the rest of our life.i do believe god made this happen for a reason. and as much as its gunna hurt and be scary we can do this. i love you with all my heart.and im ready to make our relationship better then wat we will ever have.
    And here is the actual screen capture (Click to enlarge):

    1. @Jennifer, saw this but chose not to post it…things can be easily manipulated using Paint or PhotoShop (Hell, even The Ashley knows how to do it and she’s nearly computer illiterate!) Not saying that it’s true or not true, I just don’t like to post stuff until I know it is true.

  5. I don’t care what people say. I wouldn’t have had a baby at 16 for ANY amount of money. I’m guessing these girls think the same. I mean, a million dollars…or your youth. Sure they are all still young but when you become a mom your life ceases to be all about yourself. And THAT is something money or fame can’t bring back. Ay.

  6. Chelsea and maci from teen mom both had stated that they were the ones to contact MTV and all the girls have also stated the same thing and MTV has repeatly stated they never ever go looking for these girls the girls contact MTV first so her story about been discover on message board is crap I don’t believe she got preganant on purpose but the moment she found she contact MTV . I don’t think MTV is Doing a good enough job of control these girls and the media and I think the girls do go on the show for fame and money and they know that if their episode is the most drama filled they might get chance on being teen mom and that where MTV problem lays

  7. Seriously? I highly doubt girls are “getting pregnant to be on the show.” I do agree that the girls know the chances their taking when they have unprotected sex, but who would honestly risk EVERYTHING to be on a damn show? I’m a “teen mom” and i support these girls 100% i’m graduating high school and attending college to become a special education teacher while raising my daughter. So before you go and run your mouth on things you clearly dont understand, THINK before you talk. These girls are not losers, they are young mothers, you are the loser my dear.

  8. Of course girls are getting pregnant to be on this show. Jennifer is the first to get “outed” for doing so. These teens see the money that comes to the teen mom’s, through the show, through selling articles, photos to the tabloids, that is more money than any of these DROPOUTS AND LOSERS would have seen any other way. At a time when women are getting advanced degrees at a rate higher than men for the first time in history, these LOSERS are getting money through getting pregnant, the only way they can. Then like Maci and Kate Gosselin, they try to parlay having a kid (or a bunch of kids) into having a show biz career, by trying to get on Dancing with the Stars, etc. We saw with balloon boy’s dad and scores of other people that people in this economy will do ANYTHING to get on a reality show that pays.

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