’16 & Pregnant’ Girl Ebony Jackson is Pregnant Again!

It's positive!!!

The Teen Mom/ 16 & Pregnant Fan Land went all kinds of crazy last week after The Ashley broke the story that Jordan Ward from Season 3 was pregnant again. (You can read that story here.)

The Ashley has some more news for ya’ll: Jordan isn’t the only ’16 & Pregnant’ girl who is pregnant with baby #2! Season 1’s Ebony Jackson is pregnant again as well!

Time for more babies!

Ebony was one of only two girls from Season 1 that didn’t get picked to be on  the “Teen Mom” series. (Ebony and Whitney Purvis got the boot and Maci, Amber, Catelynn and Farrah got the mega paychecks. That kind of sucks for Ebony and Whitney!)

Anyway, after the show, Ebony married her baby’s father, Josh. He’s in the military and the family (which includes the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Jocelynn) seem to be doing well. Even though Ebony’s only 19, she seems to have a good grip on things and has chosen a good father for her kids who can provide for them. Still, two kids by the age of 20 is a lot to take on for anyone.

If The Ashley had to choose any girls from the 16 & Pregnant series to get pregnant again, she would have chosen Jordan and Ebony. Both are married, have a baby-daddy with a stable career field, and both behave like grown-ups.

Now if it were Jenelle or AMBO that got pregnant a second time, that would be a completely different story! These people do not need to procreate anymore! Poor Barbara Evans doesn’t need anymore grandkids to take care of, especially not a little baby Kieffer!

Update May 31, 2011: Ebony has lost the baby. Click here to read the update for this story.

Update September, 2011: Ebony and Josh were arrested for child endangerment. Read all about that here!


  1. Well I agree a little on some of the comments about its hard to handle two kids at the age she is it really just depends on how the mother and father choose to raise babies I mean if u r willing to become an adult at a young age to have babies and can hold that responsibility then ok but to just have babies and can’t maintain ur self then u shouldn’t I have my first baby at 16 and I changed my whole life to revolve around her she is 3 and now have a 2 year old and another daught that is ten months and I’m 4 months pregnant so I’ll have four kids by the time I’m 21 and I love being a mom but I have chosen to take on being and adult and maturing to what I have done with my life my kids come first and so tech just because u have unprotected sex at 16 don’t make u immature only in some cases.. But I don’t understand how her having one child her house could be so disgusting I take care of my home and husband 24/7 and I freak out if my laundry is two loads behind but idk maybe she shouldn’t of have babies cause she can’t let go of the bad habits or doesn’t care for her baby to where she would out it in that filth I don’t even take my kids no where with out a bath first and they don’t hang out with ppl that even drink let alone drugs I don’t even have animals

  2. All of the girls on 16 & Pregnant, except for a couple, are quite inmature! How can you do what Ashley S. did to a child? “I want her…no…I don’t want her…no…I do…no…like WTF? Grow up! Or Jenelle for instance! “I need time to myself, so lets go party!” Let’s see here…who else. The army brat was a joke, how can you NOT see that your “boyfriend” isn’t into you or the baby? Or the girl that had twins & got pushed out of the car by her “boyfriend”, then he tore off with the kids in the car. Or how about Chelsea? Are you F*CKING kidding me? You chose Adam over everything in your life? Shake your head chubby cheeked bitch! Its time for ALL the 16 & Pregnant cast to wake the fuck up!

    These girls ALL need to learn to keep their legs closed! I have a couple friends that are teen moms, but they are both mature, have a family now & WANT to take care of their kids.

  3. I guess ebony isn’t that great as a mom seeing she got arrested and so did josh for dog poop every where and maggots every where and drug devices everywhere the child got taken away from them

  4. I loved Ebony; she was my favorite for sure.
    I follow her on facebook, and unfortunately she lost the baby. My heart breaks for her. I love her perfect little family.

  5. You people are ridiculous! Ebony is mature as I’m sure Jordan is, from what I seen anyways. Ebony is great, I loved her lifestyle, her and I are living the same way. Jordan is now joining us in military life. I’m not going to lie, being in the Air Force you do not get a big pay check right away, and there are times when we cut it close, but we make sure we have everything our little family needs. Just because we are young does not mean we are not mature! We pay bills, and take care of ourselves. My husband and I are trying for another baby, I am still a teen and we have a baby already. My husband and I figured when a good time for us to start trying again would be good, and I was on birth control for awhile. If we weren’t mature we wouldn’t have thought it out. But we figured he’s getting promoted in the next few months so I could get pregnant now. Guess what else.. we have been married for almost a year! I’m pretty sure Ebony has been married over a year. So get it straight.

  6. Also in regards to your comment about if you could choose any girls to be pregnant, it would be Ebony and Jordan and you listed off a few reasons. I have to disagree because they were not acting like adults when they were engaging in careless unprotected sex. These girls really dont get how hard it is to raise a baby and a toddler at the same time. It would be tough for anyone, but for someone who isn’t even fully matured, I can’t even imagine how hard it is. I agree that they are lucky to have stable partners in their lives, but I am counting on at least one of these couples divorcing within the year.

  7. But she also mentioned on the “Where are they now” episode that they were married, therefore there “waas no birth control being used” so obviously this was going to happen at some point.

  8. Honestly if I would choose any of the girls to get pregnant again it would be Ebony. I would have actually loved to see her story and have her on Teen Mom, but of course they want drama and since her and her husband are the most stable and mature out of the bunch they couldn’t bring much of it. Anyway I love ebony and I wish her the best 🙂

    1. Guess you can retract this statement since she and Josh were both arrested and their child has been taken away from them.

      Turns out they are actually the least responsible and the worst parents out of the whole bunch!

  9. I completely agree w/ what Chelsea Handler said in the NY Times this week about girls DELIBERATELY getting pregnant to be on these shows. You can count on it that these uneducated buffons did it TWICE to differentiate themselves from the other idiots who are on that pathetic show. Everyone is hip to what is going on, and the backlash against these conniving idiots is in full swing. I see where dumb hillbilly Leah complained about Corey not having enough money to install a bathtub, but she has enough money to go on vacation to Florida. Does anyone get what’s going on? Yeah, teen idiots making up problems for the storyline, while they have plenty of money from whoring themselves out to the tabs to take vacations, tannings, whatever they want.

  10. That picture was on the ‘Where are they now special’ It only just aired here in Australia last week and I remember it pretty well. The test came up negative, even though Josh is wanting to have another baby has he missed a lot of first with Jocelynn while in training. But she took the test and it came up negative and she said she doesn’t want another baby just yet. So I don’t think that photo proves anything really..

  11. Didn’t they show them on something last year? haha I don’t remember if it was a “where are they now” type thing or what but I remember seeing them on base in their new house and him saying he wants to have another baby and her thinking “uh uh!” She’s a stay at home mom, right? Or was then.
    Anyway…it sure will be a lot of work but like you said, I think they’ll be fine. He’s not a tool and she seems pretty level headed. And at least their babies won’t be living off of welfare or be raised by their grandparents.

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