‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood is Home After Suicide Attempt: Now What?

Unless you live under a rock (or don’t give a crap about the TV show Teen Mom, in which case, you’re a better person than I am) you’ve probably heard about Amber Portwood‘s suicide attempt. (If not, catch up here.)

Amber is now out of the hospital and at home. She was released last Friday after a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation (standard with those on suicide watch). All kinds of false reports have come out since the suicide attempt that Amber’s on-and-off-again boyfriend, Gary Shirley, has been attempting to put an end to, via his “It’s Gary Time!” Facebook and Twitter.

“Every story made about me since 911-call is so false the iPhone story, threatening her w/ custody, and us fighting so do not believe everything you hear…”

You can hear Gary’s 911 call here. (Thanks, TMZ!)

“I have made threatening comments [about custody] before, yes…but the last time was a year ago,” Gary wrote on his Facebook in response to all the rumors about him constantly threatening to take baby Leah away from Amber.  “I have grown since and I really realized how much it hurts a mother and I’m deeply sorry for that.

“Amber is safe and getting the help she needs right now. Thanks for your prayers and support,” he recently said on the Twitter.

So what happens now? There are reports that Amber may be heading to one of the rehab facilities run by Dr. Drew. Although this isn’t 100 percent confirmed, it did come from a reliable source. Allegedly, she will be going to the rehab to escape the media and work on her mental health.

A few months back, The Ashley asked Dr. Drew directly for his opinion on Amber’s chaotic life. He said that while he keeps in touch with many of the Teen Moms, like Farrah and Catelynn, Amber has not called him or accepted any of the help he has offered to all the girls on the show. Luckily, she may have changed her mind.

Surely this will throw a wrench into the fourth season of “Teen Mom,” which is currently filming. There’s been no comment from MTV as to whether or not Amber’s suicide attempt will be included on the show, or her recovery, although knowing MTV, they won’t want to miss the chance to exploit this for all its worth, so I’d imagine they will show it.

The Ashley feels it would be best if Amber stepped out of the spotlight, stopped filming the series and really tried to get some serious help. Nothing good will come from her remaining on the show and constantly being thrown into the spotlight and attacked by the media, fans, etc.

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