Meet Taylor, This Week’s ’16 & Pregnant’ Girl!

Aww...she's just a baby herself!

We are almost through the entire third season of 16 & Pregnant, with only two episodes remaining. The final two girls, Taylor and Allie have kept themselves relatively anonymous, unlike a lot of the Season 3 girls who were very vocal about being on the show, sharing their lives on Facebook fan pages. (Taylor does have a fan page now, but didn’t for a very long time.)

This week’s episode will focus on Taylor Lumas, whose story is perhaps the most intriguing of all the girls. The reason? Taylor is only 15 years old. Her daughter, Aubri, is seven months old (born in November 2010), making Taylor only 14 when she got pregnant! (The Ashley couldn’t even get a guy to kiss her at 14, let alone make a baby!) She is from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

Taylor’s baby-daddy is Nathan, a 16-year-old track star. He kind of looks like a young Eminem (I’m sure he’ll take that as a compliment.)

Taylor and Nathan consider putting their baby up for adoption (which is no surprise, being that she’s so young). However, they decide to keep the baby, despite her mother’s protests. (Her mom is understandably worried that the burden of the baby will fall on her, which is probably true, being that Taylor and Nathan weren’t even old enough to get a job!) Her mom tries to encourage Taylor to look into open adoption for the child, but she’s not interested. She ends up keeping the baby.

That was fast!

One thing she doesn’t end up keeping? Nathan. After their episode, Taylor and Nathan broke up, although Nathan is still in the baby’s life. He’s obviously, moved on, as evident in the picture at left. (That chick he’s kissing ain’t Taylor!)

This episode (and next week’s episode with Allie) is going to be good! The Ashley isn’t sure if she will do a recap of Taylor’s episode, as she feels bad making fun of someone so young. However, if Nathan proves to be as big of a crapnugget as he seems, she may not be able to help herself!

This whole episode reminds me of the 1990s Lifetime movie classic ’15 & Pregnant.’ Anyone else ‘member this masterpiece?

Update (6/18/11): Taylor’s brother Shane was kind enough to let The Ashley the real story with Nathan:

“Taylor is my little sister and Nathan is NOT part of the babies life. He would rather go steal from his family, do drugs, and hang out with low lifes instead of being with my wonderful niece. And for those who want him to see him get his ass whopped, he almost got it when MTV was there by me, but it got cut out by MTV.”

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  1. I dot really know Nathan but what it seems like is he is a total dush and a asshole I’m new at Amelia and he goes their and yeah he tells at teachers does drugs and steals Nathan has a gf that what from I heard isn’t baby’s mom and Taylor is very pretty nohomo lol but the girl he is dating ugh haha he’s baby is very cutie and has a great mom Taylor you r lucky you didn’t give her up I gave my baby up had her last april on the 26 she will be one soon and I never get to see her I got prego and 13 with a 17 year old when I told him he left and never spoke since Taylor if you would please contact me and madisonandmyrtle@hotmail so we can talk and why don’t you go to school

  2. Taylor is my little sister and Nathan is NOT part of the babies life. He would rather go steal from his family, do drugs, and hang out with low lifes instead of being with my wonderful niece. And for those who want him to see him get his ass whopped, he almost got it when MTV was there by me, but it got cut out by MTV.

  3. My mum loves these true story DVDs, which you can buy dirt cheap in many places, but I only watched it because it starred Kirsten Dunst, plus it was something I could review on here. The film jumps pretty quickly from the morning sickness in the early months, to the full-blown big bump with days/weeks to go. It’s also a very short TV movie, 87 minutes, but feels a lot longer.

    Kirsten Dunst plays the spoilt brat who sleeps with her boyfriend (who you can tell right away that he’s just after getting into her pants), and proceeds to tell him that she doesn’t want him to tell her he loves her if he doesn’t. I’m sorry, but many guys will say that just to get you into bed – I’m not talking from experience here though. I thought Kirsten played the role very well, although the labour scenes were a bit OTT, but aren’t they always in these type of films? She makes the adult (although she’s only 15, and very immature I found) decision of not giving the baby up for adoption or abortion.

    There are also some outright lies in this TV movie, but I think it’s more to scare the viewing audience than anything else. Some of the characters discuss how many women die in childbirth and mention that it’s 20%. And nowhere in the show are they ever corrected (it’s more like 0.8%).

    To make this film better, it should have been extended, and showed how Tina got on after giving birth, rather than seeing her leaving hospital all smiley. She plays a character that would shout, scream & walk out on her baby to be with her friends more than be affectionate towards it. However, it is a good movie, and thankfully, I’ve passed that stage, to have unprotected sex, with a guy looking like that!

  4. Does anyone know the name of the song that played when Aubri was born? It was really sweet.

    Btw Nathan needs to get his ass whooped. Just sayin.

  5. I’m confused.. Is Taylor 15 now? Or was she when the show was filmed? Cause if she’s 15 now, she gave birth when she was either still 14 or just barely turned 15, so technically she could have been 13 when she got pregnant depending on when her birthday falls.. I couldn’t even imagine.

    1. taylor will be 16 in august. She turned 15 in August 2010, therefore she was barely 15 during filming in late 2010. So she got pregnant somewhere around April 2010, when she was 14. Too young!

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