Does Sin City Hate the ‘Sister Wives’?

"We're just like your family! Only bigger...and on TLC!"

Strippers? Sure. Porn slappers handing out hookers’ calling cards in front of every casino? No problem. A man who lives with and is committed to four women and his children? Hell-to-the-NO! That’s a sin that’s not OK with some of the Sister Wives‘ new Sin City neighbors.

The Ashley has been secretly watching (and loving) this show since it premiered on the TLC last year.The Ashley has a strange obsession with fundamentalist Mormon religions. She’s read every book she can find about the topic, so this show is a dream come true! (Just for the record, the Browns are not Latter-Day Saint Mormons. They are actually members of the Apostolic United Brethren.)

In case you have yet to catch this polygamy piece of heaven, The Ashley is happy to explain the show to you. “Sister Wives” follows Kody Brown, King of the Brown House and also King of the Shaggy Almost-Mullet.  He has four wives: Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robin. All together, they have about 975 kids.

Anyway, things were going great for the Browns until they started doing the show. They were living in Mormonville (aka Salt Lake City) in one big house, living the plural marriage dream. After they went public, everything went downhill: some of the wives got fired and the state of Utah began “investigating” their family. (What’s to investigate? They’re literally on TV every week saying that they’re polygamists. Glad they’re using Utah’s tax money to ‘get to the bottom’ of that!)

"Why you gotta hate, Las Vegas?"

So the Browns picked up their brood and moved to Las Vegas. Why they decided that Sin City was the best place for their conservative fundamentalist Mormon family is beyond me. But the new neighbors haven’t exactly wheeled out the Welcome Wagon, according to this report. In fact, one neighbor even tried to have the family evicted!

“It was pure prejudice,” Kody told Radar. “We’ve had people that yell at us out of a window of a car while we’re walking on the street.”

Things seem to be getting better for the clan. According to Kody’s wife, Janelle’s Twitter, the neighbors have started to welcome them to the neighborhood. Some of the neighbors seem to be as ‘different’ as the Browns.

“You know u live in Vegas when your neighbor goes to work driving a 1956 pink Cadillac dressed like Elvis,” Janelle recently tweeted.

Anyway, any bets on how many of the Brown children will end up rebelling against their parents’ religion and end up working as ‘cocktail waitresses’ at the Sapphire strip club? Vegas has so many opportunities for young women, you know!


  1. Oh, yes, Mitt Romney. HUUUGE presence in the Mormon church, an extreme secret keeper and professional/religious denier and liar. I find it very interesting that his family, and many, many, others came to America after getting free passage from the Mormon church. Free after the starving irish, unwanted in England, were given free passage to the US IF THEY WOULD BECOME MORMONS AND RAISE THEIR FAMILIES MORMON. What kind of church needs to blackmail frightened, starving, hopeless people to get them to join? Not very altruistic. These sister wives and their, “not a righteous man” husband are more honest examples of a large section of the Mormon church than you are told.

  2. If I was Meri, I would start me a better life. I’m sure there are men out there that would take her as the only wife, and possibly give her another child that she wanted on the show. She deserves so much better, and Robyn talks way to much, and doesn’t give the other wives a chance To talk as much as she does

  3. Correction: Mormons do NOT practice polygamy. And they are NOT Mormon. If you have any more questions you can visit

    1. Thank you lily so much for stating that fact I get so mad when people assume these people are actually part of the church everyone knows that real Lds member don”t practice pural marriage it’s against the rule of god . I get so upset when I see the father talk about Joseph smith and when he use his priesthood when he knows he not supposed he no longer a member of the church so there for he has no right to the priesthood he not a righteous man .

      1. I agree with you so much, and I think it’s sad a man can have 4-5 wives but a woman can only have 1 husband. strange isn’t it….I wish TLC would never air shows like this for a family and children to see and also Las Veges promotes them living there. I don’t hate them….and it has to be wrong, or Adam would have been given 3 more wives besides Eve

        1. There are Mormon sects that DO practice polygamy, and many of them are in Utah. The police here protect them. Even Mitt Romney’s great grandfather was openly polygamist, and moved his to Mexico so he could have even MORE wives. He had 12. his grandad had multiple wives, too. Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico to a multiple union, and the family only returned to the USA when Mexican authorities began cracking down on the polygamist Mormons flooding the area.

    2. The does not tell the truth about the Mormon church. Believe me, I know, personally. There are many Mormons in Utah who do, quietly, practice polygamy, and the police and the justice branch protect them. If you want to know the truth about Mormonism ask one about, becoming gods, goddess wives, star babies, gold plaques, rocks you put under your hat to read other languages, what they really believe about the immaculate conception, the plan to baptize everyone into Mormonism WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT ask about the “work” they do in the temple, ask about the underwear, the false prophecies, have them tell you how it is encouraged for Mormons to lie if it benefits the church, about the plan to get ANY mormon in to the presidency, about the low place occupied by women-they must OBEY ALL men, that boys hold a higher place than their mthers, how blacks were not allowed in the church until the 1970’s because they were not good enough, and on, and on- too many cover-ups, too many lies, too much cruelty, too little space to tell everything. Do Not Believe They Are Not Mormons.

      1. Forgot, ask what they do to unmarried women who get pregnant, and the policy, the hateful way the treat homosexuals, and what the do to the families of both if the do not deny their family members.

        1. You also need to look in to Senator Butters, his inexcusable comments about blacks, women, homosexuals, and notice that he is a high ranking member of the church, has NEVER been asked to step down, has been lauded by Mormons in the senate for his statements and has been publicly supported by the vast majority of the lds church, and by the Mormon population of Utah, which keeps electing him. He’s not alone. Ask why bishops of the church try to force unmarried women to give up their children or be ex-communicated. Call Mitt Romney, he’s done it dozens of times. Ask about the lies and the cover-ups of this EXTREMELY secretive religion, and ask why, if they do not support pluralism, the church’s word for polygamy, they ALL look forward to it when they, the men that is, become gods and get their own planet full of goddess wives, (with an s, WIVES not wife), to have sex with for all eternity, and a planet to fill with star babies for being good Mormons. The women have to look forward to being subjugated 2nd class citizens, (just like they are now), in a group marriage, perpetually sexed and pregnant with celestial babies for all time. Sound Good? Sound like what all of our clean-shaven, white-shirted, smiling pamphlet-pushers say at your front door, or does it seem that they don’t tell you all of the really weird sh*t until you sign on the dotted line?

          1. The LDS is now trying to deny the weird sh*t. The are officially denying the planets goid Moron men get, the goddess wives, starbabies, the temple garments (i.e. magic underwear), the baptisms. Mitt running for prez leaked out too many secrets, and the powers are trying to get them back under wraps again. Nothing the LDS says to outsiders is genuine. They want to turn back the dial to when to outsides Morons only meant the tabernacle choir, people who don’t drink coffee, and Donny and Marie.

    3. Lily, you know as well as I do that is a propaganda site used to make the church look palatable to those outside of the lds. It does not tell the truth about the beliefs or practices of the church. Fess up, you’ll feel free.

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