Check Out the Trailer for the New Real World/Road Rules ‘Challenge!’

Something tells me that Jen & Mandi will be BFF by the end of this Challenge! (Photo: MTV)

The Ashley is so excited! The trailer for the new Real World/ Road Rules Challenge has just been released. (It is now more hip and cool and simply goes by “The Challenge.) Click here to watch the trailer!

This show ranks right up there with Bachelor Pad in terms of making its viewers feel dirty and sleazy just for watching, but honestly, The Ashley loves this crap. She can’t get enough of this show!

This Challenge looks amazing- it will be set in Costa Rica and the official title will be “The Challenge:Rivals.

Basically, everyone will be paired up with their RW/RR Challenge nemesis. If they’ve ever gotten in a fight with someone, or if they hate someone, chances are they will become their teammate on the show!

The producers aren’t stupid. They recycle the same lunatics season after season, providing more chances for these people to get on each other’s nerves. After many seasons, most of them have gotten in at least one physical or verbal fight with another cast member. The audience loves that drama, so the producers figured they should capitalize on it!

So who will be on this season of The Challenge? Back in February, The Ashley gave you some pretty accurate predictions regarding who was going to be on the show. Here’s how everyone will be paired up:

  • Adam & C.T.
  • Adam & Leroy (from the current season of The Real World: Las Vegas)
  • Brandon & Ty
  • Davis & Tyrie (who are these people?)
  • Evan & Nehemiah
  • Johnny & Tyler (they hate each other? Who could hate Tyler?)
  • Kenny & Wes

As for the ladies, these are the pairs:

  • Anessa & Robin
  • Cara Maria & Laurel (Who hate each other from last Challenge)
  • Camila & Theresa
  • Evelyn & Paula
  • Jasmine & Jonna (From Real World Cancun but I’ve never heard of them)
  • Jenn & Mandi
  • Katelynn & Tattoo Sara (Who hate each other from Real World Brooklyn)

Of course, Jen and Paula will be on the show. (Have these chicks missed a Challenge in the past six years? Seriously, they need to give them a rest. I’m sick of seeing their mugs.) TJ Lavin will once again he hosting this freak fest. The Ashley was doubtful he would return after his horrendous BMX accident last year.

Whoever made this trailer is a genius. I feel all suspenseful and antsy just watching it!

The Challenge: Rivals premieres June 22! The Ashley can’t wait!

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  1. Yes tyrie was a biended that ended up sucking pretty bad. Johnny has been bitter bc Tyler sent him home a few challenges ago, but you’re right it wasn’t a big deal. Wes and Kenny both want to win badly enough that they can put the sloppy seconds issue aside. Although they both want to be in charge, so that could derail them. We’ll see.. I love this garbage!

  2. Wasn’t Tyrie one of the guys who everyone thought would do well physically…but didn’t? Ahhh…I know I remember his face, I just don’t remember his “deal”. But I do remember Tyrie.

    Didn’t Johnny and Tyler have a problem on the last Challenge they were on together? A small one…I didn’t think it was anything big deal but maybe that was all they could come up with.

    And…am I the only one who doesn’t think Kenny and Wes REALLY hate each other? I know that they do for TV’s sake but they know each other better then most of these pairs and it seems like an unfair balance of teams. Not that I’m objecting…I love it.

  3. My mistake, they’re from Denver. I think tyrie was also a homophobe, but I can’t remember for jcertain!

  4. Tyrie and Davis I think were from Austin. Tyrie is a big black former gang member and Davis is a cute little gay guy that drunkenly called Tyrie the n word. Should be quite entertaining haha.

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