Meet This Week’s ’16 & Pregnant’ Girl: Jaime

This season, we’ve already met Jordan Ward and Jennifer Del Rio, who both had their share of drama going on. This week we will meet Jaime, who probably picked the worst guy of the bunch to have a child with.

Here’s a brief summary of the situation we will see on tonight’s episode: Jaime is from Asheville, North Carolina, and was dating a guy named Ryan, who seems to be a primo Class A douche. (We’re talking Adam or Kieffer level here!) Jaime got pregnant and her baby Miah was born October 3, 2010. Jaime looks very different now that she did on the show, as she seemed to gain a lot of weight while pregnant.

"Oh yeah, he's totally as douchey as Adam!"

Anyway, don’t be fooled by the clip of Ryan crying above: this baby-daddy seems like a real crap goblin. For example, his girlfriend was uber-pregnant and he went out and got super drunk and allegedly hooked up with some other girl that night! Meanwhile, Jaime went into labor and was at the hospital. He showed up hungover (with a hickey on his neck, according to Jaime) right before Jaime gave birth! Oh heeeelll no! They broke up after that.

Jaime and Ryan are not back together and they actually barely even talk these days. In fact, Jaime recently posted on her Facebook that Ryan is only allowed to have one supervised visitation  a week with his daughter because he is “hanging out with bad people and doing bad things.” I can only imagine.

Apparently, Jaime has viewed her episode and is not happy with the outcome. She recently posted on her Facebook: “I hate my episode. It doesn’t show how things really were. Ryan came to the hospital hungover and with a hickey on his neck. And wanted to take miah home with him when I didn’t even know how to breast feed. But they don’t show that.”

Jaime’s not the first “16 & Pregnant” girl to be less than satisfied with her episode. Several others have remarked that MTV conveniently edited their episodes to make things seem different than they actually were. For instance, the family of Isaac (Christinna‘s baby daddy from Season 2) was talking about suing due to the defamation they feel they suffered at the hands of MTV’s editing. (Read about that here.) Season 1’s Whitney Purvis has also made claims that MTV has a hand in “moving the story along.”

Anyway, Jaime’s episode airs tonight. We will then be able to decide if her baby-daddy deserves a spot in the Teen Dad Douchebag Hall of Fame or not.


  1. What was his obsession with taking the baby? Um, hello?! She’s a week old, you can’t just pack her off to someone’s house. Do you have a crib? Do you have any idea how to change a diaper? Do you have any idea how often a newborn has to breastfeed and how some moms have a hard time at first?

    He was INSANE. I’m glad she has stayed away from him!

  2. Here’s a sign that you’re too yound to be having a baby-If you think its completely logical to take a newborn away from its breast-feeding mother overnight when you party and have no clue what your doing. I literally started to cringe ever time he asked or mentioned it after the 3rd time it happened. Unreal. He reminded me of Matt (Valerie from 16 and preggo season 2’s bf). They looked alike and essentially acted alike. Maybe they are cousin’s or sumthin. Look into that Ashley. Haha. How do these girls find the dumbest, most disrespectful guy to have a baby with almost every time. Like get a flippin clue.

  3. Sometime I have a hard time feeling sorry for these girls because they all knew that the guy they were dating was tool. So why lay down with him and have a kid with him what does that said about girls now a day . Girls would lay down with compete douch bag just to say they have a boyfriend why can some girls have more self respect . Not allow Just any guy sleep with them with happen to having standards and not allowing just any random guy who says all right things into your bed. These girls pick the dough bag guys and then once they are pregnant they think the guy is going to change news flash girls if the guy was a total ass in the begin. Changes are he would be an ass after you gave birth choose better guys and not compete jerk off for fathers for yours kids. Because any the end of day these kids are innocent and they deserve to have a mother and father. No just a mother

  4. I don’t think she has to worry about MTV making him look better then he is…he’s obviously a dirt bag. And a creep. And a loser. I gotta say though, it’s really nice to see a girl that is dealing with the reality of her “baby daddy” situation. She’s not defending him to her mom or acting like it’s something other then it is…and she’s not sooo overly heart broken that she can’t think straight. She’s obviously got a mama who loves her…I think she’ll be alright.

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