A Sad Update on ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Ebony’s Pregnancy…

Posted tonight...

A few weeks ago, The Ashley reported that 16 & Pregnant Season 1 star Ebony Jackson was pregnant with her second child. (You can read that story here.)

Unfortunately, Ebony has lost the baby, according to a post on her official Fanpage today. Apparently, she had an ectopic pregnancy, which occurs in about 2 percent of pregnancies.

Basically what happens is that the baby developed  outside the womb. The baby cannot survive, and often does not develop at all in this type of pregnancy, according to one Internet medical site.

This is such sad news. The Ashley sends her sympathies to both Ebony and Josh!

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  1. I hate to hear that about Ebony.
    But i have heard that Kayla and her bf have split since the show, i think i was surprised because they seemed to get along so well in the show & like he was the only one she could count on.

  2. PLEASE DO IT!!! I read another blog and she didn’t recap Kayla’s episode either. And Izebella’s episode was very boring. #justsayin

  3. Sad to hear this/

    Question…..how come there is no recap/ story about Kayla’s epsisode? I love reading your blogs but was a bit disappointed to not read one about Kayla yet. I understand that the “BL” finale happening, but its been a week now ;(

    1. @Megyn: omg! I wanted to write one sooo bad about that episode…that mom and kayla’s friends were priceless and so easy to mock. I figured it would be too late? If you guys don’t think so, I’d be happy to recap it! It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!

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