MTV Looking for More ’16 & Pregnant’ Girls

Clearly, despite all of its critics, this MTV mainstay is not going anywhere!

The network recently announced that it is casting for Season 4 of its wildly successful show, 16 & Pregnant. The past three seasons have brought us some of the year’s biggest tabloid stars. The Ashley can’t even go buy a pack of Wrigley’s at the Walgreens without having Jenelle or Amber staring back at her from the cover of an InTouch Weekly.

What does it take to get on ’16 & Pregnant?’ According to MTV,

“Our goal is to show what teen-aged pregnant women, from varying backgrounds, experience in their lives and relationships as a result of their unplanned pregnancies.”

Obviously, you have to already be pregnant. They do seem to budge on the age a little bit; many of the girls featured on the show were older than 16 (for instance, Amber was 17 when she appeared on Season 1), and Taylor from Season 3 was just 14 when filming began.

Since its debut in 2009, this show has put a lot of people’s panties in a bunch. (Click here to watch the original trailer for the show…who doesn’t love vintage ’16 & Pregnant?!’)

Is it ethical to keep featuring these girls on this show and turning them into ‘celebrities?’ A lot of people will say no, however The Ashley feels a little differently about the whole thing. Teen pregnancy is going to happen with or without MTV cameras rolling. It’s not going to make teen girls want to get pregnant anymore than watching Celebrity Rehab will make someone want to be a drug addict.

If one 15-year-old girl who watches this show, sees how hard it is to have a baby, and makes her boyfriend put on a condom, then something good has come from the show. However, at some point, enough is enough. The Ashley is torn on this.

So are you pregnant? Too young to vote or sign important documents without consent of a parent/guardian? Then MTV wants you!

As time is of the essence, please email us as soon as possible. Include the city and state you live in, your contact details, a picture and why you would want to take part in 16 and Pregnant.” If this sounds like a good idea to you, email

Then come and tell The Ashley all about it!

Attention readers: This post is a few years old and The Ashley has received many personal stories from readers, and had people leave their contact information in the comment section of this story, hoping to get on the show. Please note that The Ashley has nothing to do with the casting of this show, so please do not leave your personal info on this page. The Ashley has tried to delete the comments as they come in, for the readers’ own safety. Thank you.

(Photos: MTV, Newscom)


  1. Heyy!! I’m 16 and 3months pregnant I don’t have a stable home yet I move place to place me and my baby’s dad been in a few argumenta and he decided to leave me alone and he don’t want my baby I just want the best for me and my child and to never give up no matter what the situation may be I will always have hope and think positive about all this cause I do believe I will get pass all this.

  2. im sixteen alone an pregnant the father isnt claiming our baby. my dad isnt supported at all i just moved in with my uncle for my the safety of myself and my baby. i would like to share my story as i have alot going on in would like to share why its best to wait.

  3. Hi im meagan, and I’m 15 years old I’m 14 weeks pregnant with me first child and I’m still with my babes dad and hope to stay with him even if we fight somethings I’m in GR 10 and trying to get through my last semester of school before i have to do online schooling i just switched schools so that my friends at my old school wont know that I’m pregnant and it been hared being the new kid with no friends yet and it even harder being pregnant at such a young age i didn’t plan on getting pregnant i had big dreams of passing high school then getting my degree to be a Pediatric Doctor but those dreams will have to wait for now as my mind is one taking care of my baby i want to be on this show to show girls how hared it will be to have a newborn baby and trying to finish high school and trying to save money so that you buy all the things that your baby will need so i hope even if i don’t get on the show that girls will read this and that it will make a difference to them

  4. Hello! My name is Emmalee I’m 17 years old I’ll be 18 in September and I’m 6 weeks pregnant and so far it has been hard only because my symptoms are getting worse everyday it seem and my headaches literally make me want to cry. My boyfriend is very sick and has has alot of health problems since he was 16 years of age and his health problems are still just as bad!! We try out best with what’s going on but his mom ain’t to happy about the situation she wanted us to think of adoption but my boyfriend and I don’t want that for our baby

  5. my name is hellen i am 15 years old and pregnant with my 5th child i had my first kid at age 12 it was really hard raising at very young age with me just still being a kid but i manage to make it through with my family help.i would want to be a part of 16 and pregnant to show all young girls that being a teen mom is very hard but no matter what you can manage to make it through.

  6. Hi, My name is Taylor I am from Duluth MN and I am currently 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am 15 turning 16 this July. I just want to show everyone who watches the show the struggle of what it’s like to be pregnant so young, and the emotional ups and downs that come with it. I am currently still with my baby’s dad, and want to stay with him for my baby but his controlling ways make it hard to still be with him. I think people will be interested to hear my story, and I hope to be lucky enough to hear back from the producers of the show.
    -Thank You

  7. Hey I’m hannah… I’m not pregnant but I just wanted to say that if I was on “16 and pregnant” I would tell girls that being a teen mom is/would be hard.

    1. Yes yes it is really hard when u don’t have ur own shit nd money to buy the things u need my name is Sadie I’m nineteen nd I’m four months pregnant

  8. Hi im jessica people call me jess i got pregnant at 16 and had my son at 17 got pregnant at my 18 graduation with a girl and had her at 18 i had a son that just resent passed away nov 5th and im pregnant and 21 almost 22 im fighting for custody of my daughter

  9. Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m 9 weeks pregnant with my second child, I’ve been with my boyfriend off and in for 3 years but he’s currently in a rehab center, I live at home with 7 family members not including me and my already born daughter who is already 2 years old, I feel like my story would be great for teens to see so they can see how hard it is to have a child and then also have another one on the way, but if I can do it I know anyone else can.

  10. Hi I’m janaea I’m 16 and I’m 26 weeks pregnant me and my baby’s father are not together and he has another baby with another girl I’m due April 28 I’m having a girl I love her more then anything in the inter world she’s my everything can’t wait to meet her!

  11. My name is Sydney, I’m 16 years old, I live in Bedford, Indiana and I’m pregnant. I’ve struggled with drug addiction and have been in and out of detention centers and rehabs. Im currently 7 months sober, and 7 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend is 19, we’ve been together for almost 2 months. I live at home with my mom and dad and older sister. We don’t get a long very well but we love eachother. I feel like I’d made a great story, and show all the struggling teenagers that if I can do it, I promise they can too.

  12. Hi my name is Hailey i am 15 yr old and pregnant. I live in Apple Valley Ca, I have been with my boyfriend for almost 8 mos. I love to help people and hoping by me getting my story out there i can change other teens minds from wanting and having a baby.

  13. Hi! I am Hannah Ford. I’m 15 years old and pregnant. The father to my child on the way, is named Steven, I haven’t even dated him for a month so our relationship is getting hard. I live in Idaho with my mother, father, and older sister. Ever since I was diagnosed pregnant I have lost a few of my close friends. I also have Graves ’ disease so I have to give up sports and now with my baby on the way I have to switch to online school, as well. My social life is basically going to hell, but hopefully being on this show, along with having my amazing baby will bring joy back to my life once again. Thank you!

  14. Hi I’m Erin. Im from Ohio. Im 21 weeks pregnant today and expecting a baby girl. Im going with the name Callie Jade because its kind of original where I’m from. This pregnancy isn’t the easiest thing in the world but I know I’m creating a blessing in the end in so excited and my parents and grandmother are such a bug support but there’s a big down fall here because my sister can’t get along with the father of my kid and with him in her life she wont be, and on top of that I can’t seem to understand his family, they are very cold hearted people. With the struggle of money and my schooling this is very difficult for me but I want to make the best out of this experience and have the best for my child because its my responsibility and I want her to have one amazing childhood. I would really like to share this experience with other teen moms, and to help prevent other kids from ending up in the same situation because it takes a lot of maturing and growing up and a lot of girls just aren’t ready for all that they just wanna be young while they can and have fun. All in all I think this would be a great way to relate with other girls in the samepredicament as me.

  15. Hi my name is Casey and I’m 15 and pregnant. It’s not easy I don’t even know what to do at this point I’m only 11 weeks 6 days and my baby’s dad is saying it’s not his baby. I am going through a tough time right now I live in a small town where everyone can’t mind there own business. I would really like to share my story with others and tell other younger girls out there and tell them that it’s not easy being pregnant at a young age.

  16. Hi, I’m Genesis and I live in Orlando Fl. I recently found out today that I am pregnant by my boyfriend of only a short time. He is 19 years old & of course im 16. I want to show my journey so other teens can learn from it & not make the same choices. We have yet to tell our parents. That is our main concern right now. I really hope I can share my experience.

  17. Hi, my name is Katelyn. I live in Malakoff, Texas and I’m 16 and pregnant. My mother had both of my older sisters in high school and me a year after. She is white, but my father is black. Living where we live it’s hard for us even though we werent raised by our black family. The father of my baby is the varsity quarterback of our football team which is currently ranked #2 in the state of Texas. So now instead of just the normal pressures of being 16, mixed, and pregnant, I also have to face the fact that if the football team doesnt make it to state as expected, the whole town is going to look to me as the cause. we dont have much money, I live with a good number of people (more than the house is made for), there is constantly things going on that my grandmother who raised us has to spend money on just to keep everything afloat. Besides all of that, I think I will face this thing head on and not look back, I just think that maybe that’s what girl’s in my situation need, the mental drive to make it through.

  18. Hey, I’m Paige….im 16 and pregnant, 9 1/2 weeks. I just, figured it’d be a new experience, plus to share a story about using protection, even when drugs are involved(they shouldn’t be, if they are don’t even consider having sex) but you know everyone makes mistakes, honestly.(..I think this might be one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made….meaning everyone looks at it as a mistake but I don’t) currently trying to complete my GED and get what i need to have this beautiful baby. I would love to hear from you thanks.

  19. Hello, my name is Bree I just turned 16 a few months ago! I have a 7 week old son and just found out I was pregnant again!! Me and my fiancé are still together and hope to stay together forever but 2 children before I’m 16 is gonna be a struggle!! But I’m gonna try to be the bed that I can be and be strong for my babies because there gonna need me most!!

  20. I’m almost a month pregnant with my ex boyfriend. My parents still don’t know at this point but I will tell them soon. The hardest part of this pregnancy is going to be the father to me “I will never be known as the dad. Not happening.” So I guess I would just want to share my experience with other young people because this is going to be a scary ride but I know I will get through it. I may be a single mother but I know I will be the best mother I can be

  21. Hello my name is ashley hernandez and im 17 and pregnant . Im one month ive been through so much my dad left me when i was a little girl and my mom is a single hard working lady and the same story is happening to me because my babys daddy claims that hes not the dad but im forsure he is. He also claims that im crazy that im losing my mind . I just dont know what to do anymore ….

    1. Hey Ashley,
      Sorry to hear about your situation, first thing first. You are not crazy, he is just trying to make your think he isn’t the father. He is just looking for an easy way out so he can be free. But if you said he is, you should wait till the baby is born then make him do a DNA test just so he can pay child support. You need someone right now to be supportive of you. You should look into communities that will help you out. Best of luck to you.

  22. I’m 16 my girlfriend is 17 an I recently found out she is pregnant and her parents are strict and so are mine and she is catholic but I am not maybe you guys should make teen dad… I’m scared I don’t have my life together et 🙁

    1. It’s okay to be scared Dante, it’s normal. The best thing you both can do is be honest with both of your parents. Although they will flip out, but it’s best if you both told them. Then talk about it with your girlfriend about the baby, you guys have 3 options here, either adoption, abortion, or keep the baby. Just talk it through, if your not ready then I suggest adoption or abortion. I know both of your parents may not agree, on may say abortion. Other may say keep it. It’s a serious step so take the time to really decide what is best.

  23. My daughter is 16 and 5 months pregnant and just learned her baby may have Down syndrome. This is not easy for her at all. She’s currently trying to complete her GED with plans of going on to college while raising a baby in her teens.

  24. Hi my names Hunter,I’m 17 and im 8 weeks pregnant with my first child. My boyfriend use to live with me until he got a better job that pays more and for some reason my dad would rather have him work for $8.50 an hour then what hes making now which is $11.50 and has a second job now, so my parents kicked him out and also kicked me out, we live with his parents now and after i told my parents about me being pregnant they threaten me with an abortion, my boyfriends family is happy and taking it a lot better then mine 99% of my family want me to get ride of it or give it up for abortion, both of our dads are bi polar and have anger problems so it doesn’t make this situation better

    1. Hi Hunter,
      I would love to give you some advice, first I wanted to say is I’m happy you stuck with your pregnancy. What I came to an understanding is that maybe your parents are just scared for you that’s why they push you into the negative. As for your boyfriend paying jobs that’s amazing at least he is showing some process of changing for both of you. I am sure your parents may not like your boyfriend or something that’s why they kicked him out. At least on the other hand you have his family to be supportive, and that’s what you need the most during your pregnancy. Ignore all the negative people or even your family may say to you, because at the end nothing matters as of how far you come along with your life. If your parents are acting like that I wouldn’t even bother telling them when the baby arrives. Good luck to you, there may be ups and downs but just know that life comes with ups and downs, and one day everything will be okay.

  25. I’m 16 and pregnant and it’s not easy at all, my baby dad left me to be alone with my baby. I have my parents but he doesn’t even keep contact at all. He doesn’t care. And I would love to show girls that not all guys are faithful and will stick by there side when they get them pregnant. And show them how hard it is being a teen mom. And the struggles not only the girls but the parents go through too. Please contact me and let me help change the lives of these young teen girls

    1. Hello Cheyenne,
      I am sorry to hear about your situation, stay strong. Some guys will stick by your side, and some will, run away because they are scared and didn’t want to take the responsibility. Or some guys can just simply have not woke up to realize the situation and still be very childish about the situation. Either way they will be paying child support. Best luck to you, I know being a young parent isn’t easy and so for your parents. But at least you have everything to provide for your child that’s all the love he/she needs. Boys and Girls are knowledge to this age about sex and using a condom.

  26. Im 15 about to be 16 in May and i am pregnant with my second child. My son is 13 months old i had him at 14. I would like to show people that I still go to school and still take care of my kid. I want to ahow everyone that just because you have a kid young doesnt mean you have to give up. I am 5 weeks pregnant. Yes it is a struggle but i love my kid soon to be kids very much.

  27. I’m 16 & pregnant with my second child, I would like to share my story with the world so teens out there can know it’s hard being a teen mom especially getting pregnant at 15 and than again at 16. My daughter is 7 months old & I’m a month & half pregnant with my second child. I believe if I share my story it can help young lady use protected sex and be smart about how they have sex. Being a teen mom is hard and isn’t a joy ride although I do love my children the struggle I’m going to have with be twice as hard. I hope my comment was good enough to open the eyes of other teens even if I don’t get a called to be on the show.

    1. Jasmine, it’s amazing that you want to put a message out there for young teenage girls. As for me, I didn’t have my son at 16. But at 18, I think no matter what I am sure every girls and boys out there already know to use a condom during sex. But avoid the advice and make their own choices to whether use a condom or not. Great message you wrote, I just think personally anyone who does not have a child yet. Will never understand the hardship of being a parent.

  28. I do think they should stop to especially with teen mom spin off after spin off. The show no longer feel real or like it’s trying to stop and make teenagers think but like teenagers version of maury or Jerry springer show . In the begin of the first season of teen mom and 16 and pregnant. I actually like the show and taught it did a good job at showing hardship. But it’s more about the drama and the girls making fanpages for themselves and having so much twitter followers. It’s crazy I do think the message is no longer what it was in the first two seasons it’s more about. Who have the crazy drama full episode who has the number jerk off of a baby father. and which one of the girls can make it on teen mom . To make the same amount of money like the original girls and teen mom 2 girls

  29. I bet when they do a ‘Where are they now: 10 years later’ with the original girls, this show is still be on. It’ll be like Real World, season after season after season. When will it end? SMH

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