Haley Reinhart Says She’s Not a Bitch & Isn’t Dating Casey

Talk to the hand....

Last week, Haley Reinhart was sent packing on American Idol, opening the door for the greatest country hoedown that Nashville Star, I mean, American Idol has ever seen!

Haley was one of those contestants that you either really liked or really hated.  The Ashley first noticed Haley in during the Las Vegas audition week and has been a big fan ever since (even when America hated her and kept putting her in the Bottom 3 every week.)

Anyway, one of the reasons some people didn’t vote for Haley is that she came off extremely cocky at times. She smirked at the judges, and appeared to have somewhat of a diva complex when things didn’t go her way.

Haley wants America to know: she’s not a bitch! She just plays one on TV!

In her official exit interview, Haley was asked if she felt that she was eliminated because America thinks she’s aloof. Here’s what she had to say:

“Definitely.  It’s easy to get depicted in different ways on the show…I like to have a good time.  I’m usually always bubbly and you know it’s different to see what comes out in all reality. “

Another thing she’d like to clear up: those pesky rumors that she’s dating Casey Abrams.

“It started a long time ago.  I forget which week but it’s when we just really started bonding a lot more and getting really close and really just could confide in each other and had a different kind of connection from the rest.  We didn’t really give into them at all.  Like we never said yes or no.We played the game, it was fun.”

He wants a piece of that!

I don’t know about you guys, but to me that sounds like Haley and Casey probably took care of business at some point! Casey would be a fool not to have jumped at the chance to, um, jump Haley!

One last quote that proves Haley is a smart girl:

“Getting  support from Adam [Lambert] was just amazing.  Because in my opinion he’s just spectacular; he’s one of the best that ever laid foot on that stage. “

The Ashley couldn’t have said it better herself!

Tomorrow is the start of the Two-Day American Idol Country Jamboree! The Ashley is so excited!

Photo Credits: Michael Becker/FOX


  1. The Harvard grad and Whitehouse intern whose audition was featured that Idol season: “Haley Reinhart, she’s been getting some flack on the blogs, but she’s also a total sweetheart. I really love her…One of my faves on my season, both as a person and a singer.”

    Haley finished third, finishing behind two teenage country music singers the show promoted start to finish while working to stop her. She did that well because she can carry a tune in any genre.

    See the millions of views she racked up with Postmodern Jukebox in 2015, or listen to her rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” that is charting on the radio in 2016.

    btw, Haley’s sophomore album, “Better,” will be released April 29th.

  2. JE…one word…asshole…She’s awesome, friggin idiots don’t know what good music is and plus, her attitude towards the judges was always pretty good and when she got criticized by JLo and the black dude she answered back which shows she’s got what it takes to make it in the music business…what I’m trying to say is…Back off shitheads! You can’t do better than her and you feel bad, just leave her alone!

  3. Haley may have done better if she was a bit more humble and not such a flaming Bitch. And if she could carry a tune would help too.

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