Scotty McCreery & the Rest of the ‘American Idols’: Slummin’ It in Coach

From the look on his face in the second photo, it appears that Scotty is not happy about the $25 baggage charge!

Despite the fact that Scotty McCreery took home the title of American Idoland currently has a song at the top of the country charts, he’s hardly living the celebrity lifestyle. Forget the private jets and fancy tour busses— Scotty is slumming it in coach with the other ‘Idol’ Top 10 finalists during the ‘American Idols Live’ tour, which kicked off this week in Utah.

Scotty, along with James Durbin and Casey Abrams used their time in the backseat of coach on a recent flight to snap these silly photos. Imagine you’re on this flight and you walk back towards the bathroom to do your business and you see all of the ‘American Idol’ kids sitting there eating little packets of crappy peanuts and reading the “Sky Mall” magazine just like you? The Ashley would be so excited!

The conditions probably won’t get much cushier for the ‘Idols’ if this year’s tour compares to the ones of the past. Contestants share hotel rooms during the tour, ride on a regular tour bus and rarely have much free time to enjoy the city that they are in.

But don’t feel too bad for them—this is probably the only time most of them will ever be on tour. At least half of them know that in a few years they will be back to working a 9-to-5 job and singing in karaoke bars on the weekends, so they’re probably enjoying every second of their time on tour!

I wonder if the flight attendants ever let the Idols sing over the loudspeaker of the plane (a la Adam Sandler in “The Wedding Singer?”)

 Just don’t let Thia Megia sing or everyone on the plane will fall asleep, even the pilots!

(Photos: Twitter)

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