All of the Hip Bakeries Are Doing It…

Teenage Pregnancy-themed baked goods, coming soon to a grocer near you! (Photo: Facebook)

Wow…that’s all I can say about this.

I’m sure the old lady working in the bakery section of the North Carolina Safeway never thought she’d see the day that she’d have to make a cake to congratulate a girl on her teen pregnancy! “In my day, they sent these girls away….” she probably told her husband that night when she got home.

Well, Granny, times have changed. This is the cake that the friends and family of Jaime, the girl who appeared on last night’s episode of 16 & Pregnant, gave her to celebrate the premiere of her episode.

Of course, The Ashley knows that she’s going to get lots of hate mail for this post, but um…do we really need to purchase baked goods to commemorate a 16-year-old getting pregnant and being on television because of it? This is not a bashing of teen moms, or even Jamie for that matter…it’s just something to file under the category of “ironic.” It just shows how much times have changed over the last 40 years or so.

Just for the record, I do not think teen moms should be sent away, so save yourself the time of writing a mean comment. That’s not what I’m saying. Things are different now, and I think Jamie seems like a smart girl who will be totally fine in the end. I just think this is odd.

Since so many teenaged girls are getting pregnant these days, grocery stories and bakeries should jump on this if they want to make some extra revenue. The Ashle has some “16 & Pregnant Season 3″themed suggestions for them to add to their cake decorating offerings:

“Congrats on the Release of Your Baby-Daddy from Juvey”

“Happy 16th Birthday/Baby Shower”

“Happy Restraining Order Activation Day”

Just a suggestion. OK, let the hate mail begin.

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  1. Here’s some more things for these idiots to celebrate: 1)Congratulations Adam! You owe over $2,000 and haven’t paid a cent!

    2) Congratulations Corey! At least you waited until ALL the tabloid money was in from the wedding pictures before getting a divorce.

    3) Congratulations Chelsea! Aubree is another year older and you still haven’t lifted a finger to get a GED.

    4) Congratulations Jenelle! You threw your life away twice as fast as most teen mothers do.

    5) Congratulations Maci! DWTS wouldn’t let any more teen mom’s try to become stars on their show.

    6) Congratulations Leah and Chelsea! It’s smart for single teen moms spend their money on tanning, we’ve never heard of skin cancer!

  2. I don’t think it’s something to be celebrated … so I think you’re totally justified in writing this post.

    I appreciate when the parents on the show (like Jennifer’s and Kailyn’s – I think her mom was really mad and that’s why she had to live with Jo??) don’t let their kids have a huge celebration of pregnancy. It’s NOT something to be thrilled about.

    1. It was more like Kailyn’s mom didn’t give a crap about her own daughter and was relieved that Kail’s pregnancy excused her departure from being a parent (so that she could hang out with her boyfriend).

  3. Teen pregnancy has been around FOREVER, it’s nothing new…people are just starting to accept the fact that it happens now days instead of making girls feel like shit for it.

  4. I get the irony of it, but I just feel the need to point out that this cake was probably specially customized. Most places will write whatever you want as long as it’s under a certain amount of characters. The day we start seeing HALLMARK CARDS congratulating teens on pregnancy, that’s when we should really start worrying!

  5. Wow that was so funny but you are right now instead of getting a car for your 16 birthday and having a party. It is now the normal to have your parents and friends throw you a baby showers .

  6. Ashley i think it is crazy as well and this is coming from a person who was pregnant at 16 i am 15 now and let me tell you teen pregnancy was very very frowned upon i felt like a social outcast i had no baby daddy around i was all alone . And to see it being almost like a popularity contest now makes me sick!!! your posts always crack me up ! i think it is great to have a supportive family but that goes a little to the extreme:)

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