Link-a-Polooza: Helping You Catch Up on This Week’s Reality Television

If you’re like The Ashley, you hate missing your favorite reality TV shows! Networks schedule shows at the same time to compete with each other, DVRs fail, husbands change the channel of your TV when they don’t know you’re recording something and, of course, some people even have a lives that doesn’t include sitting at home all the time and watching this crap (lucky). So The Ashley is doing you a favor!

Every Friday, she will post the links where you can go to watch any of the week’s episodes that you missed. The Ashley knows it’s sometimes a pain in the ass to find episodes online so she’s going to make it easy for you.

On with the show! Here it is, this week in reality TV! (Sorry, you’ll still have to watch those ads in the beginning.)

16 & Pregnant:   (Jennifer, the one with twins!)

American Idol:  (Performance only, at bottom of page)

America’s Best Dance Crew:  (Katy Perry challenge)

Amazing Race:  (Fun in Austria)

Biggest Loser:  (A Surprising Departure!)

Dancing With the Stars:   (Dancing Performances)

Dancing With the Stars:  (Results Show)


The Voice:  (Premiere Episode: Blind Auditions)

Did The Ashley miss your favorite show? Leave her a comment and let her know which shows you’d like to see added to the Link-a-Polooza!

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