“Boston” Rob Finally Wins ‘Survivor’…and a Heap ‘O’ Money!


After nearly 10 years, multiple attempts and having to watch his girlfriend (and future wife) Amber take home the prize instead of him, “Boston” Rob Mariano finally won the game of Survivor, along with the million dollar prize (and a bonus $100,000 just for being everybody’s favorite!)

The Ashley hasn’t been writing about Survivor much this season, as she found most of the people on the show rather boring. Even the added element of Redemption Island couldn’t save this season of Survivor from being a total snoozefest. The only things that kept me watching were Boston Rob and Ralph’s hillbilly overalls.

"How many zeroes are in a million?" (Photo: Twitter)

Jeff Probst tweeted this photo of Rob depositing his $1.1 million into his bank account this morning. (Um…do they even make deposit slips that can handle that many zeroes?! The Ashley will probably never know!)

Did anyone else feel kind of bad that Matt didn’t win any money? The poor guy got stuck on Redemption Island for nearly the entire season, and managed to outlast almost everyone he battled (even that sneaky little weasel, Russell) only to get ousted by the ever-annoying and never-deserving Andrea! The Ashley was hoping he would get the $100,000 prize. (You know he would donated at least half to put shoes on the feet of starving Ethiopian kids or something!) However, The Ashley suspects we will see him next season…

Anyway, what’s next for Boston Rob? Another reality show, of course! You can read all about his new show here. As for his money, Rob told the Boston Herald that he won’t see a cent of it.

“My wife will take it. She’ll do what she wants with it,” he said. “The real benefit is I have the title of Sole Survivor.”

The Ashley has only one piece of advice for Rob: Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

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